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A1 146 EO 9178 Leyland PD2/3/Roe (rebodied) travels along Dalton Road after a a shower of rain on a journey to Rainey Park Sep - 65
A2 154 EO 9505 Leyland PD2/3/Park Royal waits at the Town Hall outside 'Ongers' shop, as several pedestrians go about their business Sep - 65
A3 66 BEO 397 Leyland PSUI/13/Massey loads its passengers in Duke Street on a journey to Ulverston Sep - 65
A4 9 HEO 279 Leyland PD2A.27/Massey in all over blue enters Abbey Road Bus Station, bearing the destination "Ulverston". Sep - 65
A5 45 HEO 245G Leyland PSU3A.2R/ East Lancs crosses Vickers Bridge on a sunny evening. A B.R ferry is in dock to the right of the picture Jun - 75
A6 104 HEO 274 Leyland PDA271Massey in blue and cream passes the Astra Cinema in the late afternoon sun with "Cellophane" in the destination box. Presumably a works trip. n/a
A7 148 EO 9178 Leyland PD2/3/Roe. Rebodied by Roe in 1960, 148 stands by the railings and out of service in the Bus Station. Sep - 68
A11 H137 YUP 476 Leyland PD2/40/ Park Royal has pulled up short at a stop with a queue of passengers in Stockton High St. It is on Route 39 although the destination blinds are blank. 6/75. Jun - 75
A12 H3 BPT 513B Leyland PDR1/1/Park Royal, leads a queue of traffic through Yarm on Route 48 to Willey Flatts. 6/75. Jun - 75
A21 111 JAO 834 Leyland PS1/A.C.B. waits out of service in Keswick Bus Station. 9/84. Sep - 64
A22 151 LAO 145 Leyland PSUI/13/ECW is also out of service in Keswick Bus Station, and is standing next to a Western S.M.T. black and white coach. 9/64. Sep - 64
A23 155 MAO 107 Leyland PSUI/13/Leyland waits out of service, but in sunshine at Workington Bus Station. 9/70. Sep - 70
A24 202 VAO 391 Bristol SC4LK /ECW looks to be in fine condition as it waits outside Carlisle Depot. A Ribble M.C.W. bodied PD3 is to the right. 9170. Sep - 70
A31 91 OHN 501 Guy Arab 111/Roberts, waits for time in Prebend Row on a rather damp day . It is bound for Park Lane on the 5A as a man crosses the road in front of the bus. 6/66. Jun - 66
A32 44 THN 356 Guy Arab 111sd/Roe travels along Prebend Row in front of the Market Place on Route 3 to Faverdale. 6/66. Jun - 66
A33 69 469 DHN Guy Arab 1 V/Roe. overtakes two Roberts bodied Guy Arab 111's on its way to Haughton on Route 2. 4/63. Apr - 63
A34 1 301 VHN 3 Daimler CCGS/Roe await their next turn of duty just inside the ' Corporation Tansport' Depot. All history now Jun - 75
A35 ASSORTED Daimler CCGS/Roe loads its passengers in Trubwell Row on a bright sunny day. It is on Route 2C to Salters Lane Jun - 75
A36 54 NHN 254K 3 Daimler CCGS/Roe await their next turn of duty just inside the ' Corporation Tansport' Depot. All history now Jun - 75
A41 DU9 SHN 739 Bristol LSSG/ECW waits for time in Barnard Castle on a fine day, prior to departure for Middleton on Route D15 Jun - 62
A51 55 CCN 155 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland freshly outshopped in maroon livery overtakes Newcastle Regent V No 143 in Northumberland Avenue Aug - 64
A52 229 AFT 929 Leyland PD3/4lMetro-Cammell in green lays over in Gateshead with identical vehicle 227 behind Jul - 72
A53 121 ACN 421B Leyland PDfl1/1/Alexander in P.T.E. yellow heels over as it turns into John Dobson Street, Newcastle on Route 26 Aug - 72
A54 142 CCN 642D Leyland PDRt/1/Alexander in green picks up tea-time peak passengers in Haymarket Newcastle Aug - 66
A61 3 TUP 858 AEC RegentVlRoe devours a queue of passengers at an unknown Town Centre bus stop Jun - 62
A71 61 EF 8998 Daimler CVG6/Rce waits in Church Street Jun - 66
