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M1 DT13 OKM 317 AEC Regent 111/Saunders Roe is pictured here in Irvine on route to Kilwinning on an overcast day. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Apr - 74
M2 DT8 KAG 574 Guy Arab/Alexander (chassis ex Plymouth). The tide is out as DT8 skirts the sea at Ardrossan on a private hire Sep - 64
M3 DT20/24 MFN 900 Guy ArabiV/Park Royal (ex-East Kent) stands next to SRB 542 Bristol KSW6 (ex-Notts and Derby) both out of service at Irvine, DT20 is in "reversed" livery advertising Dodds coaches Sep - 69
M4 DT16 GSD 779 Guy Arab 1 V/Roe waits for passengers at Boswell Street Bus Station Ayr, on a journey to Annbank Sep - 64
M5 AAG 648B Daimler CRG6/NCME crosses Ayr bridge, followed by Western SMT buses including FLF6G No 1936 Sep - 65
M6 DT12 PUF 631 Guy Arab 1 V/Park Royal ex-Southdown is parked at the back of the Depot. May - 73
M11 144 BRG 950 Daimler CWA6/Brush 'utility' turns into Castle Street from Union Street on Route 1. followed by a maroon Dodge lorry Sep - 70
M12 88 DRS 358 Daimler CVG6/Weymann turns into Castle Street making for Hayton on Service 25 as a crowd of people wait to cross the road outside the British Linen Bank Sep - 65
M13 33 DRG 333 Daimler CVG6/Brockhouse waits in evening sunlight in Castle Street en route for Summerfield on service 8. CVG6/Crossley No 176 is about to overtake on Route 4 to Woodend Sep - 65
M14 167 DRS 367 Daimler CVG6/Alexander is also standing in Castle Street in evening sun outside the Hop Inn, 167 is on Route 1 heading for Garthdee Sep - 65
M15 216 JRG 216 Daimler CVG6/Metro Cammell waits at the Sea Beach before setting out for Woodend on Route 4, on a fine sunny morning. The scene is deserted except for a man in a hat and coat taking a stroll. Of interest are the weighing machines and heart shaped bus stop sign. Delightful Sep - 65
M16 186 GRG 186 Daimler CVG6/Crossley is seen here in Guild Street on Route 25 showing 'Union Terrace'. The bus is empty and the conductor is sitting on the side seat. Was it out of service? Sep - 65
M17 285 ORG 285 Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell is in exactly the same spot as 186 above, heading for Garden City on Route 9 Sep - 65
M18 328 CRG 328C Daimler CVG6/Alexander has just crossed over the Bridge of Don on Route 1 making for Garthdee Sep - 65
M19 18 JRS 18F AEC Swift/Alexander is also in Guild Street on Route 17 making for Heatherfold. No 18 is followed by 3 other Corporation buses Sep - 70
M31 FPA15 AWG 550 Leyland PS1/Alexander, is seen here in Troy Street Perth en route to Leven on Route 354 Sep - 65
M32 FG68 BMS 590 Guy Arab 111s.d./Massey rests out of service in Dunfermline Bus Station on a damp day Sep - 66
M33 FR0603 AWG 389 Guy Arab 111/Craven is seen here departing Dunfermline Bus Station on the same day as M32 above. Nearside shot taken almost side on' Sep - 66
M34 FR8103 CWG 297 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland is parked outside Kelty Garage, out of service and delicensed. Parked alongside are FRB66 and 104 Leyland PD2/1/Alexander lowbridge Sep - 70
M35 FR0608 FVO 756 Guy Arab 111/Guy ex-Central S.M.T. is seen here at Newport, near the Tay Road Bridge heading for Cupar. The destination number is illegible and a quantity of paint is scratched off from above the indicators Sep - 70
M36 FDP156 MWG 371 Leyland PSUCI/21Alexander loads its passengers in St. ArdreAs on local service (?) 305. Plenty of pedestrians in the vicinity Oct - 75
M37 FRE25 EGM 6 Bristol FLF6G/ECW stands out of service in St. Andrews Bus Station. An Albion Viking stands next to it before proceeding to Glasgow Sep - 70
M38 FRD155 7403 SP Albion Lowlander lR1/N.C.M.E. ex Central SMT and still n Central livery stands outside Dunfermline Depot on a damp day Sep - 66
M39 FAC38 BXA 434B AEC Reliance/Alexander crosses an almost deserted Tay Road Bridge en route to Tayport on the 305, with a view of Dundee behind Sep - 70
