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K1 183 HOU 909 Dennis Lancet/Strachan waits in Guildford Bus Station. Conductress leans on n/s mudguard reading a paper Aug - 61
K2 267 MOR 598 AEC Reliance/Strachan follow each other along Brighton Rd. Worthing Aug - 61
K3 233 LOU 61 Dennis LanceK4/ Weymann in Woking. SR. signal box in background (slightly over-exposed.) Sep - 62
K4 246 LOU 74 Dennis Falcon P5/Strachan at Woking Oct - 62
K5 327 SOU 435 AEC Reliance/Weymann passes through Chobham on Route 55. Oct - 62
K6 343 SOU 451 Dennis Loline t/E. Lancs in the Broadway, Winchester on Route 14 Aug - 62
K7 452 452 EOT Dennis Loline 111/Alexander waits in the sun at Guildford Aug - 64
K21 328 427 DHO AEC Reliance/Park Royal at Hindhead Depot Mar - 74
K22 739 451 EOT Dennis Loline 111/Alexander in A&D green livery at Aldershot Bus Satation Aug - 74
K23 844 AAA 5i7C Dennis Loline 111/Weymann at Winchester Bus Station Sep - 72
K24 857 AAA 530C Dennis Loline 111/Weymann passes the pond at Chiddingford. Nice scenic shot Sep - 72
K25 535 FHO 535D AEG Reliance/Weymann bound for London waits at the coach stop in Farnham. An older Reliance in A&D green waits behind Sep - 72
K26 394 MTR 423F AEC Swift/Strachan, ex-Southampton and in poppy red, inside Alton Depot Jun - 76
K27 421 UOU 605H Bristol RF1L6G/Marshali in Farnham, with a Loline/Weymann in maroon following behind Sep - 72
K28 437 YHO 621J Bristol RELL6G/Marshali still in A&D livery passes through Haselmere Apr - 72
K29 429 DOU 492K Bristol RELL6G/ECW, picks up in Liss May - 72
K30 925 FBL 117K Bristol VRTSL26G/ECW in poppy red, outside The Swan at Great Shefford Jul - 76
K41 12 FEL 212 Leyland TD5/Weymann open top speeds down Bath Road Aug - 65
K42 25 FEL 208 Leyland TD5/Weymann awaits its next tour of duty outside thebaths in Bath Road Aug - 63
K43 25 FEL 208 Leyland TDS/Weymann with its n/s trafficator arm out, on the Lansdowne roundabout Aug - 63
K44 88 JLJ 403 Leyland PS2/Burlingham also on the Lansdowne roundabout Aug - 63
K45 131 KEL131 Leyland PD2/3/Weymann are parked in the Triangle Jul - 68
K46 128 KEL 128 Leyland PD2/3/Weymann well laden struggles up Richmond Hill on Route 27 Jul - 70
K47 95 RRU 900 Leyland Tiger Cub/Park Royal travels down Dalmeny Rd. on Route 5 Jun - 68
K48 156 8156 EL Leyland PD3/11Weymann shows off its 2 door layout while waiting at the Triangle Oct - 73
K49 165 6165 RU Leyland PD3A. 1/Weymann travels along the Southbourne Overcliff on Route 5 on a bright sunny morning Mar - 69
K50 41 ALJ 3418 Daimler CRG6/M.H. Cars overtakes PD213/Weymann 132 in Avenue Road Jul - 69
K51 40 ALJ 3408 Daimler CRG6/M.H. Cars sets down a passenger in Lansdowne Road. Aug - 65
K52 41 ALJ 34B Daimler CRG6IM.N. Cars in plain yellow with blue flash waits in wintry sun in Gervis Place Jan - 70
K53 102 CRU 102C Leyland Leopard/Weymann approaches Boscombe on Route 16 Jun - 78
K54 185 CRU 185C Daimler CRG6/Weymann open-top waits for time at Boscombe Pier May - 69
K55 186 CRU 186C Daimler CRG61Weymann open-top climbs Russell-Cotes Road, sea in background Aug - 65