A72 4 FEF 374 Leyland PD2/40/Roe is seen here passing the church in Church St. on Route 4 Sep - 72
A73 33 CEF 33C Leyland Leopard L1lStrachans stands on the bus park at Church Street. Daimler CVG6 No 82 is also in the picture Jun - 66
A74 37 EEF 37D Leyland Li/ECW waits in Xhurch Street on Route 4 to Hart Lane Jun - 75
A75 46 HEF 46F Bristol RELL6UECW travels past the 'Corporation Transport' office in Church Street on Route 5 to Truro Drive Jul - 81
A76 93 JAJ 293N Bristol RELL6UECW rests in the sunshine whilst on a private hire at Whitley Bay. Next to it is sister vehicle 94. Both vehicles are immaculate Jun - 75
A81 67 ADC 667 Leyland PD1/ECW travels down Exchange St.on RouteY. Very slightly blurred otherwise o.k Jun - 62
A82 79 AXG 679 Guy Arab 111/ECW waits out of service at the Exchange May - 66
A83 44 LXG 244 Dennis Loline 111/NCME loads its passengers at North Ormesby on Route N to Berwick Hills Aug - 62
A84 128 RDC 128 Daimler CRG6/NCME is pictured here at Green Lane on its way to Stanton on Route B May - 66
A91 354 LVK 6 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland catches the late afternoon sun in Ponteland on Route 5 Aug - 66
A92 429 LVK 129 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland is seen here in York on a private hire.Late afternoon sun highlights the yellow livery against a dark sky Jun - 66
A93 272 NBB 272 AEC Regent 111/Massey is parked withdrawn at Byker Depot. Next to it is the rear of 271, AEC Regent 111/NCME Aug - 66
A94 328 NVK 328 AEC Regent 111/Northern coachbuilders leaves Haymarket for the oddly named 'Spitaf Tongues' on Route 8 Aug - 66
A95 351 UTN 651 Leyland PD2/24/Weymann travels along Pooley Road on Route 1 to Cochrane Park Estate Aug - 66
A96 157 157 AYK AEC RegentV/Park Royal passes by bungalows in Middle Drive, Ponteland on Route 5 May - 66
A97 188 188 JVK Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammell filled with homegoing workers passes a policeman on point-duty at Marlborough Crescent Apr - 63
A98 222 222 JVK Leyland PDR1/1/Alexander prepares to stop for a passenger to alight on Fenham Hall Drive, whilst working on Route 32 Oct - 66
A99 88 ETN 88C Leyland PDRi/1/Weymann heads out along Great North Road on Route 30 for Queen Elizabeth Hospital Jun - 66
A100 244 KBS 244D Leyland PDR1l1/Alexander with panoramic windows glistens in the sun below rain filled clouds on Stamfordham Road. A dramatic picture Oct - 66
A101 ASSORTED Views of the works Yard at Byker with several withdrawn Regent 111's, brand new Atlanteans, a Regent 111/N.C.B. and an MCW bodied PD3 Aug - 66
A102 324 MVK 324 AEC Regent 111/N.B.C passes an elegant terrace block on Jesmond Road as it makes for High Heaton on Route 4. Jun - 66
A111 612 NBB 612 BUT 9641T/Metro-Cammell speeds up the hill on West Road, making its way to town on the 35. A glimpse of the countryside is in the background Aug - 66
A112 619 NBB 619 BUT 9641T/Metro-Cammell waits in Union Road, Byker on Route 35A to Westbourne Ave Apr - 66
A113 613 NBB 619 BUT 9641T/Metro-Cammell. In this picture, 619 is in more sylvan surroundings as it approaches the Denton Square Terminous of Route 35 Sep - 66
A114 535 LTN 535 Sunbeam S7/NCB is in Neville St on Route 42 to Heaton Rd and is overtaken by 485 BUT 9641 T/Metro-cammell which is heading for Gosforth Park on the 31. Jun - 62
A121 1704 CU 8704 Guy ArabiV/Park Royal is pictured here in Sunderland on Route 516 heading for Grinden. Followed by a majestic looking Rolls, 1704 is behind a policeman who appears to be walking in front of the bus. A cyclist is disappearing out of the corner of the picture Jun - 66