M40 FAC58 GXA 158D AEC Reliance/Alexander in d.p. livery passes through Crail on a sunny day. The Post Office is closed and no one is around - it must be half day closing Sep - 70
M41 FRD202 HXA 402E Bristol FLF6G/E.C.W. is snapped at North Queensferry on its way to a football match. It is a day of soft autumn sunlight and although the bus is to the left of the picture, the Forth Railway Bridge dominates the scene. Excellent Oct - 72
M42 FRF26 NXA 624R Daimler CRG6/Alexander stands in Dunfermline Bus Station en route to Rosyth Dockyard on a fine day. Also in the picture is Bristol FS6G/ECW FRD 190. Between the two buses a conductress converses with another lady. The whole scene is dominated by the Abbey Sep - 71
M51 MPB12 DMS 825 Leyland OPS1/Alexander overtakes MPD229 Leyland PSUC/12 Alexander at Oban Harbour. The OPS1 is on local service 32 while the Tiger Cub loads for the day tour. It is an overcast day and both vehicles are in 'reversed' cream and blue livery Sep - 70
M52 MR8145 DWG 901 Leyland PD2/12/Alexander. It is a bright day as MRB145 waits out of service at Buchanan Street Bus Station Glasgow Sep - 70
M53 MPD17 FMS 734 Leyland PSUC1/2/Alexander in Bluebird livery is seen here on tour in Aberfoyle on a fine day. The coach is full as a little girl in a pink dress looks at the photographer through the windscreen Sep - 66
M54 MAC45 GWG 96 AEC Reliance/Alexander is snapped near Lochearnhead on service 45A against a background of heather and hills, on a sunny day. Apart from some reflection on the side of the bus, this is a lovely slide Sep - 64
M55 MAC181 OMS 290 AEC Reliance/Alexander is parked out of service at Arrochar. It is a fine day and a hillside forms a nice backdrop Sep - 69
M56 MPD212 RMS 701 Leyland PSUCI/2/Alexander in Bluebird livery is parked close to the harbour's edge at Ayr. The background consists of timber. a ship and in the distance, oil storage tanks Jun - 69
M57 MRD142 RWG 365 Bristol LD6G/ECW. is seen here in the Town Centre at Perth on Route 318. it is passing the Royal Bar whose doors are firmly shut. Are the two men chatting by the traffic lights waiting for it to open? Sep - 65
M58 MR8248 RMS 680 Leyland PD3/3A/Alexander waits to pull away from Platform 1 of Buchanan Street Bus Station, Glasgow for Garthamlock. Other passengers are standing to the left of the picture, as an FLIP waits in Platform 3 Jun - 74
M59 MRD177 VWG 357 Bristol FLF6G/ECW is seen here in Stirling on a fine day en route to Bannockburn on Route 55A. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Sep - 64
M60 MPE97 UMS 107J Leyland PSU3/3R/Alexander loads its passengers in Crieff Bus Station on Route 45 to Perth. Waiting on the other side is MPD 205 between tours of duty Sep - 71
M61 MPA 13 AWG 548 Leyland PS1lAlexander stands out of service, in the sun but against a black sky, in Pitlochry. Aug - 64
M62 MAC 62 GWG 466 AEC-Alexander Monocoach is in Stirling heading into town on Route 202. Sep - 69
M63 MRE17 TWG 568 Albion Lowlander LR1/Alexander is parked in the sun near Buchanan street Bus Station Glasgow. Next to it is MPD 238 Ld PSUC1/12/Alexander. Jun - 75
M71 NPA187 CWG 289 Leyland PS1/Alexander is seen leaving its bus bay in Blairgowie on Route 56 for Couper Angus on a fine day Sep - 70
M72 NRB127 DMS 487 Leyland PD2/3/Alexander is seen here near the Railway Station Aberdeen, followed by a green Ford Zodiac car Sep - 65
M73 NRB161 DWG 917 Leyland PD3/12/Alexander is photographed from a low angle whilst standing out of service at Aberdeen Bus Station. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Sep - 65
M74 NNL20 KWG 595 Albion Aberdonian/Alexander is parked out of service by trees at Banchory, next to it can be seen the rear of a Hillman Minx car Sep - 65
M75 NAC184 OMS 293 AEC Reliance/Alexander is caught by the camera near Bailater on a journey to Aberdeen. Although cloudy, conditions are bright and some nice autumn tints help to add colour to this shot Oct - 75
