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E1 439 GNN 507 Guy Arab 11/Strachan waits out of service at Broadmarsh Nottingham. Behind is the Great Central Railway viaduct May - 65
E2 845 DJF 340 Leyland PD1lLeyland ex-Leicester, passes a garage in Melton Mowbray as it operates local service 20 to Belvoir St May - 65
E3 453 JNN 793 Leyland PD1/Duple passes the church at Oxton on a lovely sunny day, as it returns to Nottingham on Route 8. Sep - 65
E4 565 KAL 205 Leyland PS111/Duple, manoeuvers in Broadmarsh Bus Station, Nottingham, in evening sun May - 64
E5 1040 CDJ 721 Leyland PD2/9/Davies, ex-St Helens is parked out of service at Melton Mowbray Bus Station. Next to it is a Lincs Road Car Bristol SC May - 67
E6 1048 OLD 597 Leyland 7RT/Park- Royal ex-L.T. passes through lona Eaton on Route 15 to Ilkestan Apr - 70
E7 805 76 MME AEC-P.R.V. Bridgemaster, ex-demonstrator pauses in Long Eaton on Route 5B to Nottingham as evening shadows lengthen Jul - 61
E8 796 796 BAL Leyland PSi/B/N.C.M.E. is at Trowell on Route 15 to Sawley. May - 73
E9 854 854 NNN AEC RegentV/N.C.M.E. passes the Barton Booking Office in Chilwell on the 5C to Derby. Mainly in sun, there is some shadow on the lower panels May - 73
E10 861 861 HAL Dennis Loline 111/N.C.M.E. This unique low height vehicle is seen at Morledge, Derby as it operates Route 42X Derby Express Aug - 63
E11 982 982 VRR AEC Reliance/Harrrington, passes through countryside at Burton Lazars en route to Melton Mowbray on Route 25 Aug - 66
E12 841 841 EVO AEC Reliance/Alexander reposes out of service in Melton Bus Station. Although sunny the ground is wet Mar - 64
E13 996 994A VRR Bedford VAL14/Harrington. Although it advertises new express services to Weston-Super-Mare 994 is going nowhere more exotic than Bulwell on the 32 as it waits in East Circus St. Nottingham. Aug - 65
E14 474 HV0135 Leyland PD1/Dupls waits at Nottingham's Broadmarsh Bus Station before departing for Keyworth on Route 6. Site now part of Nottingham's tram system. Apr - 70
E21 155 LNU 968 Crossley DD42/5/Crossley in ex-works condition and looking superb waits out of service at Rose Hill May - 63
E22 167 ONU 267 Guy Arab 111/Weymann heads out of town along Sheffield Road. The destination and route number are barely legible although it is travelling 'via Staveley' Jun - 65
E23 192 YRB 192 Daimler CVG61Weymann passes a leafy Meadow-head, Sheffield on Route 12 to Chesterfield Oct - 64
E24 223 223 GRA Leyland PD2/30/Weymann is on loan to Sheffield T.D. and is in Abbeydale Road working Route 76 to Sheffield Lane Top and has a good load Sep - 73
E25 19 496 ALH AEC Reliannce/Willowbrook ex-London Transport 'RW' class waits in Vicar Lane before departure to Storforth Lane. In the distance a lowbridge PD2/Weymann Jul - 71
E26 302 302 XRA Daimler CRG6/Metro-Cammel heads past Midland Station, Sheffield onits way to Chesterfield on the 12. Travelling the other way is an East Midland Atlantean with similar bodywork. Sep - 63
E27 264 GNU 264C Daimler CVG6/MCW leaves a lay-by at Old Tupton as it makes its way to Clay Cross on Route 53 Aug - 73
E28 ex-48 JRA 653 Leyland PS2/Crossley says 'Drivers Under Instruction' but presumably there is only one person at the wheel as it passes the Midland Station in Sheffield.4/68. Apr - 68
E29 66 66SRB Leyland PD2A. 30/Weymann lowbridge is in Chesterfield Bus Station prior to departure on Route 7. Aug - 76
E41 100 CRC 900 Daimler CVD6/Willowbrook-Brush waits out of service in Tennant Street. Behind is a more modern Daimler, 139 CVG6/Roe Mar - 67
