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N1 RT 507 HLX 307 AEC 3RT / stands at the Abridge terminus of Route 10. The bus stop sign is unusally attached to an adjacent wall Jun - 65
N2 TD 114 JXC 307 Leyland PS1/Mann Egerton waits at Mill Hill East before leaving for Edgeware on the 240A. Quite a nice shot of this type in its last days Sep - 61
N3 RT 1334 KLB 583 AEC 3RT / 'roofbox' is seen here at Farningham on Route 21A bound for Eltham Aug - 62
N4 RT 1857 LLU 743 AEC RT/Weymann waits for time at Uxbridge Station on Route 204 Mar - 62
N5 RT 1942 LUC 22 AEC 3RT/ is dominated by the mass of Alexandra Palace as she makes her way to Northumberland Park Station on Route 223 Jul - 66
N6 RT 1028 LLU 782 Leyland 7RT/Metro Cammell waits under a tree at Crystal Palace having arrived there on the 108 Aug - 62
N7 RT 1071 LUC 78 Leyland 7RT/Metro Cammell is followed by a cyclist at Isleworth while making for Hounslow on the 37 on a summer day in early spring. Nice Picture Oct - 62
N8 RTW 418 LLU 418 Leyland 4RT/Leyland stands at Poplar out of service on a dull day but showing Route 106. In the background power station chimneys belch out smoke. Very slightly blurred Aug - 62
N9 RT 2880 MLL 627 AEC 3RT/ is put through its paces on the skid pan at Chiswick Mar - 78
N10 RLH 74 MXX 274 AEC Regent111/Weymann waits at the Northwick Park Station terminus of Route 230 on a sunny early spring afternoon Mar - 62
N11 RF 509 MXX 486 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell loads up in Chertsy before setting off Hounslow on the 237 May - 74
N12 RF 521 MLL 939 AEC Regal 1V/Metro Cammell stands out of service at Uxbridge but showing 224 on its blind. A green RT waits behind Mar - 62
N13 RF 369 MXX 11 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell crosses Kingston Bridge under trolleybus wires on Route 216 Mar - 62
N14 na NLP 637 AEC Regal 1V/Park Royal B.E.A Airport Coach is seen here at Chiswick. Front is very slightly blurred Sep - 68
N15 RT 4804 nxp 946 AEC 3RT/Saunders 'roofbox' is seen here at Trafalgar Square with St Martin in the fields behind, whilst on Route 12 to Peckham in late afternoon sun Aug - 66
N16 RM 6 VLT 6 AEC P.R.V Routemaster is seen here at Winchmore Hill on a dullish summer's morning heading for Woodford on Route 275 Mar - 62
N17 RM 568 VLT 568 AEC P.R.V Routemaster travels around the gyratory system at Sheperds Bush on Route 275 to Hayes. An elderly G.P.O telephone Karrier is parked behind Sep - 61
N18 RM 587 VLT 587 AEC P.R.V Routemaster is at Highgate Station on a Sunday working of trolleybus Route 609 to North Finchley Sep - 61
N19 RM 1073 73 CLT AEC P.R.V. Routemaster is at Isleworth heading for Hounslow on Route 117 in late afternoon sun Oct - 62
N20 RM 1236 236 CLT AEC P.R.V Routemaster is tilt-tested at Aldenham Works after overhaul Mar - 79
N21 RM 1343 343 CLT AEC P.R.V Routemaster stands outside the AEC works at Southall when brand new, against a clear blue sky n/a
N22 RMC 1453 453 CLT AEC P.R.V. Routemaster in red livery with gold lining passes Aldwych en Route to Trafalgar Squrae on Route 15B in late afternoon sunshine May - 90
N23 DM01 CRU 182C Daimler CRG6/Weymann ex-Bournemouth C.T. is seen here being driven round Chiswick works Mar - 78
N24 XA 28 CUV 28C Leyland PDR1/1/Park Royal picks up passengers on Route 24 outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square with a 'roofbox' RT waiting behind on the 134 Jan - 66