M76 NRB244 OMS 318 Leyland PD313A/Alexander is pictured here in the Western Suburbs of Aberdeen on a dull day. It is en Route to Waterton Road Oct - 75
M77 NPE1 CRS 651C Leyland PSU3/R/Alexander is nearly new, as she passes the Station Hotel Aberdeen, on a sunny morning. Following is an A35 Sep - 65
  A1 SERVICE top^
M91 20A JXN 366 Leyland 7RT/Park Royal is the ex-L.T.RTL rebuilt with a forward enterance and is photographed out of service outside Irvine Depot A vertical shot Sep - 68
M92 KGK 765 AEC 3RT/Craven ex London Transport is seen here in Ardrossan making for Stevenston Pillar Box. It is quite a 'close up' picture and a tiny bit at the bottom rear o/s corner has been clipped Sep - 64
M93 21 TSD 285 Leyland PD3/21Alexander is seen heading out of Ardrossan for Kilmarnock on a fine day. Another A1 bus can be seen in the distance while a group of school children some in maroon school uniform linger on the pavement. A nice picture. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Sep - 64
M94 WCS 194 AEC Regent V/Strachan waits in the A1 Bus Station at Kilmarnock prior to setting out for Ardrossan. Next to it is ex-L.T.MXX 148 Sep - 69
M95 WCS 197 Leyland PD2A30/Strachan stands outside of Irvine Depot. Also in the picture is ex-L.T. 'RTL' LYF188, a Hillman car, a Miniva and a pile of scrap! Sep - 69
M96 AAG 312B Daimler CRG6/Massey is seen here in semi-rural surroundings in Kilwinning en route for Kilmarnock. Although the design of the Massey body is somewhat 'angular' it makes a pleasant picture on a day of sunshine and clear blue sky Sep - 64
M97 ASD 890B AEC Renown/Park Royal is seen here passing through Irvine Town Centre out of service. No less than 2 buildings in the picture are covered by builder's scaffolding Jul - 74
M98 PAG 760H Leyland PDR1A. 1/Alexander, with 'ponaramic' windows heads out of Kilmarnoch on a fine evening making for Ardrossan Sep - 70
M99 TSD 285 Leyland PD3/2lAlexander is parked at Docherty's Depot at Irvine. Nearby is the rear of coach SSO 219J. May - 73
  BAXTER top^
M111 107 NTJ 985 Leyland Royal Tiger/Leyland loads its passengers at the Bus Station Coatbridge before setting off on a dull day for Old Mauleland Sep - 62
M112 55 HVD 60 Leyland PD2/10/Leyland, is also at Coatbridge Bus Station prior to departure to Lomond Road Sep - 62
M113 HH39 NA 71 Leyland PD2/37/Massey loads its passengers in Airdrie High Street. A girl in an orange check coat obscures the nearside of the bus as she converses with the driver, while on the other side of the road a pink Morris Van is awaiting unloading Sep - 71
M114 B30 119 AVA AEC Reliance/Alexander unloads passengers, also in Airdrie, a church clock tells that it is past one o'clock Sep - 71
  CENTRAL S.M.T. top^
M121 L328 CVD 528 Leyland PD1A/N.C.M.E. is seen here heading out of Glasgow City Centre Sep - 65
M122 L504 GM 7704 Leyland PD2/20/N.C.M.E. is in Dumbarton Town Centre on Route 105. It is quiet, the only pedestrian an elderly lady at a bus stop on the other side of the road Sep - 65
M123 B80 GM 9280 Bristol LDG6/ECW looking a little tatty crawls through traffic in Clyde Street. Glasgow en route to East Kilbride on the 180 Jun - 64
M124 L615 GM 9975 Leyland PD2/30/N.C.M.E. crosses over the level crossing at Balloch Station on Route 33 to Glasgow Sep - 65
M125 T76 AGM 6168 Leyland PSU3/3R/Alexander is about to move off after picking up a passenger in Luss Sep - 69
M126 BE248 CGM 746C Bristol FLF6G/ECW heads out of Central Glasgow for Newmans on Route 60 on a brilliant sunny evening Sep - 65
  DUNDEE top^
M141 118 ATS 908 Daimler CVD6/Alexander waits at Dundee Bus Station on Route 2 to Mains Loan. It is about to be passed by CVD6/Weymann No 75 Sep - 65
M142 222 JXC 182 AEC 3RT/Craven ex-London Transport arrives at the City Square opposite H Samuel whose clock says it's nearly 10.15. The Route number in 'the roofbox' is 37 Sep - 65