E42 108 CRC 908 Foden PVD6/Brush is in Albert Street on Route 25 to Henley Green. A group of people waits to cross the road Aug - 63
E43 119 KRC 119 Daimler CVG6/Park Royal is in bright sunlight in Albert St and is on service to Kedleston Road May - 65
E44 165 HRC 165C Daimler CVG61Roe is well turned out in the later blue/grey livery as it approaches The Market Place on Route 60 Jun - 75
E45 203 NCH 203E Dr CRG6/Roe in blue passes The Market Place on a fine day on Route 54. A Trent s.d. is behind. Plenty of life in this picture May - 77
E46 124 KRC124 Daimler CVG6/Park Royal waits in Tennant Street showing Route No 70. Behind is 162 CVG6/Roe. Jan - 66
E51 181 RC 8881 Sunbeam W/Park Royal, circles a roundabout at St. Peters St: near the Telegraph Inn, on Route 60 May - 65
E52 199 ARC 499 Sunbeam F4/Brush, loads at the Market Place in the rush hour on Route 41 to Alvarston. As the sun goes down, the illuminated sign at Cantors shop, opposite is switched on Jan - 66
E53 221 DRC 221 Sunbeam F4/Willowbrook waits at a stop by a stone wall in Osmaston Rd on Route 60 to Shelton Lock Aug - 63
E54 243 SRC 243 Sunbeam F4A/Roe heads out along Ashbourne Road amidst attractive surroundings, on Route 22 to Morden Green Aug - 67
E61 R325 ORR 325 Leyland PSUC1/1/Saunders- Roe. The crooked spire of Chesterfield Parish Church forms a background to R325 as it makes for Barrow Hill on Route 9. Vertical picture May - 63
E62 D119 WAL 119 Leyland PD3/4/Weymann passes Sheffield Midland Station at 5.25pm with a good load for Clowne on Route 3. A flower bed forms the foreground Sep - 71
E63 R385 385 ENN AEC Reliance/Weymann takes its passengers on an excursion past Wardlow Mines on a lovely day. A queue of cars is following the bus Jul - 63
E64 D154 154 HRR Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann is in countryside near Ollerton on the 36 to Nottingham, as a couple with a motor-cycle and side-car converse by the side of the road Jun - 63
E65 L424 BNN 424C Leyland PSU3/1R/Willowbrook circles a roundabout under the remains of trolleybus overhead in Nottingham on the long route to Doncaster on Service 36 Aug - 65
E66 185 GNN 185D Albion LR7/Metro-Cammell in NBC green is at Amber Hill operating the 17 between Chesterfield and Matlock. The sun shines on a thin carpet of snow to make an attractive picture Mar - 80
E67 O515 LAL 515E Bristol REL L6G /E.C.W. passes through Bolsover which seems deserted, whilst operating Route 8 to New Whittington Jun - 69
E81 200 HTT 504 AEC Regal/ 11/Weymann ex-Devon General waits in Burleys Way on Route 48. Inner Circle carrying a full display of roofboards Aug - 61
E82 242 DJF 343 Leyland PD1/Leyland waits at the terminus of Route 61 at Netherhall before returning to Abbey Park Road Garage. Slight ingress of light in bottom right hand corner but does not spoil the picture Jul - 61
E83 21 FBC 287 AEC Regent 111lMetro-Cammell, The rake on the front of the bodywork is emphasized in this picture of 21 as it passes the Municipal Buildings in Charles Street May - 64
E84 60 FBC 326 AEC Regent 111/Brush waits outside the Court Cafe in Charles Street before departing for Coleman Road on Route 34 Jan - 65
E85 74 FBC 549 Daimler CVD6/Roberts is waiting for its departure time outside the Town Hall in Bowling Green Street on Route 22 to Braunstone Lane Oct - 62
E86 142 FJF 181 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland in mainly cream livery is in rural surroundings in Keyham Lane West as it nears the terminus of Route 37 Garden City. It's all houses now Jun - 65
E87 164 TBC 164 Leyland PD3/1/Willowbrook, now preserved, is on Narborough Road, near Hallam Crescent, and is heading for the City seen here in cream livery May - 65
