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F1 7 SVW 452 Crossley DD42/7/Crossley departs the High St on Route 2A to Mill Road May - 62
F2 11 WPU 733 AEC Regent 111/Massey watts in the same place as No 7 above before leaving for Severalls on Route 2 May - 62
F3 22 194 MNO AEC Regent V/Massey arrives at the Bus Station showing No 6 Old Heath Jul - 65
F4 6 TRJ 106 AEC Reliance/Weymann ex-Salford loads passengers at the Bus Station on a journey to Barnhall Estate on Route 3 Sep - 73
F5 37 CWC 378 Leyland PD2A/30Sp1, departs the Bus Station on Route 4 to Layer Road Estate as the conductor hangs off the platform. In the right of the picture is parked No 52, KPU 516 AEC Regent 111Massey Jul - 65
F6 11 GBC 199D AEC Reliance/Marshall ex-Leicester, rather grimy but in late afternoon sun travels towards Town along North Station Road on Route 5A Feb - 72
F7 35 MWC 135 Leyland PD2A/31/Masseytravels down the High street past the George Hotel on its way to Greenstead East on Route 4. Sep - 73
F8 22 OWC 722M Bristol RELL6G/E.C.W. is bathed in evening sunlight outside the main railway station. A Southend PD3 is behind-presumably they are on rail replacement duty. Mar - 80
F11 LKH 247 FNG 145 Bristol K5G of 1944 with 8ft wide ECW body of 1953 waits for time in the Bus Station at Cambridge before departure to Cottenham on the 104 Apr - 63
F12 LL647 FPW 518 Bristol L5G/E.C.W. rests out of service outside the Depot at Ely Apr - 63
F13 LKH419 HPW 106 Bristol K5G/ECW is at Castle Hill Norwich in sunshine, but after rain on its way to Cooper Lane, on Route 98 Sep - 67
F14 LK390 KNG 390 Bristol K5G/ECW in ex-works condition passes through Wansford on its way to Peterborough on Route 311. Nice picture Jun - 63
F15 LL 744 MAH 744 Bristol LS4G/ECW waits in Ely before leaving on Route 126 Apr - 63
F16 LE 763 SNG 763 Bristol LS5GIECW in dual purpose livery rests outside The Depot at Ipswich Bus Station Jul - 65
F17 LFS 83 BNG 883B Bristol FSSG/ECW has a good load as it passes Corton Cliffs on its way to Lowestoft on Route 1 Sep - 65
F18 LFS 55 55 CPW Bristol FS5G/ECW is parked out of service at Peterborough Bus Station. Just in the picture to right is LE 699, Bristol LSG in d.p. livery Aug - 63
F19 Assorted General view of Norwich Bus Station (Surrey St) with Bristol K's Lodekkas and SC present, together with quite a few people Sep - 65
F20 LFS35 2935PW Bristol FS5G/E.C.W. heads down a busy Kings Parade, Cambridge on Route 195 to Trumpington. Sep - 73
F21 RLE 865 WPW 865 Bristol RELL6G/E.C.W. in NBC d.p, livery is seen here in the centre of Lowestoft making its way to Yarmouth on Route 602. n/a
F22 BV854 PPW 854 Bedford SB4LK/Duple manoeuvres into position on the hill at Norwich Bus Station. In the background a Bristol K lowheight and a Lodekka. n/a
F31 2002 GYL 982 Guy Arab11/Strachans ex-Moore, Kelvedon is parked out of service at Colchester Bus Station Jul - 65
F32 1120 MPU 51 Leyland PD1/ECW leaves at Victoria Circus, Southend after a 'Relief' journey May - 62
F33 2382 WNO 483 Bristol KSWSG/ECW open top is on Route 68 in Shoeburyness as passengers enjoy the trip on a bright sunny day Jul - 66
F34 2430 564 CTW Bristol LD6B/ECW is in suburban Southend on a journey on Route 7A Jul - 62
F35 2837 LWC 663C Bristol FlF6G/ECW in N.B.C. livery pauses in Coggeshall on its way to Braintree on Route 70 on a brilliant sunny day Sep - 79
F36 1331 1269 EV Bristol MW5G/ECW. Passengers board in picturesque Finchingfield, on Route 31. A swan on the nearby pond appears to take no notice May - 67