K56 206 HEL 206D Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann crosses the river in Christchurch in watery sunshine Dec - 66
K57 55 KRU 55F Daimler SRC6/Willawbrook waits at Bear Cross on Route 7. An H&D Bristol K Highbridge waits close behind Feb - 70
K58 61 KRU 61F Daimler SRC6/Willowbrook turns round at 'rural' Throop on Route 18 Nov - 73
K59 61 KRU 61F Daimler SRC6/Willowbrook waits at the West End terminus of Hants and Dorset's Route 54 whilst on loan to that operator Aug - 74
K60 221 ORU 221G Leyland PDR1/1A/Alexander under the trolleybus wires, whilst on Route 21 at Tuckton Bridge Jul - 69
K61 251 ULJ 251J Leyland PDR7/1A/Alexander waits in Commercial Road on Route 29 to Lawford Road, shortly after a shower of rain Aug - 74
K62 107 UTM 5K Leyland PUS38/4/Plaxton skirts Lyn Cefyn, North Wales on tour on a dull day May - 78
K63 265 ULJ 256J Leyland PDR1A/1/Alexander waits on the gravel at the Hengistbury Head terminus of Route 22 Feb - 71
K64 278 XRU 278K Leyland PDR1A/1lAlexandar carries a 'Seasons Greeting' board on the front on Route 32 at Iford on a sunny day Jan - 76
K65 273 XRU 273K Leyland PDR1A/Alexander in Shilltngstone Drive, on Route 33. In plain yellow with brown logo, a foreground of dandelions completes the picture Jul - 88
K66 3 ERU 403L Bedford VAS3/Strachan stands beside the sea at Bournemouth Pier, whilst the evening shadows Iengthen Aug - 73
K67 111 DU 11L Daimler CRL6/Alexander in original livery passes by the Town Hall on Route 5, in late afternoon sunshine Dec - 73
K68 119 DU 119L Daimler CRlB/Aiexander, in original livery leaving Alum Chine on Route 17. Evening sun highlights Bournemouth Pier and Hengistbury Head in the background. Nice shot Feb - 74
K69 133 NFX 133P Daimler CRL6/Alexander open-top against a blue sea background on Southboume Overcliff Drive. Scenic picture Jul - 87
K70 163 GRU 163V Daimler CRGB/Alexander in East Howe Lane on Route 6. a Marshall bodied Olympian having passed in the opposite direction. Rare in Bournemouth a carpet of snow completes the scene Jan - 85
K71 M9 FEL 209V Dodge/Rootes battery bus enters Old Christchurch Road precinct Mar - 83
K72 188 TJT 188X Leyland Olympian/Marshall poses at Tidworth Barracks when nearly new Jun - 82
K73 Assorted 3 wartime Guy Arab11's with Park Royal bodies, stand next to 5 prewar Sunbeam trolleybuses at Mallard Road Depot. All are withdrawn, but don't look bad externally. Oct - 63
K91 208 ALJ 64 Sunbeam MS21Park Royal pauses between duties at the Triangle bus park Aug - 63
K92 201 BRU 11 Sunbeam MS2/Park Royal, open-top waits outside the Pier Aproach Baths Aug - 63
K93 KU 334 B.U.T. 9641T/Weymann fresh out of the paint shop on Central Station Bridge on the busy Route 25 Aug - 63
K94 KLJ 350 B.U.T. 9641T/Weymann approaches Five Ways on Route 29. Although bright* the sky promises rain to come Aug - 63
K95 WRU 274 Sunbeam MF2B/Weymann at the Christchurch Turntable. The conductor pushes 274 round from the rear off-side in the gaze of several interested onlookers Aug - 63