E88 179 UJF 179 Daimler CSG6130/M.C.W. leaves Humberstone Gate at the Clock Tower and is on Route 21 to Hallam Crescent. Other buses are in the background Jun - 65
E89 201 XRY 201 Leyland PD311lM.C.W. in maroon turns from Henley Road into Aikman Avenue with a good load for New Parks on Route 14. In the background the rear of a PD3/1/Park Royal in cream May - 63
E90 218 218 AJF AEC-P.R.V. Bridgemaster. The conductor of 218 stamps his card in The Gledhill-Brook time recorder on East Park Road, opposite Spinney Hill Park, as a group of people prepare to board. Lovely old stop sign on a tram standard Apr - 64
E91 78 78HBC Leyland PD3A.1./Park Royal crests Hinckley Road at Winstanley Drive on Route 18 Braunstone and has a good load. Behind is 206 Leyland PD3/1/East Lancs, also on the 18 Apr - 65
E92 190 DBC 190C AEC Renown/East Lancs, with unusual for Leicester, forward entrance bodywork is on the Burleys Way roundabout in Belgrave Road heading for the City Centre. In the background a large B.M.C. Garage Sep - 65
E93 19 LJF 19F Leyland PD3/12/East Lancs heads down leafy autumnal Spencefield Lane, Evington on its way to the' Centre' on Route 67 Oct - 67
E94 1 FBC267 AEC Regent1111(Vletro-Cammell. Freshly painted No1 is seen in Humberstone on the 37 Garden City route, although showing its next destination, Mowmacre Hill, 73. Mar - 62
E95 104 FJF143 Leyland PD2/11Leyland is seen in Charles Street showing the destination 35 Goodwood. Right behind is a Midland Red D9, about to pass a cyclist wearing coat and gloves. The sun is out but it must have been cold. Mar - 65
E96 6 PBC 6G Bristol RELL6UE.C.W. enters Kettering on a private hire to Wicksteed Park. A Morris Minor laden with luggage on the roof Is following. Aug - 69
E97 103 PBC 103G Leyland PDR1A1/ECW picks up a passenger in Victoria Park Road on its way to Clarendon Park on Route 28. These were ordered as PD3/12/ECW but this was changed when Bus Grant was introduced.Would have been very interesting. Jun - 69
E101 160 KAL 698 AEC Regent 111/Brush, turns out of the top of Midworth Street in the Town Centre, having travelled into town on Route 221 Jun - 65
E102 16 KRR 262 AEC Regal 111/Weymann treats its passengers to the delights of Baslow, Derbyshire as it passes through on an excursion. The weather on this occasion is fine Jun - 63
E103 139 JVO 935 AEC Regent 111/Weymann travels along Stockwell Gate as it makes its way to Huthwaite on Route 109 May - 63
E104 212 197BRR Bristol MW6G/ECW loads its passengers in Midworth Street before leaving for a journey on Route 113. May - 65
E111 429 ONU 638 AEC Regent 111/Weymann, Lowbridge 'RLH' type loads its passengers in Mansfield on Route C3 to Clay Cross. Other Midland General buses behind and lots of people May - 63
E112 183 KRR 272 AEC Regal 111/Weymann passes through Matlock Bath on Route E2 to Matlock May - 64
E113 486 524 JRA Bristol LD6G/ECW is in Mansfield (? ) passing The Red Lion on its way to Ripley on Route R7 May - 63
E114 275 509 JRA Bristol MCW6G/E.C.W. has a good load as it travels through suburban Wollaton on Route D9 to Birchwood Road May - 73
E115 700 1390 R Bristol FLF6B/E.C, W. arrives at Mount Street Bus Station Nottingham. The blinds seem to be set for the next journey. Alfreton, B3 May - 73
E116 32 1386R Bristol RELH6G/E.C.W. is on humble duty in the form of a trip on the A4 to Alfreton, and seen here at Mount St. Bus Stn. Nottingham. Sep - 65