A122 1768 VUP 768 Leyland PD2/12/P.R.V. waits in Manors Bus Park prior to departure to Whickham on the 76. Next to it is Guy Arab 1 V No1694 Aug - 66
A123 2085 RCN 685 Leyland-Park Royal Routemaster 'Wearsider' heads into Gateshead off the Tyne Bridge on the 25 to Brady Square. This is the one with the engine and front wheels pushed back Nov - 72
A124 2089 RCN 689 Leyland-Park Royal Routemaster rests at the terminus at Crook before departure to Newcastle on the 42 Sep - 64
A125 3094 FPT SBOC Leyland-Park Royal Routemaster in NBC red is in the same as 2089 above The hills behind, and Crook Church bask in late afternoon sun Jun - 75
A126 3208 GAT 817D AEC Renown/Park Royal ex-East Yorkshire and in NBC red heads out of Whitley Bay towards Newcastle on the 308 Jun - 75
A127 2514 CCN 714D Leyland PSU3/3R/Marshall out of service heads through moorland scenery near Hartside on a magnificent day Aug - 66
A128 3000 MCN 30K Leyland/NGT/MCW 'Tynesider' leaves Croft Street Newcastle on a Tyneside journey to North Shields. This was the PD3 converted to normal control for one man operation-the result was bizarre to say the least! Oct - 72
A129 2646 HCN 6G Leyland PSU3A/4R/Aiexander catches the last of the day's sun as it crosses the River Wear in Durham on a journey on the X3 Nov - 72
A130 1952 MCN 52 Leyland Leopard L2 /Harrington rests in a shady street in Leicester en route to the sea at Torquay. Jun - 65
A131 3250 OTY 409M Leyland AN6811 R/Park Royal. in NBC blue livery passes busy market stalls in Bishop Auckland, on a fine day. Jun - 75
A141 153 CU 6553 Guy Arab1V/Roe waits of the Pier Head before leaving for Stanhope Road on the 1 Jun - 66
A142 159 CU 7559 Guy Arab1V/Aoe is at the Market and pulls round another bus as it sets off for Tyne Dock on Route 4. Behind is 188, Daimler CCG6/Roe Jun - 66
A143 190 ACU 22C Daimler CRG6/Roe is in King Street on Route 51 making for Whiteleas May - 66
A151 244 CU 4606 Sunbeam W/Roe departs the Marsden Bay terminus of Route 11,for the Market Jun - 62
A152 209 BW 81 Sunbeam F4/E.Lancs ex-St Helens leaves the Market for the Pier Head on Route 2. The conductor of the trolleybus is out in front with the bamboo pole Jun - 62
  STOCKTON C.T. top^
A161 33 RUP 307 Leyland PD2J72/NCME is pictured in the High Street waiting to leave for Hartburn on Route 3 Aug - 87
A162 97 XUP 462 Leyland PD2/12lCrossley passes the Odeon in the High Street an route to Roseworth on Route 3 Sep - 62
A163 105 8635 PT Leyland PD2/40/Weymann,almost new, waits in the High Street before leaving for Fairfield on the 4 Jun - 62
A164 A17 NPT 217D Leyland PDRi/1/Park Royal in turquoise waits in the High Street on Route 9A to Hardwick. No. 79, Leyland PD2/40/Weymann is behind Aug - 67
A171 76 GR 7774 Guy Arab 1/Roe rebody on learner duties is seen under trolleybus overhead by a rather murky North Sea in South Shields Jun - 62
A172 129 CBR 529 Guy Arab 111/Roe Is seen at Holmeside showing the simple destination 'Town' Jun - 62
A173 170 DBR 670 Daimler CVG5lA.C.B. is pictured in Fawcett Street showing the destination Durham Road, 23X. It is followed by a Guy Arab 111 /Roe Jun - 66
A174 231 JGR 631 Guy ArabiV/Roe emerges from the gloom of the Central Bus Station into the sunshine on a journey to Faringdon on Route 2 Jun - 72
A175 253 TGR 853 Daimler CRGB/Roe, sporting the usual 'Shop at Binns'advert passes by the Bfnns store in John Street Jun - 66