K96 274 WRU 274 As above, is now almost completey turned. The conductor holds the bamboo pole ready to replace the booms on the overhead wires Aug - 63
K97 278 WRU 278 Sunbeam MF2B/Weymann squeezes between a Hillman Minx and a Rover 90 car in Belle Vue Road on Route 22 Sep - 68
K98 280 WRU 280 Sunbeam MF2B/Weymann departs Bournemouth Pier on Route 38 on a cloudy day. Plenty of holidaymakers in evidence, together with several buses parked further up Bath Road Jun - 63
K99 284 YLJ 284 Sunbeam MF2B/Weymann leaves Iford for Bournemouth on 20 as a Vauxhall Velox overtakes Feb - 69
K100 286 YW 286 Sunbeam MF2B/Weymann negotiates the Lansdowne roundabout on a bright winter's morning Feb - 69
K101 298 298 W Sunbeam MF2B/Weymann on the turntable at Christchurch. Vertical shot taken from a low angle Sep - 68
K102 302 302 LJ Sunbeam MFB/4Veymann turns into Seabourne Road from Christchurch Road. Photographed from the front upper deck of a bus waiting at the traffic lights, 302 fills the frame nicely Jul - 68
K103 224 KLJ 334 B.U.T. 9641T/Weymann on Route 21 circles the roundabout at Christchurch before entering the High St. Aug - 61
K104 278 YLJ278 Sunbeam MF2BlWeymann is decorated to commemorate the end of trolleybus operation and is on Route 22 in Gervis Place. Sad end to a fine system. Apr - 69
  BRIGHTON C.T. top^
K121 60 FUF 60 AEC Regent/Weymann waits at Old Steins on circular Route 41 Jun - 62
K122 90 KDC 90 AEC Regent 111/Weymann passes along Kings Road on Route 52. An open-top Southdown PD3 follows Aug - 64
K123 5 5005 CD Leyland PD2/37/Weymann in blue livery, travels by the sea at Roedean May - 71
K124 8 5008 CD Leyland PD21371Weymann in red livery waits at Old Steine. 2 more P02/37's complete the picture Aug - 61
K125 33 LUF 133F Leyland PD3/41Weymann in red at Roedean. Nice scenic shot-sea in the background May - 71
K126 36 NUF 13 Leyland Panther Cub/Strachans on the Promenade on Route 52 Oct - 74
K127 76 PTO 50 Leyland PDR1A/1/N.C.M.E. ex Nottingham in Westover Road Sep - 79
K128 83 TUF 83J Leyland PDR1A/1/Willowbrook when almost new stands in Old Steine. A B. H&D Bristol K waits behind May - 71
K129 44 CUF 14 Leyland AN68/1R/Willowbrook in Western Road en route for Southwick Jul - 71
K130 2 5002 CD Leyland PD2/37/Weymann is parked near 01d Steine on the 42 Circular and is in pale blue livery. A gentleman stands by an opticians reading a book. n/a
K150 991 GHT 126 Bristol KSG/ECW open-top carries holidaymakers along Madeira Drive Aug - 62
K151 479 KAP 553 Bristol KSW6G/ECW travels alog Old Steins on Route 49. Flowerbeds form the foreground Aug - 62
K152 35 VAP 35 Bristol FSF6B/ECW waits at Old Steins when almost new. A Brighton C.T.Regsnt 111/Weymann stands behind Aug - 61
K153 54 APN 548 Bristol FSF6B/ECW at the Aquarium an route for Hove on Service 37. (some slight ingress of light at top of picture.) Aug - 64
K154 2095 OCD 765G Bristol VRT/E.C.W. is on loan to City of Oxford and is on the A 34 near Hinksey on the 813 to Marcham . A procession of cars follows. May - 70
K161 2 JK 6711 Leyland TDS/Leyland open-top waits at the Pier Jun - 62