E117 760 FRB 210H Bristol VRT/E.C.W.dosn't look too bad in the NBCblue livery as it enters Mount St Bus Stn. Nottingham. An inspector is seen standing with his hands on his hips, as a Barton coach approaches from behind. May - 73
E121 309 SRB 537 Bristol KSW6G/E.C.W. waits in a corner of Mount Street Bus Station, before departure from Nottingham to Ripley on The B2 Aug - 63
E122 465 14 DRB Bristol LD6G/E.C.W. Passing through suburbia in Wol{aton in late afternoon sun. 464 is making for Strelley Lane on Route E1 Nov - 65
E123 304 TRB 571F Bristol FLF6G/E.C.W. heels over as it turns into Wollaton Square on the 55 to WollatonVale. The market cross is also in the picture Apr - 70
E131 145 VV 9145 Crossley DD42/3/Roe. The conductor of 145 stands at the front of the bus to talk to the driver in his cab, as it stands outside the Black Boy Hotel in Woodhill Mar - 62
E132 163 ANH 163 Daimler CVG6/N.C.B. climbs Bants Lane on Route 6A, heading for the Town Centre on an overcast day Sep - 65
E133 220 LNH 220 Daimler CVG6/Roe basks in sunshine at the terminus of Route 8 at Kingsthorpe, Greenhouses and farm buildings are in the background Apr - 65
E134 267 JYV 267G Daimler CVG6/RoeOne of the last CVG6's built, 267 is in Links View on Route 13 operating to the Town Centre. In later livery with white window surrounds Jul - 83
E141 122 KTV 122 AEC Regent 111/Metro-Cammell waits in Old Market Square before departure to Beeston on the 4A on a dull day. In the background, the City Hall Jul - 62
E142 335 KTV 335 AEC Regent 111/Robertsis standing in Granby Street on Route 5 to Beeston. Identical vehicle 321, but in later livery with more white. is about to overtake. The difference in appearance is quite noticeable May - 65
E143 708 LTV 703 AEC Regal 111/East Lancs is nearing the end of its day's work as it arrives at Trent Bridge showing 'Parliament Street Depot' Oct - 65
E144 179 OTV 179 AEC Regent 11I/Park Royal is in Derby Road on Route 30 to Broxtowe Estate. Behind is the imposing facade of the Albert Hall. Also in the picture cars and vans of the period Jul - 65
E145 199 SAU 199 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal 'Lowbridge' in later livery in Mount Hooton Road as it makes for the City on Route 2 Aug - 65
E146 262 XTO 262 AEC Regent V/Park Royal is at Middleton Boulevard as it waits for time on former trolleybus Route 45 to Trent Bridge. A day of winter sunshine Dec - 65
E147 62 62 NAU Daimler CRG6/Park Royal. Brand new, 62 is at Park Royal awaiting delivery. Keeping it company is a Lincoln Bridgemaster and a LT RM Nov - 62
E148 357 DAU 357C AEC RenownlWeyman is in Greyfriars Gate on the 58 to Radfard. Behind is an unidentified PD2/40. Passing both a green lorry belonging to 'Wm Bates' Fruit and Potato Salesman Jul - 69
E149 12 12AT0 Leyland PD2140/Metro-Cammell is seen speeding down Maid Marion Way on a special. In revised livery. Jun - 73
E161 524 NTV 524 B.U.T. 9641T/Brush, is waiting at the Carlton terminus of Route 39 before leaving for Woollaton Park. Identical vehicle 504 is behind Aug - 65
E162 575 KTV 575 B.U.T. 9641T/Brush has arrived at the Trent Bridge terminus of Route 45 on a dull day Mar - 62
E163 584 KTV 584 BUT 9641T/Brush, turns at Wilford Bridge on the 40 on a fine day 3 young cyclists and a bright red Karrier lorry add to the picture. Sep - 65
E164 550 KTV550 B.U.T, 9641T/Brush. Pedestrians wait on the street comer for 550 to make the turn from George Street into Goose Gate whilst operating Route 40 to Wilford Bridge. Aug - 65
E171 719 NJO 719 AEC Regal 111/Willowbrook waits out of service at Gloucester Green Bus Station, Oxford with Regent V/Weymann no 188 next to it Jul - 61