M143 148 BTS 118 Daimler CVD6/Alexander enters the roundabout at Nethergate heading for Ninewells on Route 40. A female pedestrian walks round the edge of the roundabout itself Sep - 65
M144 15 BTS 495 DaimIerCVD6/Brush single deck heads along Commercial Street on Route 9 making for Cleaverhouse. The grey/brown stone work of the buildings obliterate the light from the sky on this one Sep - 65
M145 79 CTS 638 Daimler CVD6/Weymann appears to be out of service in the High Street although the blinds say '36 Windsor Street.' CVG6 104 is just entering the picture from the left Sep - 70
M146 139 CYJ 254 AEC Regent 111/Alexander stands in front of 2 Corporation buses in Shore Terrace while on Route 18. The adjacent concrete shelters would do little to keep out the wind and rain Sep - 70
M147 30 / 32 CTS 130/2D AEC Reliance/Alexander with unusual destination boxes load under the trees in a busy Crichton Street on a fine day. 30 is in all over green whereas 32 is relieved by a band of white Jul - 71
M148 222 JXC 182 AEC 3RT/Craven ex-London Transport emerges from a side street into Millgate on Route 37. Also in the picture a lorry laden with jute(?) and a yellow Austin van belonging to Justice of Dundee. Interesting street scene. May - 67
M161 495 LFS 495 Leyland PD2/20/M. C.W. is caught between the trees and low sun in Duddington Road West on the 42 Circle Oct - 71
M162 717 NSF 717 Leyland PD2/20/M.C.W. is photographed miles from home whilst on loan to South Yorkshire P.T.E. It is on Route 76 at Meadowhead Bottom, Sheffield Oct - 73
M163 916 NSF 916 Guy Arab 1 V/Alexander heads west down George Street on the 19 Circle, in bright sunlight and under a clear blue sky. Another Arab 1V lurks in the shadow behind Aug - 71
M164 998 PWS 998 Leyland PD3/2/Alexander with the experimental Homalloy front turns out of George Street into St. Andrew Square on the 19 Circle. Although bathed in bright sunlight, adjacent parked cars are reflected in the o/s lower panels Aug - 64
M165 798 OFS 798 Leyland PD2/20/MCW in bright sunshine waits to turn into Balcarres Street at Morningside Station on Route 23. The 'home' signal set at danger can just be seen above the station building. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Sep - 71
M166 999 PWS 999 Leyland PD3/2/Alexander heads west along Princess St. making for Tollcross on Route 9.on a fine autumn day. Calton Hill is in the background Oct - 70
M167 51 VSC 51 Leyland PSUCI/3/Weymann. An elderly couple have just alighted from 51 as she nears the end of her journey on the 13 at leafy Ravelston Sep - 71
M168 646 YWS 646 Leyland PD2A.30/Alexander. Two patches of fluffy white cloud sit over the dome of 646 as she leaves the Fairmilehead terminus of Route 4 on a lovely day Aug - 71
M169 687 ASC 687 Leyland PD3/6/Alexander is seen here at a bus stop in Hanover Street bound for Oxgangs on the 27. A small crowd including young girls in bright coats wait to board, as a small brown Morris Van prepares to overtake Apr - 74
M170 900 JSC 900E Leyland PDR2/1/Alexander with panoramic windows heads through the rural surrounding of Little France on its way to Eastfield on the 49. The sky is a mix of blue and fluffy white clouds. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Jun - 71
M171 610 YWS 610 Leyland PD2A130/Alexander. The paintwork on 610 glistens in the sun as it passes Dean Park Crescent on Route 35 to Sighthilf. Apr - 74
M172 205 NFS 205M Bedford YRT/Duple in the black and white coach livery pauses at the ,Castle Esplanade whilst engaged on a City Tour. Apr - 74
M173 715 NSF715 Leyland PD21201MCW is at Elm Row on a Route 11 journey to Fairmilehead. A board at the front states that it is operating to and from the Shrubhill Works Open Day. Oct - 72
M181 A131 FYS 231 AEC Regent 111/Weymann crosses the Jamaica Street/Clyde Street junction heading towards Pollock on Route 50. In the background is a similar vehicle and a CVG6/Alexander Sep - 65