N25 RMA 1 KGL 621D AEC P.R.V Routemaster ex B.E.A. is parked outside Aldenham works Mar - 79
N26 MB5 JLA 55D AEC/Merlin Strachans on Red Arrow service 505 is caught at Trafalgar Square in late afternoon sunshine Dec - 66
N27 MB73 VLW 173G AEC Merlin/ M.C.W on Red Arrow service 505 is caught at Trafalgar Square in late afternoon sunshine Sep - 68
N28 DMS 1596 THM 576N Daimler CRL6/Metro-Cammell. Hardly a classic bus but now part of history, DNS 1596 is seen here leaving Victoria Station for Stamford Hill on Route 149 Aug - 74
N29 RT 280 HLX 97 AEC 3RT/ pauses outside West's Department Store in Cranbrook Road, Ilford en route to Becontree Heath on the 50. n/a
N30 RF 520 MLL 938 AEC Regal 1 V/Metro-Cammell turns at a roundabout at Weybridge on its way to Weybridge Station on Route 219. Rear overhang of bus partly obscured by a bush. May - 74
N31 RLH 67 MXX 267 AEC Regent 111 /Weymann nears the terminus of Route 230 at Northwick Park Station. Mar - 62
N32 RT 4415 NXP 769 Leyland PDRil1/P.R.V. catches a low sun as it crosses Trafalgar Square on the 24 heading towards Pimlico. n/a
N33 XA 18 CUV 18C AEC 3RT/ is at Waltham Forest showing 'Walthamstow Garage 34'. It is a little grubby. 3 AEC Merlin are in the picture. Nov - 65
N34 RM13 VLT 13 AEC-P.R.V. Routemaster is at the same location as RT4415 but is on Route 269 to Leyton. n/a
N35 RF 351 NLL988 AEC Regal 1 VJMetro-Cammel! waits at Golders Green Station on a fine day, before leaving for Finsbury Park on the 210. Front of bus is in sun, nearside is in the shade. n/a
N36 FRM1 KGY4D AEG-P.R.V. Routemaster. The solitary rear-engined RM is caught by the camera in Potters Bar before departing to the station on the 284. Banished to the margins. Jan - 74
N37 SRM1 ALD 898B AEC-P.R.V. Routemaster SRM1 (RM 898) is one of 25 painted silver to mark the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977. It is seen here emerging from Leyton Depot to commence a Journey to Victoria on the 38. Jan - 77
N41 1061 EXV 61 Class K1 Leyland/Leyland is seen here at Shepherd's Bus on Route 657 heading for Hounslow Mar - 62
N42 1074 EXV 74 Class K1 Leyland/Leyland is seen here in Sheperd's Bush on Route 657 bound for Hounslow as a Ford Zodiac in bright turquoise overtakes Mar - 62
N43 1248 EXV 248 Class K2 Leyland/Leyland is photographed from the flyover whilst circling a roundabout at Chiswick on Route 657 bound for Hounslow followed closely by L3 1514. Both are caught in late winter sun. Recommended. Mar - 62
N44 1260 CUL 260 Class K1 Leyland/Leyland and preserved. 260 is seen in Bournemouth having just crossed Tuckton Bridge on an enthusiasts special Jun - 68
N45 1290 EXV 290 Class C2 Leyland/Leyland travels along an uncrowded Goldhawk Road 657 for Shepherd's Bush on a sunny winters day. Although very slightly blurred at the front this is still a lovely shot Mar - 62
N46 1456 FXH 456 Class L3 AEC/MCCW is seen at Fulwell on Route 667 on its way to Hampton Court Mar - 62
N47 1511 FXH 511 Class L3 AEC/MCCW waits at the Wimbledon terminus of Route 604 before setting off for Hampton Court on a bright sunny day Mar - 62
N48 1474 FXH474 Class L3. AEC/MCCW waits at North Finchley before heading for Wood Green on Route 521. Jul - 61
N61 RT 4555 OLD 775 AEC 3RT/Weymann waits for time at Welwyn Garden City Station on Express Route 803 to Uxbridge Mar - 62