F37 2602 185 XNO Bristol FLF6B/ECW in d.p, livery waits out of service at Victoria Coach Station before returning to Southend on the 'D' Mar - 62
F38 2383 WNO 479 Bristol KSWSGIE.C.W, open top passes by a new block of flats on Westcliff Prom It is in the predominantly white ot-livery and is going to Eastwood on the 67. Jul - 77
F51 14 CRJ 445 Daimler CYD6SD/Wiliowbrook, ex-Salford pulls away from The Bull Ring on Route 2 Aug - 62
F52 50 KWE 254 AEC Regent 111/Weymann ex-Sheffield, is at Riby Square en-route to Humberston on Route 8. A queue of people in the background waits for another service Sep - 63
F53 107 HJV 566 AEC Regent V/Roe turns at Cleethorpes on a dull day. It is on Route 4 to Bradley Cross Road. The amusement arcade (?) in the background looks to be well patronised Sep - 63
F54 109 MEE 701 AEC-Park Royal Bridgemaster travels along a sunny but quiet promenade at Cleethorpes on Route 9 Sep - 63
F55 9 WEE 237 AEC Reliance/Willowbrook waits at The Pier on Route 2. It is bright although rain has recently fallen refreshing, no doubt, the tulips in the foreground May - 67
F56 64 XEE 503 AEC Regent V/Roe in mid-blue is at The Pier out of service. A Fleetline in dark blue waits behind Aug - 70
F57 132 NJV 994 AEC- P.R.V.. Bridgemaster "short" version 132 pulls up outside "Evingtons" shop on Route 9 to Cleethorps Bathing Pool. Aug - 62
F58 45 HGC 228 AEC Regent11NVeymann ex-London Transport STL 2695. Passengers shuffle up in the queue to board No45 as it waits outside 'Evington's' at the Bull Ring. Its destination is Cleethorpes Bathing Pool-how many were going for a dip? Aug - 62
F61 90 CEX 490 Albion Nimbus/Willowbrook waits at a terminus in a housing estate, its destination is 8 Magdelen Square via Bradwell Sep - 65
F62 22 FEX122 Daimler Freeline/Roe is on Route 12 en route to Market Place and North Denes Camp, at an unidentified location Sep - 65
F63 44 CEX 44 AEC RegentV/Massey, a little grubby is on Route 5 to Acle New Road. It is in the Town Centre, passing The 'Savoy Restaurant', large church in the background Sep - 67
F64 52 HEX 252 Dr CRG6/Roe approaches a busy stop in Gorieston High Street on its way to Magdeline Estate on Route A. A light green milk float approaches from behind Sep - 65
F65 83 AEX 838 AEC Reliance/Pennine is travelling along Regent Road, with the sea front in the background. It is on Route 6 to Pleasure Beach and Cobholm Jul - 66
F66 85 WEX 685M AEC Swift/E.C.W. reposes outside the impressive facade of the G.Y.T.' depot. Presumnably the site is now a dreary supermarket ?. Sep - 94
F67 28 CVF 28T Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB/ECW. The attractive Gt Yarmouth blue livery looks well on VR No 28 as it negotiates a corner in bungalow land at Caister. A glimpse of the sea is to be had in the background. Sep - 79
F71 5 ADX 5 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal is parked up at Electric House. A Regent V and a trolley-bus are behind May - 62
F72 7 BPV 7 AEC Regal 1V/Park Royal with unusual two-door layout, departs its stop in Lloyds Avenue on its way to Chantry Estate. Route 12 Jul - 65
F73 24 EPV 24 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal is in Lloyds Avenue as the driver starts the engine, before heading off for Ipswich Station on the 'X' Sep - 73
F74 27 GPV 27 AEC Regent V/Park Royal is seen under 'Croydon's' clock in Tavern St on Route 9 to Whitton. Contrast of architectual styles in this picture Sep - 73