K162 13 JK 9111 Leyland PD1/East Lancs, open-top travels along Marine Parade on Route 6 Aug - 62
K163 26 JK 9983 Leyland PD2/1/8ruce passes the Railway Station on Route 1. Regent V/E-Lancs. No 70 loads passengers on Route 9 Aug - 62
K164 46 AHC 446 AEC Regent Ill/Bruce departs the Railway Station on Route 9 Jun - 62
K165 49 DHC 649 AEC Regent V/E, Lancs on Route 1 in Seaside Road Jun - 62
K166 56 HJK 156 AEC Regent V/E.Lancs in cream/blue livery photographed in Marine Parade from an open-top bus. Blue sea forms the backdrop Jul - 67
K167 57 HJK 157 AEC Regent V/E. Lancs also in cream and blue, leaves the Pier on Route 6 Jun - 62
K168 75 BJK 675D Leyland PD2A. 30/E.Lancs departs the Railway Station on Route 4 Mar - 71
K169 84 DHC 784E Leyland PD2A. 301E. Lancs open-top in pale blue livery passes along Marine Parade Aug - 74
K170 66 LDX 76G Leyland PDR1/1//ECW open-top (ex Ipswich C.T.) travels along the Esplanade n/a
K171 44 AHC 4444 AEC Regent 111 /Bruce is in the town centre on Route 7 to Devonshire Park. Vey slightly blurred at the front but quite a nice picture. Aug - 62
K172 67 KHC 367 AEC Regent V1E. Lancs in ivory and blue is on Grand Parade making for Princes Park on Route 6. Sep - 78
K181 JG 8229 Leyland TD4/E.C.W. departs Mill St Bus Station Maidstone on Route 10 to Folkstone n/a
K182 BJG 461 Guy Arab/Weymann open-top passes by the sea in Westgate on Route 56 Aug - 62
K183 CFN 121 Dennis Lancet 111/Park Royal at Ramsgate Harbour Jul - 62
K184 CJG 967 Leyland PD1/Leyland is seen from a high angle at Ramsgate Harbour. More East Kent buses, old cars and boats form the background Jul - 62
K185 EFN 193 Guy Arab/Park Royal is caught in late afternoon sunshine at Minns Bay. An open-top Guy waits behind Jul - 62
K186 EFN 568 Dennts Lancet 111/Park Royal stands in Cliff Road, Broadstairs. Mar - 67
K187 EFN 200 Guy Arab 111/Park Royal seen here almost 'end on' emerges from the Westgate, Canterbury Aug - 63
K188 GFN 917 Guy Arab 1V/Park Royal departs Folkstone for Lydd Route 105A in late afternoon sun Aug - 65
K189 GFN 923 Guy Arab 1V/Park Royal open-top stands in Folkstone Bus Station on Route 121 Sep - 72
K190 HJG 7 Dennis Lancet UF/Dupte heads for London through Park Gate Sep - 62
K191 KFN 227 AEC Reliance/Weymann turns away from the sea at East Cliff, Folkstone Aug - 65
K192 MFN 905 Guy Arab 1V/Park Royal waits at Ramsgate Harbour before leaving for Dover on Route 87 Jul - 62
K193 PFN 845 AEC Regent V/Park Royal leans over as it turns at Margate Clock. The sea looks choppy in this shot, although the sky is blue Mar - 62
K194 PFN 878 AEC Regent V/Park Royal leaves Ramsgate Harbour on Route 52 Aug - 74
K195 YJG 810 AEC Regent V/Park Royal approaches the Westgate, Canterbury on Route 27. 4/6B Apr - 68
K196 522 FN AEC Reliance/Park Royal in pale blue livery awaits passengers on a rail replacement service at Sandling Station. DJG 606C in red waits behind Apr - 68
K197 284 AUF Leyland Leopard/Marshall ex-Southdown loads passengers in Hythe n/a
K198 AFN 7728 AEC Regent V/Park Royal in NBC poppy red in Ashford Aug - 74