N62 RLH 3 KYY 503 AEC 3RT/Weymann ex-works leaves Rickmansworth Station with a good load on the 336 for Chesham Mar - 62
N63 RT 1710 KYY 537 AEC 3RT/ leads a procession of late 50's cars out of Dorking on Route 414 bound for Horsham. Photographed from the top of a bus travelling in the other direction Aug - 62
N64 RT 3121 KXW 230 AEC 3RT/ overtakes a large Rover car in East Grinstead on Route 424 Aug - 62
N65 RF 65 LYF 416 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell leaves the bus stop at Englefield Green on Route 718 bound for Harlow. Autumn colours are emerging on the trees behind Aug - 62
N66 RF 112 LYF 463 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell is seen in this general shot of Crawley Bus Station with an RT and a Southdown PD3 behind Aug - 62
N67 RF 176 MLL 563 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell leaves Golders Green Bus Station with a good load on route 716A bound for Stevenage on an overcast day. RT's and RTL's stand in the background Sep - 61
N68 RT 3507 LYR 926 AEC 3RT/ 'roofbox' is seen here in rural surroundings on Route 421 near Otford. Nice picture Aug - 62
N69 RF 628 NLE 882 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell. The pond at Otford makes an attractive foreground as RF 682 passes through on Route 404 Aug - 62
N70 GS 67 MXX 367 Guy 'Special'/ECW fills the frame as she waits outside the Castle buildings in Windsor on Route 445 to Datchet Common Mar - 62
N71 GS 67 MXX 377 Guy 'Special'/ECW fills the frame as she waits outside the Castle buildings in Windsor on Route 445 to Datchet Common Jul - 62
N72 RW1 495 ALH AEC Reliance/Willowbrook waits at St Albans on a sunny morning before proceeding to Radlett on Route 355 Aug - 62
N73 RMC 1464 464 CLT AEC P.R.V. Routemaster is seen here in Guildford town centre and passing a Dormobile van, embarking on the long journey to Hertford on Route 715 Aug - 64
N74 RMC 1520 520 CLT AEC P.R.V. Routemaster rests at Hitchin Bus Station before travelling to Chertsey on the 716. Photographed from a low angle, this picture makes a nice study May - 64
N75 RX1 8071 ML AEC Renown/Park Royal, yet to receive LT Fleetnames, stands in the demonstration park outside Earl's Court Motor Show Sep - 62
N76 RC1 CUV 59C AEC Reliance/Willowbrook crosses the River Thames into Eton on Route 705 to evenoaks, Windsor Castle dominates the skyline on a sunny but hazy day Jul - 66
N77 RC4 CUV 62C AEC Reliance/Willowbrook is seen at Sevenoaks on Route 705 to Windsor on a clear sunny day. Very slight ingress of light at bottom of picture Jun - 66
N78 RCL 2233 CUV 238C AEC-P.R.V. Routemaster departs Sevenoaks Bus Station on the 704 on a perfect day. An M&D Fleetline is to the right of the picture Jun - 66
N79 RT 3438 LYR857 AEG 3RT/- in Green Line livery is in unknown location but showing 370 Romford'. It has a good load but needs the attention of the bus wash. n/a
N80 RCL 2242 CUV242C AEC-P.R.V. Routemaster in Green line livery is at Victoria on Route 704 to Tunbridge Wells. An RT on the 38 passes by in the background. n/a
N91 RF 135 MLL 532 AEC Regal 1V/Metro-Cammell passes through the village of Brockham Green on Route 439 Sep - 72
N92 RF 202 MLL 589 AEC Regal 1V/Metro -Cammell passes through the village of Brockham Green on Route 439 Sep - 72
N93 RMC 4 SLT 59 Leyland E.C.W Routemaster preserved by L.C.B.S. is seen here at the Ipswich Transport Centenary Rally Oct - 80