F75 67 DPV 67D AEC Regent V/Neepsend emerges from under the bridge at Cornhill as a grey Bedford furniture lorry enters the picture from the right. 11/73. Nov - 73
F76 74 LDX 74G Leyland PDR1/1lE.C.W. is seen waiting near the Cricketers Hotel in the appropriately named Tavern St. it is on Route 3 to Rushmere Heath. Nov - 73
F77 21 EPV 21 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal looks to be in fine condition as it stands of the top of Cornhill. Its destination is Ipswich Station X. May - 62
F78 44 UNW 404H Leyland PDR2/1/Roe ex West Yorks P.T.E. is standing out of service at Tower Ramparts. The rear of another Atlantean is to the left of the picture. Mar - 83
F81 107 PV8272 Karrier F4/Park Royal departs 'Electric House' on Route 4 to St Augustine's May - 62
  LINCOLN C.T. top^
F91 17 BVL 399 Guy Arab /Park Royal utility is pictured near the station as the conductor looks out from the back of the platform. The lower deck is well filled. 4164. Apr - 64
F92 71 CFE 567 Leyland PD1A/Roe passes under the ancient Eastgate as it travels to Boultham Moor. 4/64. Apr - 64
F93 23 DFE 323 Guy Arab Ill/Guy with Ruston and Hornsby air-cooled engine catches the very last rays of the day's sun as it waits at the Central Station. 9/63. Sep - 63
F94 80 KVL 684 Leyland PD2/31lRoe has just passed under the Stonebow whose clock says 1.30. A young man on a yellow racing bike comes up on the nearside. 5/65. May - 65
F95 94 TFE 537 AEC-P.R.V. Bridgemaster is seen here brand-new at the Park Royal works, beside a new L.T. Routemaster, with a partly finished RM behind. 11/62. Nov - 62
F96 73 CVL771 Leyland PD1AlRoe is in Silver Street on a dull day. The destination box is so small as to be virtually unreadable. May - 65
F101 2091 HUO 692 Bedford OB1Duple in cream and light green makes its way along The Promenade at Skegness on the sea front service Sep - 63
F102 2451 PFW 933 Bristol SC4LK/E.C.W. rests under a tree in Saltfleet before leaving for Grimsby on Route 50B. An identical vehicle is behind Aug - 70
F103 2510 VFE 959 Bristol FLF6G/ECW passes through Fulbeck on Route 1 to Grantham. A Bedford Army lorry is just behind May - 65
F104 2272 WWU270 Bristol MW5G./E.C.W. ex- West Yorks Road Car travels through East Goscote, Leics on Route 25 to Grantham. A line of cars trail behind Jul - 73
F105 1201 AFE 471B Bristol RELL6G/E.C.W.departs The Bus Station at Melton Mowbray bound for Leicester on the 25. In Tilling green but with NBC fleetname Feb - 73
F106 2258 AVL 740C Bristol MW6GlECW passes a well tended garden in Anwick and has a decent load for its journey to Sleaford on Route 20. Oct - 65
F111 23 GBJ 194 AEC Regent 11/E.C.W. turns at Belle View Gardens on Route 1 'Parkfield' Jul - 66
F112 28 LBJ 734 AEC Regent 111lMassey waits of the Belle View Gardens terminus of Route 1. (similar location to F111 above.) 7/66. Jul - 66
F113 9 BRT 668C Leyland PD2A. 30/E.Lancs pauses in the Town Centre outside B.H:S. on Route 2 to Corton Road Apr - 72
F114 17 NRT 564L AEG Swift/E.C.W. leaves the Route 4 stand in Waveney Road in week sunlight, as an E.C.O.C RE with similar ECW bodywork waits in the background Mar - 73
F121 73 HVE 402 Daimler CVD6/Wilks and Mead is at the Bus Station at Cambridge, with an ex-Ribble PD213 behind. Keeping them company are 2 E.C.O.C. Bristol 'L' type single deckers Aug - 65
F122 173 LUC 225 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell ex-London Transport RF type is also at the Bus Station, Cambridge and is on Route 1 to Barton Aug - 65