M182 A310 FYS 616 AEC RegentV/Weymann travels into town along the Great Western Road on Route 20 to George Square, with a good load Sep - 65
M183 L160 SGD 62 Leyland PD2/24/Alexander is caught by the camera under the trolleybus overhead at Paisley Road Toll on Route 53 to Shieldhall Sep - 64
M184 LA1 FYS 998 Leyland PDR1/1/Alexander. This early production Atlantean passes George Square en route to Dalmarnock on Route 58. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Jun - 71
M185 LA305 GYS 881D Leyland PDR1/1/Alexander waits for time in the sunshine at the Daimuir West terminus of Route 64 Sep - 69
M196 TBS 13 FYS 988 B.U.T. RETB1/Burlingham single-deck, stands at the Paisley Road Toll terminus of Route 108. The sunshine highlights the orange bottom panels which contrast sharply with greyness in the nearby buildings. This bus is known to be preserved. (Information kindly supplied by Marc Ferdman) Sep - 64
M197 TD71 FYS 832 B.U.T.9613T/Crossley passes by elderly black vars and a motor-cycle and sidecar in George Square whilst on Route 105 for Clarkston Sep - 62
M201 L70 SGD 72 Leyland PD2/24/Alexander travels down Renfield Street on Route 3 to Mosspark. A CVG6/Alexander still in Corporation livery is not far behind Jul - 74
M202 A378 SGD 528 AEC Regent V/Alexander in original livery waits at traffic lights in Sauchiehall Street on Route 41A en route to Robroyston Hospital Jun - 74
M211 E50 BST 573 Guy Arab111/NCME with an empty destination box stands outside the Post Office in Inverness on a damp day Sep - 65
M212 J169 CST 256 Leyland PD1/Leyland turns round at Kessock Ferry on an overcast day. Beauly Firth in the background Sep - 65
M213 DA6 DMS 561 Daimler CVD6/ECW ex-Alexander Midland and still in cream and blue leaves Inverness for Nairn and Culloden. Also in the picture is an LD6G Sep - 65
M214 K21 ESD 218 Guy Arab UF/Alexander is also at Faraline Park Bus Station Inverness waiting by the booking office on a damp day Sep - 65
M215 JD8 MVA 100 Leyland PD2/12/NCME ex-Central SMT and Laurie Hamilton waits at Inverness Bus Station on a sunny day. Part of the PD2 is obscured by Bedford T36 whilst a LD6G and a Alexander Northern AEC Reliance are also on their stands Sep - 70
M216 L9 NSG 788 Bristol LD6G/ECW waits for its departure time at Inverness Bus Station before leaving for Culdathel. A young lady in a blue coat walks towards the stand Sep - 65
M217 B14 LST 751 AEC Reliance/Park Royal stands out of service on a wet day in Thurso, outside the Depot. A pale green Ford Anglia is parked in front of the bus while three lovely old black cars are parked outside a garage in the background Sep - 64
M218 CD3 WST 502 Bedford VAS1/Duple Midland is parked out of service on a sunny and slightly hazy day at Fort William. Two small boats complement the picture Sep - 64
M219 CD54 AYS 733B Bedford VAS1/Duple Midland ex-David Macbrayne and in turquoise and red makes its way down a single track road by Loch Nan Uamh on its way to Fort William Jul - 71
M220 AL32 AAG 107B Albion LR7/Alexander ex-Western SMT and in turquoise/red livery looks impressive as she turns a corner into Academy Street Inverness, on a sunny day Jun - 72
M221 AL38 BSC 253C Albion Lowlander LR7/NCME also in turquoise/red and ex-Western SMT, passes over Inverness Bridge a day of sunshine and cumulus clouds Jun - 72
M222 CD63 EGA 831C Bedford VAS7/Duple Midland still in full David Mac Brayne livery is at Sligachan, Skye on route to Portree. The mountains in the background are enshrouded in mist Sep - 72
M223 AV6 FGM 104D Albion Viking/Alexander ex-Central SMT is parked outside the red brick frontage of Fort William Station between duties Sep - 69
M224 CD41 UGB 138 Bedford SB5/Duple unloads both passengers and baggage at Armadale, Skye on a fine day Jul - 72