N94 RMC 1454 454 CLT AEC P.R.V Routemaster in N.B.C. leaf green is on Route 370 bound for Romford, outside Tilbury Riverside Station Aug - 74
N95 RMC 3239 CUV 329C AEC P.R.V. Routemaster in N.B.C. green livery is in the centre of Gravesend on Route 480, heading for Dartford Jul - 77
N96 XF 7 CUV 57C Daimler CRG6/Park Royal is on local service no 428 in East Grinstead. Mainly in sunshine, parts of the bus are in shadow. An RM in dark green follows Aug - 74
N97 SM 142 BPH 141H AEC Swift/Park Royal is parked outside Addleston Garage with driver training RT 1106 behind. 2 more R.T.'s are in the background Aug - 70
N98 MS1 GPB 19J Metro-Scania/Metro-Cammell in yellow and blue Stevenag 'Superbus' livery stands at the Chells terminus on an overcast day Mar - 74
N99 SMW 12 XCY 471J AEC Swift?Marshall ex-South Wales waits in St Albans Bus Station on Route 358. A Green Line RF is just visible next to it Mar - 74
N100 AF 7 JPK 107K Daimler CRL6/N.C.M.E. is seen here in Westerham on Route 410 bound for Reigate Sep - 72
N101 AN 5 JPL 105K Leyland PDRIA/1 Spl/Park Royal heads down a dual carriage way in Stevenage followed by RT 961 and another AN Mar - 74
N102 RML 2437 JJD 437D AEC-P.R.V.Routemaster waits for departure on Route 347A to Watford, from Uxbridge Bus Station. RML 2457 is right behind it. n/a
N103 AN20 JPL 120K Leyland PDR1A/1 Spl./P.R.V. leaves West Croydon for a journey to Dorking on Route 470. To the right of the picture is a red RM on Route 68. n/a
N111 108 FNM 8 Crossley DD42/ Crossley stands at Park Square on a dull day on Route 1A bound for Cotenhoe Road Jun - 62
N112 138 NNM 138 Leyland PD2/30/East Lancs waits behind the Railway at the Midland Station on Route 54 with a United Counties KSW behind Mar - 62
N113 161 161 ANM Leyland PD2/30/East Lancs stands outside the Midland Station showing Route 53B but with no-one aboard Mar - 62
N114 164 164 ANM Dennis Loline 11/East Lancs is parked between Ford Popular cars outside the Depot May - 64
N115 164 164 ANM Dennis Loline 11/East Lancs is seen here in early evening sunshine in the Town Centre making for Priestleys on Route 29. Very slightly blurred at front Mar - 65
N116 166 166 EMJ Albion Lowlander/East Lancs is seen at unidentified location running out of service but showing 'Vauxhall 6' on the front May - 64
N117 167 167 EMJ Albion Lowlander East Lancs is waiting at Williamson Street before setting off for Dunstable on Route 6 May - 64
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N121 na KGJ 625G AEC P.R.V Routemaster heads down Cornwall Road with its trailer making for Heathrow Airport Sep - 70
N122 na GML 629J Leyland Atlantean/Roe is seen here at Victoria Aug - 75
  B.O.A.C. top^
N123 na LYF 317D Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann is leaving the Air Terminal at Victoria. 2 more Atlanteans await their passengers inside May - 70
N124 ST 922 GJ 2096 AEC Regent/Tilling in London Transport livery is travelling down Whitehall on Route 100 on a sunny afternoon. An RT is in pursuit May - 72
N125 OM3 2959 HA BMMO D9/BMMMO in LT red with white roundel is in heavy traffic at Waterloo. Photographed from an overbridge Oct - 75
N126 554 GXX AEC Reliance/Harrington in later livery is at the Southdown Depot at Bognor Regis. In the background a PD3 and PS1 Left Luggage office (? disused). Aug - 72