F123 204 VDV 800 AEC Reliance/Weymann ex-Devon General waits out of service at Drummer St. Bus Station. Cambridge. In the background an ex-City of Oxford AEC Bridgemaster, and United Counties Bristol MW Aug - 65
F124 185 FCE 132D AEC Reliance/Alexander waits for time in Coventry. The destination indicator doesn't make clear which way it is going Apr - 67
  SOUTHEND C.T. top^
F131 245 FOP 452 Daimler CWA6/Duple open top ex-Birmingham travels along Marine Parade, with the Kursaal in The background Jun - 70
F132 261 EHJ 445 AEC Regent 111/Massey waits at Thorpe Esplanade on Route 7. A turquoise Morris Minor Traveller goes past in the opposite direction Jul - 66
F133 211 FYS 678 Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster G.C.T.-Weymann ex-Glasgow waits outside Central Station on the 4 to Shoeburyness. Behind is a E.N.O.C. Bristol Lodekka Jun - 70
F134 302 MHJ 924 Leyland PD2/20/Weymann waits out of service at Victoria Station. Keeping it company is a Smith's of Southend Fruit lorry May - 62
F135 207 2718 HJ Leyland Leopard L1/Weymann passes Victoria Station on its way to Eastwoodbury on the 9. Right behind is an AEC Bridgemaster May - 62
F136 330 7094 HJ Albion Lowlander LR7/Alexander is seen at Thorpe Esplanade with the destination 'Ashington Schools' 7 Jul - 66
F137 342 CJN 443 Leyland PD3/6/Massey emerges from London Road Depot into the sunlight. 6/64. Jun - 64
F138 244 FOP 429 Daimler CWA6/Duple open-top, ex-Eastern National/Birmingham, is at Thorpe Esplanade on Route 68. Jul - 62
F139 341 CJN 441 C Leyland PD3/6lMassey with special lowheight body, is on tube replacement duty at Epping station, and is waiting to ferry passangers to North Weald. n/a
F140 292 LHJ 394 Leyland PD2/12/Massey rests awhile outside Victoria Station. Keeping it company is Regent 111 No 261 also with Massey bodywork but with a steeply raked front. Jul - 62
F151 HWW 874 Bristol KSW6/E.C.W. ex-West Yorks Road Car waits out of service at ? Bus Station Sep - 67
F152 45 KTL 780 Leyland PD2/20IWillowbrook has just passed over the G.N. main line at Essendine on its way to Stamford on a fine day- lovely slide Aug - 68
F153 50 RCT 3 Leyland PD3/11Yeates waits at The Terminal stop in Bourne Town Centre before leaving for Peterborough. A Bedford/Willowbrook has pulled up behind May - 70
F154 RFU 12 Leyland PD3/1/Roe waits in the middle of the street at the Lincoln terminus of the route to Bardney and Horncastle Apr - 63
F155 FOF 296 Leyland TD6/Leyland ex-Birmingham waits for departure to Stoke on Nayland at Colchester Bus Station. 5/62. May - 62
F156 SBN 767 AEC Regent V/M.C.W. ex-Bolton passes through Nayland under a cloudless sky on its way to Colchester Jul - 77
F157 PPU 982 AEC Regent111/Strachan poses for the camera outside the depot. Ancient diesel pumps in the background May - 62
F158 2046F AEC Regent 111/Park Royal waits for its departure time in the Bus Station at Colchester May - 62
F159 2211MK AEC -Park Royal Bridgemaster ex-demonstrator waits in Colchester Bus Station for departure to Layer -De-La-Haye as young school girls in straw hats mingle at an adjacent platform May - 62
F160 MHW 893 Bristol L /E.CW. ex-Bristol waits outside Freeman and Willis with a good load, on the Star Town Service. Interesting picture for E.C.W. fans Apr - 64
F161 JCH 166 Leyland PD2/12/M.C.W. ex-Trent swings round in the Bus Station at Huntingdon, as 3 people leaning against railings in the background look on Jun - 69