M225 T24 KST 362G Ford R192/Willowbrook in blue/grey livery waits for its passengers outside Fasnakyle Power Stration whilst on tour Jun - 72
M226 T24 KST 362G As above, near side rear view. T24 pauses for passengers to enjoy the view of Dornoch Firth at Struie on a superb clear day Jun - 72
M227 T26 KST364G Ford R192IWillowbrook in maroon and cream crosses Wick Bridge on a rather dull day. Everywhere seems quiet. Jun - 72
M228 879 RMS738 AEC Reliance/Alexander ex-Alexander, Midland is waiting outside the Caledonian Hotel in Oban. Vehicle is in red and turquoise. Weather is damp. May - 78
M241 34 GUS 411 Maudslay Marathon 111/Park Royal prepares to pass between two AEC Reliance/Duple/Britannia at the Bus Station, Fort William Sep - 64
M242 33 KGG 711 AEC Regal 1V/Roe is about to re-join the main street at Fort William after leaving the Bus Station. Reflection has all but obliterated the destination of the bus whilst in the background is a glimpse of Loch Linnhe and a Midland Red coach Sep - 64
M243 30 KGG 710 AEC Regal 111/Roe is parked at Fort William Pier in the sun. To the right is a Midland coach, with Loch Linnhe behind Sep - 64
M244 67 371 FGB Bedford VAS1/Duple is parked at Inverary on a tour. A crowd of people gather round the doorway of the Alexander Midland vehicle to the left while to the right of the picture is a glimpse of Loch Fyne Sep - 64
M245 90 387 FGB AEC Reliance/Duple stands on the Pier at Fort William on an overcast day. Loch Linnhe is in the background Sep - 69
M246 153 OYS 109F Bedford VAS5/Duple is towered over by the Mull ferry as it stands on the quayside at Oban on a fine morning on a 'Hebridean Tour'. Vertical shot Sep - 69
M247 Assorted Two Bedford/Duple coaches wait near the steamer on a very wet day at Armadale, Skye. This view is of the rear of both vehicles-the driver and two other men have just unloaded a pram draped by a pink sheet from the one nearest the camera Sep - 65
M248 188 390 FGB AEC Reliance/Duple Midland Passengers boarding 188 as it waits for departure at Fort William. Aug - 64
M249 42 XGD 776 AEC Reliance/Park Royal. A couple of ladies prepare to board as 42 calls at a stop in a housing estate, whilst on the Fort William Town service. The hills behind are mist enshrouded. Jan - 70
M250 608 CYS Bedford C5C1/Duple is parked out of service in the sun at Kyleakin, Skye. In the background a couple of white-washed houses. Jun - 70
M251 BB47 FFS 168 AEC Regent 111/Alexander in light green heads along Princes Street Edinburgh en route to Rosewell on a cloudy day. An Edinburgh PD3 is just turning out of Andrew St, in the background. 9165. Sep - 65
M252 BB90 GSF 673 AEC Regent 111/Burlingham also in light green looks resplendent in the morning sunshine in an almost identical location to M251 above. Princes Street is agog with people and traffic in this one. Nice picture. 8/64. Aug - 64
M253 B540 NSG 831 AEC-Alexander Monocoach stands next to 8801 AEC Reliance/ Alexander on a wet and quiet day in Selkirk town centre. The Monocoach is awaiting departure for Galashiels. 9/70. Sep - 70
M254 HH550 OWS 550 Leyland PD2/201Park Royal heels over as she leaves St Andrews Bus Station. Edinburgh well laden on a journey to Glasgow on Route 16. 9/70. Sep - 70
M255 B9075 YWS 907 AEC Reliance/Alexander bears the 'Starks' fleetnames as an elderly lady appears to try and board the bus with its doors shut in Dunbar. The destination is North Berwick and the Route 480. 9/69. Sep - 69
M256 BB962 9962 SF AEC P.R.V. Bridgemaster in dark green overtakes an Edinburgh Atlantean in a very busy Princes St. People try and cross the road while the bus itself is being overtaken by a Ford Corsair Sep - 71
M257 DD961 9961 SF Daimler CRG61Alexander in light green travels along a deserted Newington Road. Edinburgh on a sunny day. There is a very slight ingress of light in the bottom right corner of the slide but this does not detract Aug - 64