E172 961 961 AJO AEC Regent V/Park Royal travels down St Giles on Route 2. The foreground is in shade but the bus is on sunlight Sep - 61
E173 199 199 KFC AEC Regent V/East Lancs waits at Gloucester Green before departure for Bicester on Route 96 Jul - 61
E174 983 983 HFC AEC Regent V/Willowbrook has a good load as it waits at the Market Place, Aylesbury prior to departure to Oxford on Route 82 . A well-filled C.O.M.S. s.d. is behind as children play in the bus shelter Jun - 63
E175 305 305 KFC Dennis Loline 11/East Lancs, seen here almost head on , 305 is on Swinford Toll Bridge on Route 7 as the toll collecter stand by the cab issuing a ticket Aug - 70
E176 342 342 TJO AEC Renown/Park Royal leads a line of traffic down a sunny High Street Oxford as the rear of a Willowbrook bodied Regal 1V heads in the opposite direction May - 70
E177 612 612 TJO AEC Reliance/Marshall waits out of service at Henley, prior to taking up service on Route 33 to Nettlebed Jul - 67
E178 208 RTH 637 Leyland PDR11Metro-Cammmel, ex-South Wales travels down High Street,Oxford on Route 7D. The destination behind says 'Service' -very helpful May - 72
E179 762 762MFC AEC Reliance/Marshall in the red and duck-egg-blue livery stops opposite The Plough in Clifton Hampden on the 29 to Abingdon. Although bright it is damp and wintry. Feb - 73
E180 619 AJO 619C AEC Reliance/Weymann is almost new when, seen in Reading near the station under trolleybus wires. Jul - 67
E181 303 303KFC Dennis Loline 111/E.Lancs heads past suburban villas as it travels down 8otley Road on Route 5 to North Hinksey. Sep - 61
E182 902 OFC902H Bristol VRT/ECW in the lighter red/duck egg blue livery is followed by AEC Reliance No 774 at Hinksey Hill Top on Route 8B. May - 70
E191 35 JNN 97 Leyland PS2/Duple leaves its stand at Huntingdon St Bus Station with a good load for Clifton Mar - 62
E192 42 MAL 310 Leyland PSU1/15 with rare Duple Roadmaster bodywork has a background of electricity pylons as it travels through countryside east of Gotham Nov - 69
E193 56 RRR 913 Leyland PD2/20/Weymann crosses Trent Bridge in traffic as it heads off to East Leake. A factory chimney dominates the scene Jul - 68
E194 84 84WRR Albion Lowlander LR3/N.C.M.E. sports both an Albion badge and Leyland lettering as it waits in Huntingdon Street Bus Station. Nottingham before a journey to Loughborough May - 65
E195 45 MRR 974 Leyland PSU1/13/Leyland is in Huntingdon St. Nottingham having left the Bus Stn for Gotham; A clock above says it is 10.30. Apr - 70
E201 301 RC 9658 AEC Regal 11 with rebuilt Willowbrook bodywork is at Derby Bus Station.The driver is standing next to the vehicle and looks dismayed at having to drive it to Skegness on Route X3 Aug - 63
E202 1155 ACH 645 AEC Regent 11/Willowbrook is also waiting in Derby Bus Station. In this case the destination is Melbourne (Derbyshire rather than Australia). A Leyland bodied PD2/12 is waiting behind Apr - 61
E203 130 GRC 130 Leyland PSUCI/1/Weymann is waiting in Ashby-de-la- Zouch prior to departure to Derby. A crowd of people is waiting at a Midland Red stop behind Jun - 65
E204 1262 JCH 262 Leyland PD2/12/Metro-Cammell waits at Huntingdon Street Bus Station Nottingham for its departure to Gedling on Route 70 Jun - 65
E205 405 LRC 439 Leyland PD3lWillowbrook waits in Derby Bus Station on Route 34B to Castle Donnington. A Bedford SBlDuple belonging to Felix (? ) tries to squeeze between the PD3 and a Leopard parked opposite Mar - 68
E206 450 RRC 84 Leyland PDR1/1/Roe is at Nanpantan on Loughborough local service 123 Oct - 69