A176 48 WBR 246 Atkinson Alpha/Marshall is also pictured emerging from the Central Bus Station. It is on Route 113 to Giliey Law. 46 was one of only 3 of this rare type in the fleet Jun - 72
A177 104 JBR 104F Bristol RE1L8GlMetro-Cammetl drops off passengers at Roker with a blue but probably rather cold sea in the background Jun - 72
A178 33 PGR 33 AEC Reliance/Roe is at an unknown Town Centre location on Route 15 to Dene Estate. Jun - 62
A179 51 BBR 51C Ld PSURC1/1/Marshall is at Housesteads on a fine day, presumably on a private hire. Oct - 66
A181 280 PUP 552 Leyland PSUCI/1/Weymann pulls away from its stand in Sunderland Bus Station on Route to Fatfield on Route73. Behind are four NGT vehicles Jun - 66
A182 296 YPT 296 Leyland PD3/4/Burlingham waits for passengers in the Bus Station on Route 40 Sep - 69
A183 307 607 EUP Leyland PDR1/1/Alexander, rests under the shade of a tree near the Bus Station. Behind Is a Roe-bodied PDR1/1 Jun - 66
A184 317 2517 PT Leyland PSl1C1/2/Alexander in turquoise departs the Bus Station for Esdaie Estate on Route 53 Jun - 66
A191 21 PVN 21 Leyland PD2/20lRoe is seen here under trolleybus overhead in a housing estate in Grangemouth en route to Eston Jun - 66
A196 15 CPY 286 Sunbeam W/Roe (rebody) in fine condition passes the Depot at Cargo Fleet en route to Normanby Jun - 62
A197 1 GAJ 11 Sunbeam F4/Roe (rebody) is snapped from the top deck of a trolleybus travelling in the opposite direction on a dull day. It is in Eston and the camera has included the overhead at a junction. A United Lodekka Is Immediatly behind No 1 Jun - 66
A201 H149 FJF 196 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland ex-Leicester waits with its passengers at the Exchange Sep - 70
A202 L493 JDC 223 Guy Arab 1 V/NCME ex-Middiesbrough. The market is being packed up at North Ormesby as 223 prepares to leave for the delightfully named Brambles on Route F Sep - 70
A203 A54 NRN 601 Leyland PDR1l1/Metro-Cammell ex-Standerwick catches the evening shadows as it picks up a passenger near the Station in Stockton Sep - 72
A204 405 LXG 245 Dennis Loline 111lNCME ex-Middlesbrough waits out of service at The Exchange Sep - 70
A205 79 205 BPT Leyland PD2/40/Weymann ex-Stockton passes through picturesque Yarm on Route 10A to Biltingham. The sun highlights the front of the bus although the side is in the shade Aug - 69
A206 H230 330 DPY Leyland PD2A.27/Roe ex-Teeside R.T.B. departs the Town Hall for Easton on Route 90 Sep - 72
A207 5302 CAJ 432C Leyland Leopard L2/Roe waits at the Exchange before departure to Seamer Nov - 72
A208 L466 GDC316 Guy Arab 1V/N.C.M.E. waits by railings at the Exchange before leaving for Hemlington on the 5. Sep - 72
A211 T295 CPY 288 Sunbeam W/Rce (rebody) is pictured hare in North Ormesby. Immediately behind is one of the ex- Reading Sunbeam F4A/ Burlingham troileybuses Sep - 70
A212 T281 GAJ 11 Sunbeam F4/Roe (rebody) is photographed in Eston. At this point the overhead is carried on a single arm and one of the unusual trolley bus stop poles with vertical lettering completes the picture Sep - 70
A213 T282 GAJ 12 Sunbeam F4/Roe (rebody) ascends the railway bridge near the Depot at South Bank. Steelworks dominate the skyline and rows of back to back houses complete this picture Sep - 70
A214 T290 VRD 185 Sunbeam F4A /Bur(ingham ex-Reading looks a little grubby as it passes Cargo Fleet on its way to Eston. Rear of Atlantean just to the left of the picture. n/a
A221 260 FFT 760 Leyland PDR1/1/Roe is snapped by the camera in Whitley Bay on its way to Sunderland on Route 60 Aug - 71