M258 ZB936 8936 SF AEC Reliance/Alexander enters the suburbs of Perth from the north on its way to Edinburgh on Route 5, against a sky laden with cloud Sep - 56
M259 YA192 EWS 192D Bristol RELH6G/Alexander is partly obscured by two boys on a cycle as a passenger boards at Byrness, whilst on Route 508 to Edinburgh. Pine forests form the backdrop Sep - 70
M260 YA336 SFS 336H Bristol REMH6G1Alexander 'treats its passengers to a view of the new Derwent Reservoir, near Slaley', Northumberland. The occupants of YA336 are in luck as it is a beautiful afternoon Jun - 72
M261 452 USF 452J Bedford YRO/Alexander is seen passing through fine moorland scenery on a sunny day in Glen Truin whilst operating Route 5 Edinburgh Express Sep - 71
M271 38839 LWS 484 Leyland PD2/20/MCW ex-Edinburgh are parked together in the Depot separated by a lamp post. Also in the picture is CVG6JNCME no 206 still in green livery Oct - 75
M272 279 HTS 279 Daimler CVG6/MCW with 'Manchester' front stands out of service outside 'Halfords' in the High Street. A similar vehicle is parked behind while 251 CVG6/MCW with 'Coventry' front prepares to overtake both vehicles. All are in dark green livery Oct - 75
M273 67 NYD 314F AEC Swift/Willowbrook ex-Hutchinson prepares to leave a bus stop, in the High Street whilst on Route 10 to Barnhill. Two elderly ladies are crossing the road in front of the bus although do not obscure the camera Oct - 75
M274 275 WTS 275T Ailsa 855-10/Alexander is seen here on loan to Bournemouth Corporation as it rounds the Square on Route 25 Jun - 79
  WESTERN S.M.T. top^
M281 937 BSD 286 Daimler CVD6/NCME. A whole row of period cars line the sea front at Largs as the driver of 937 gives a hand signal to pull out from a stop whilst working a 'Largs Local' (that's what the blind says) Sep - 64
M282 956 BSD 468 Daimler CVD6/Alexander is seen here in the town centre at Kilmarnock on a fine day and operating a journey to Shortlees Sep - 64
M283 1185 GSD 706 Guy Arab 1 V/NCME passes by a BMC showroom with a new Mini and 1800 on display, whilst operating in Stanraer May - 68
M284 1187 HCS 966 Leyland PD2120/NCME stands by the water at Kames Bay, Port Bannatyne, Rothesay before setting out for 'Ascog'. It is a fine but hazy day. Leopard/Alexander 2032 is behind Aug - 71
M285 1392 LCS 202 Bristol MW6G/Alexander appears to be empty when photographed in Ardrossan on Route 150 for Saltcoats Sep - 64
M286 172 TCS 168 Bristol FLF6G/ECW is seen here in Greenock whilst operating to Woodhall on Route G04. 3 other lodekkas, all parked, are also in the picture Sep - 64
M287 1850 VCS 404 Albion Lowlander LR1/N.C.M.E. passes a flower decked roundabout in a sunny Kilmarnock when on Route 4 to Bellfield. Even more impressive is the domed Royal Bank on Scotland building also in the picture Sep - 64
M288 1905 XCS 926 Leyland PSU3/3R/Alexander in black and white livery travels down St Vincent Street, Glasgow on a sunny evening, although shadows from tall buildings opposite almost meet the bus. The destination box reads 'Dublin-B.E.A' Sep - 65
M289 1944 AAG 63B Bristol FLF6G/ECW is photographed on the offside, almost side on in good conditions at Largs Bus Station. A PD3 is behind. For the ECW enthusiast this is quite a nice study-clean lines and an attractive livery Sep - 64
M290 2151 JAG 504F Daimler CRG6/NCME bearing a 'Western Scottish' fleetname above the lower deck windows is caught in Paisley on Route 20 to Cochrane Castle Jun - 80
M291 2488 SCS 357M Leyland PSU3/3R/Alexander. Contrast in liveries here as 2488 in red and cream stands in front of 2224 in black and white in Rothesay Jun - 80
M292 1186 GSD 707 Guy Arab1V/NCME is opposite Morrisons Restaurant in Ayr. Behind is a Bristol Railways lorry in maroon and cream. Sep - 64
M301 n/a HRG 206 AEC Regent V/Crossley ex-Aberdeen has the road all to itself as it speeds along in afternoon sun at Friocheim Jul - 71