E207 378 VDB 950 Leyland PSU3/3RTIAIexander ex-North Western and in d.p. livery pauses in Tideswell village on a fine day whilst on Route 184 to Buxton Aug - 73
E208 523 RCH 523F Daimler CRG6/Alexander. A milt in Belper forms a background to 523 as it returnes to Derby on Route 2 Nov - 69
E209 590 KCHi10 LeylandPD21i21Metro-Cammell stands next to 729 an ex-Midland General Lodekka, in Alfreton Bus Stn. Both are in NBC livery and looked better in their original colour schemes. Progress. May - 77
E210 54 YRC 46 AEC Reliance/Harrington is parked in sun in Great Yarmouth Bus Station. Sep - 65
E221 388 RHK 130 Bristol LLSG/E.C.W. ex-Eastern National is waiting out of service in Stamford Bus Station Mar - 67
E222 920 HNV 736 Bristol KSW5G/E.C.W. waits for time at Huntingdon Bus Station on local services 223 to Oxmoor Estate , as a small crowd waits for another bus nearby Jun - 69
E223 116 OBD 903 Bristol LSSG/E.C.W. in N.B.C. livery waits for time in Kettering Town Centre. The destination is not known Sep - 73
E224 156 156 BRP Bristol MW6G/E.C.W. speeds along Narborough Road Leicester as it heads for the motorway on the MX1 to London May - 65
E225 836 176 HTM Albion-Leyland Lowlander LR7 /East Lancs ex-Luton is in Luton Town Centre on Service 1 to Cuttenhoe Road. The Town Hall is in the background Sep - 70
E226 254 BBD 254B Bristol RELH6GlE.C.W. is in Williamson Street Luton and is making for Northampton on Route X6. It is in bus livery Mar - 65
E227 407 CNH 851 Bristol LWL5G/E.C.W. passes through the village of Thorpe Malsor on its way to Harrington on Route 260. Jun - 65
E228 198 6685 KH Leyland PSUC1/2/Metro-Cammell ex-East Yorkshire waits to depart from Peterborough Bus Station on a journey to Corby. It has a good load. May - 73
E231 22 KAL 686 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal is fresh from repaint and looks superb as it approaches Trent Bridge from Arkwright street on the 24 to Gamston Bridge Jul - 68
E232 30 TRR 959 AEC Regent V/Park Royal approaches Trent Bridge from West Bridgford on the 14 to Nottingham Oct - 65
E233 31 XVO 331 AEC Regent VJReading waits out of service at Broadmarsh, Nottingham, before a journey to Clifton on the 67 Mar - 62
E234 35 335 GNN AEC Regent V(East Lancs leaves the Valley Road terminus of Route 11 on route to Nottingham Aug - 65
E235 42 BRR 242C AEC Renown/East Lancs passes a Barton AEC Reliance/Alexander in Broadmarsh Bus Station, Nottingham as it makes for Clifton on Route 67 May - 65
E251 SRB 424 Daimler CD650/Willowbrook leaves the attractive village green at Findern on a bright winter's day making for Burton. Mar - 68
E252 7000 HP Daimler FIeetIine/Weymann ex-demonstrator climbs out of Repton en route for Burton. Great shame this vehicle was destroyed in the fire that destroyed most of the Blue Bus fleet. Mar - 67
E261 na XUF 452 Leyland PD3/4/N.C.M.E. ex-Southdown and in attractive turquoise livery, greets fellow PD3. 251 DRY, as it arrives at Leicester City Transport's Abbey Park Road Depot. 9174. SILVER SERVICE. Darley Dale Sep - 74
E271 4 KNU 446 AEC Regal/Willowbrook speeds out of Matlock, north on the A6 on its way to Rowsley. It is a lovely summer afternoon Jun - 69
E272 na KEH 602 AEC Regal/Weymann (?-ex-Potteries) waits in Matlock Bus Station, alongside HTB 700 AEC Regal/Duple. Oct - 63
E281 na LMO 745 AEC Reliance/Duple arrives at Reading station under trolleybus wires.ln the background the crew of a Reading Loline leans against the radiator. Jun - 67
E282 na YNX 478 AEC Reliance/Plaxton waits for time at Reading Station before its journey to Didcot. The body came from the unique Dennis Pelican 530 BPG. 00 - 00