A222 270 HFT 370 Daimler CRGB/Weymann waits in North Shields before proceeding to Whitley Bay on Route 12 Sep - 69
A223 333 GAT 820D AEC Renown/Park Royal ex-East Yorkshire waits for its next turn of duty near the Haymarket, Newcastle. The side is in sun although the front is in shadow Sep - 72
A231 50 NNL 50 Leyland PD314/Metro-Cammelt waits in North Shields before leaving for Percy Main. Immediatley behind is Atlantean No 54 Sep - 69
A232 53 BTY 153B Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann has left Newcastle for North Shields and is heading into Willington. In the background is a railway viaduct Aug - 69
A233 55 ENL 355C Leyland PDR/1/Alexander is pictured in Shields Road heading towards Newcastle Jun - 66
A241 198 198 JVK Leyland PDR1/1/Alexander passes Wingrove Road as it travels along Westgate Road on Route 39 to Welbeck Road Jul - 72
A242 58 ABB 588 Leyland PDRt/1/Weymann. People are sitting around enjoying a fine day by the sea as 58 waits at Tynemouth before returning to Newcastle on the 11 Jul - 72
A243 370 LCU 114 Daimler CSG6/Roe waits at the Market Place, South Shields. the destination showing 'Marsden Grotto'. Behind is an Alexander-bodied Atiantean Oct - 72
A244 377 LCU 121 Daimler CCG6/Roe. On a foggy day 377 waits at the Pier Head, South Shields, before leaving for Henderson Road on Route 32 Nov - 72
A245 351 HCU 521G Bristol RESL6L/ECW waits in South Shields Market Place waiting for departure to Biddick Hall Estate on Route 3. Behind is a CCG6/Roe and overtaking both a Northern General Harrington-bodied Leopard Sep - 72
A246 627 SVK 627G Ld PDR1A/1R/Alexander open top is adorned to mark 100 Years of Public Transport and carries a number of hardy souls past the sea at Tynemouth Aug - 83
A251 BB7 NHN 907 Bristol KSW6B/ECW. (highbridge) A passenger on the platform waits to alight as BB7 arrives at Bishop Auckland on a local service Sep - 64
A252 BBL 79 PHN 814 Bristol KSWBB/ECW (lowbridge) passes West Denton, Newcastle on its way to Throckley on Route 32 Oct - 66
A253 U53 SHN 743 Bristol LSSG/ECW is photographed in Warkworth, heading for Newcastle on Route 28. In the background is the village church and several cars and vans of the period Jun - 66
A254 BU65 SHN 765 Bristol LS5G/ECW rests out of service in Scarborough Bus Station. Alongside are 2 highbridge KSW6B's Oct - 64
A255 BGS 10 998 CHN Bristol lWL5G/ECW, rebuilt for use on Scarborough sea front passes the spa. It is a grey day, few people are on the beach. Another British summer Sep - 63
A256 1139 1539 HN Bristol MW6G/ECW pauses in an almost deserted Warkworth on a fine day, as it returns to Newcastle on Route 418 Sep - 72
A257 L123 7123 HN Bristol FLF68/ECW has pulled into a layby outside shops in West Denton as it makes for Newcaste on Route 32 Sep - 66
A258 W10 429 MPT AEC Reliance/Plaxton, ex- Wilkinson, Sedgfield, comes to a road junction in Sedgfield followed by NGT Routemaster 2211 Aug - 67
A259 2015 DUP 570B Leyland Leopard /Piaxton, ex-Wilkinson loads shoppers in Stockton High Street to take them in the direction of Stanley on Route 68 Sep - 72
A260 R25 AHN 625B Bristol RELL6G/ECW waits for its next journey as it stands in Haymarket, Newcastle, as the evening peak gets under way Aug - 66
A261 1508 UHN 798G Bristol LHBUECW loads its passengers in Bedale as it works a journey to Darlington on Route 72 Oct - 71
A262 2833 XHN 933G Bristol RELL6G/ECW rests awhile in a busy Stockton High Street. Passing in the opposite direction, behind 2833 is an FLF6B Aug - 69
A263 BBH1 NHN 901 Bristol K6B/ECW. crosses Valley Rd bridge in Scarborough on Route 102. The destination blinds are particularly informative. Sep - 63