M306 n/a DRN 138 Leyland-M.C.W. Olympic ex-Ribble at the Bus Terminal by the River Nith in Dumfries. A small group of men while the time away by the railings Jul - 71
M311 CCK 614 Leyland PD2/3lLeyland ex-Ribble is seen in the centre of Paisley platform doors open and ? out of service Sep - 69
M312 44 SVD 882 Leyland PD2/20/NCME waits for time by the Paton Depot at Renfrew Ferry. A ex-Trent PD2/MCW is behind, and behind that a Western SMT PD3 n/a
M316 FSK 421K Ford RI014/Willobrook is seen here in sunny conditions at John O'Groats on what must be mainland Britain's most northerly route Jun - 72
M321 AHF 198 Leyland PD2/1/MC ex-Wallasey is seen opposite the Argyll Hotel Dunoon on local service. A black Ford Popular has just overtaken the bus Sep - 64
M326 27 HSN 485 AEC Regent V/Alexander is parked by the uninspiring surroundings of a gasometer in Helensburgh. The nearside window nearest the platform has has been replaced by aluminium Sep - 71
M327 43 SSN 128 AEC RegentV/N.C.M.E. with 'Southdown' style full front passes through Colqhoun (? ) Square Helensburgh Sep - 71
M328 78 MSN 863G AEC Regent V/Alexander, one of the last Regent V's built waits outside Helensburgh Station on a journey to Garelochead. The Blue Train sign hanging from the station wall is visible in this picture Jun - 71
M329 107 GSN 514L Leyland Atlantean/Alexander picks up a couple of passengers from a stop opposite the Depot. A single deck Ford (?) is further down the road. Jun - 75
M331 LFS 405 Leyland PD2/20/M.C.W. ex-Edinburgh leaves Beattock Village on a fine morning heading for Dumfries. The maroon/red livery contrasts sharply with the green surroundings May - 71
M332 G10 353 FTB Guy ArabV/NCME ex-Lancashire United, pauses in the High Street, Paisley bound for Hawkhead Sep - 71
M333 56 FXS 601 Guy Arab 1V/Strachan is pictured in a very busy Paisley High Street on its way to Linwood. The classical lines of the Town Hall just visible on the right contrast sharply with the modern office/shopping centre opposite Sep - 70
M334 86 HXS 106H Daimler CRG61Alexander waits for time in Paisley High Street before setting off for Linwood. The bus stop pole and a lady standing by it, obscure a part of the rear. However compare the Highbridge Alexander body with the Lowheight Western SMT CRG6/Alexander overtaking the Graham's vehicle Sep - 70
M335 56 YNR 835J Daimler SRG6?/Willowbrook (ex-demo?) stands in Paisley High Street en route for Hawkhead n/a
M336 L6 AKE 147K Leyland PDR1A.1/NCME. ex-Maidstone stands by the sea at Tynemouth on a private hire. The trippers have obviously picked their day it is fine and sunny n/a
M341 AJS 296B Bedford VAS1/Duple Midland, is loaded with school children one of whom is waving to the photographer through a window. Similar vehicle HJS 219G stands empty alongside-both are outside the Town Hall Jul - 72
M346 DVA 169C AEC Reliance/Willowbrook passes by a run down looking bar in Wishaw. Also visible behind are 2 Central SMT vehicles-a Bristol LD6G and a Fleetline/ECW Aug - 71
M351 GVD 47 Guy Arab 111/Duple ex-Hutchison basks in the sun outside the Depot. Alongside is Daimler CVG6/Massey OHS 980 Sep - 70
M352 AHS 168 Daimler CRG6/Alexander is seen here in Paisley en route to Barrhead Sep - 70
M356 DRN 122 Leyland-MCW Olympic waits for time in Perth before leaving for Errol. The crew chat together on grass nearby Sep - 70
M361 JWS 68 Leyland PD2/12/Leyland ex-Edinburgh and with B.M.M.O. front is well filled as she passes Paisley Cross en route to Hillington. Plenty of people walking about or standing chatting in this one Sep - 71
M362 1 FDJ 830 Leyland/PD2/20/MCW ex-St Helens passes through Renfrew on the Paisley-Renfrew Ferry service Sep - 69
M363 4 FDJ Leyland PD2/20/East Lancs is caught in the sun with passengers aboard. probably on a hire, in Paisley. A young lady pushes a pram up a side street, behind an elderly man. The St Helen's red steering wheel of the PD2 is prominent in this picture. n/a