A264 BB51 NHN 128 Bristol LWL6GJECW rests in Bishop Auckland. Next to it is a Bristol K . n/a
A265 R47 DHN 374C Bristol RELL6G/ECW is bathed in rich sunlight in Bothal as it makes for Morpeth on the 31. Oct - 66
A266 RE45 NHN 145E Bristol RELH6GIECW in green/cream coach livery rests in Stamford Bus Stn on a dull day en route to London. Mar - 67
A267 6026 BHN 210H Bristol RELL6G/ECW is in NBC d.p. livery in a deserted Middlesbrough (?)Town Centre on the 264 to Overfields Estate. n/a
A268 W17 PHN217F Leyland LeopardlPlaxton was ordered by Wilkinson's of Sedgefield and is seen here in Stockton High Street on Route 68 to Willington. Aug - 67
A269 U696 8696 HN Bristol MW^G/ECW. An elderly lady looks as though she is about to board U969 as it waits in Carlisle Bus Station before leaving for Wetheral on the 35. May - 67
A271 173 RUP 434 Atkinson AlphalWillowbrook departs Marlborough Crescent Bus Station, Newcastle for High Spen on Route 33 Aug - 67
A272 190 XUP 392 Albion Aberdonian MR11/Wiltowbrook rests in Marlborough Crescent Bus Station Newcastle Aug - 67
A273 224 1887 PT AEC Reliance/Weymann Is seen near Marlborough Crescent, Newcastle.The street it has come down is deserted Jun - 66
A274 EPT 83G Leyland Leopard/Alexander crosses the River Tyne at Newbum on a journey to High Spen on Route 17 Jun - 72
A301 VUP 472 AEC Reliance/ Plaxton waits with a good load outside Binns Bakery before its journey to South Shields. AEC Reliance 901 FUP waits behind Aug - 69
A302 8213 PT AEC Reliance/Plaxton is pictured here in Fawcett St. Sunderland on its way to South Shieids Jun - 66
A311 17 DJR 601 Leyland PD2/3/Leyland is pictured here in Seaton Delaval Sep - 69
A312 18 ETY 912 Leyland PD2/12/Leyland rests in the road outside the Depot at Seaton Delaval Jul - 72
A321 JXN 356 Leyland PD2/1/?- ex L.T. RTL 33 is pictured in Bishop Auckland in excellent condition Jul - 66
A322 JAP 508 Bristol KSW6G.lE.C.W. ex Brighton, Hove and District rests at the Bishop Auckland terminus of the route to West Auckland Sep - 70
A323 88 CMV AEC Regent V/Park Royal, ex-demonstrator enters Bishop Auckland Market Place. No-one is aboard Sep - 64
A324 RUP 772 AEC Reliance/Plaxton is parked at the rear of the Depot -next to it is a Bedford SB/Plaxton coach. In the background the hills are in sunlight Sep - 70
A325 YUP 487 Leyland PD316/Roe makes a fine sight as it makes a left turn into Bishop Auckland's main street at the commencement of a journey to Evenwood Jun - 75
A326 WX 17 AEC Regent/V/Metro-Cammell ex-Halifax is in the same as the PD3 above, and is also heading for Evenwood Sep - 70
A327 212 JVK Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann ex-Newcastle waits for custom in Bishop Auckland Market Place -its destination being Woodland. Jun - 75
A328 FCD 286D Leyland PD3/4/N.C.M.E. ex-Southdown is perhaps thinking of home as if waits by the sea at Tynemouth for homegoing passengers on a private hire Aug - 83
A331 YUP 6 Leyland PD2/ /Roe waits in Crook, with a good load on an excursion Jul - 66
A332 FPT 900G Leyland Leopard/Plaxton loads its pasengers in Stanhope before setting out for Bishop Auckland Jun - 75
A341 RUF 208 Leyland PD2/12/E/Lancs ex-Southdown waits for time in Bellingham on a fine afternoon before returning to Wark Jun - 72
A342 ETY 533L Bedford YR lPlaxton leaves the Bus Station, on the one o'clock journey to Newborough Jun - 75
A351 6 BUP Leyland PD3/ /Alexander is in superb condition as it leaves Stanhope for Bishop Auckland on a fine day Sep - 66