K199 AFN 777B AEC Regent V/Park Royal passes through picturesque Lenham bound for Folkstone on Route 10 n/a
K200 RFN 962/969G New Daimler CRG6/Park Royal line up wih Sheffield Fleetlines at Park Royal. Sorry about the rubbish on the ground n/a
K201 NFN 347 AEC Reliance/Beadle has the A20(M) to itself near Boxley on a private hire on a fine day. Jul - 65
K202 FFN 451 LeylandPSU1/13/Park Royal stands out of service at an unidentified bus station. Next to it is EFN 595 Dennis Lancet/ Park Royal. n/a
K203 MJG 44 AEC Reliance/Beadle waits in between duties in a quiet street in Folkstone. It is red and grey. Behind it is parked a Ford Popular in an almost identical shade of grey. Oct - 74
K205 TFN 425 AEC Reliance/Park Royal heads down the A20 near Harrietsham showing Everland Tours 774. Passing the other way at speed is a Midland C3/C4 type. Sep - 62
K211 27 CG 9612 AEC Regal/Reading waits in the sun at Gosport Ferry. Behind is 71 Guy Arab-Deutz/Reading n/a
K212 34 BOR 766 AEC Regent/Park Royal leaves Gosport Ferry forH.M.S.Dotphin n/a
K213 41 FCR 446 Guy Arab 111/Park Royal ex-Southampton. Rear n/s of bus loading at Gosport Ferry. Seddon 44 waits to the right of the picture n/a
K214 T1 HWO 344 Guy Arab 11/Duple, ex-Red and White training bus stands at Gosport Ferry beside Seddon No 46 Feb - 72
K215 22 LHO 252 Guy Arab 111/Park Royal is seen in Fareham High Street on Route 3 00 - 00
K216 80 978 CWL AEC Regent V/Park Royal ex-City of Oxford arrives at Gosport Ferry on Route 6 May - 72
K217 53 RAA 21G Seddon Pennine/Seddon waits at Gosport Ferry n/a
K218 12 ECG 112K Bristol RELL6G/ECW when new at ECW Lowestoft n/a
K219 100 ECG 110K Bristol RELL6G/ECW stands in the sun at Southampton Common This bus is in centenary livery May - 79
K220 21 KOR453 Guy Arab 1111Guy is at Gosport Ferry waiting to depart on Route 13, although there is no custom as yet. May - 62
K221 72 HHA 84 Guy Arab 11/NCME ex-Midland Red leaves Gosport Ferry on Routel4.Also in the picture is 41 AEC Regent/Park RoyaLVery slightly over-exposed but rare picture of 72 before rebodying. May - 62
K231 1110 FRU 307 Bristol K6A/Brush open-top departs Bournemouth Bus Station for Lymington but with few passengers aboard n/a
K232 677 KEL 405 Bristol LL6BlECW waits at shell Bay on an overcast day n/a
K233 1217 JEL 756 AEC Regent 111/N.C.M.E. waits at Bournemouth Bus Station on Route 2 Aug - 63
K234 779 KLJ 749 Bristol LLG61Portsmouth Aviation awaits its next duty at Southampton Bus Station Aug - 65
K235 1311 KRU 977 Bristol KSW6B/ECW on Route 34 waits for its departure time at Bournemouth Bus Station 00 - 00
K236 1287 KEL 730 Bristol KSW6B/ECW freshly painted heads for Broadstone out of Poole n/a
K237 1303 KRU 969 Bristol KSW6B/ECW skirts round Shore Road, Sandbanks bound for Poole n/a
K238 909 / 93 HHR62 / HHR810 Bristol K6B/ECW both in training fleet yellow stand outside Southampton depot May - 74
K239 789 HHR 129 Bristol LS6G/ECW in NBC poppy red departs Romsey for Lockerly Feb - 74
K240 1365 RU 515 Bristol LD6G/ECW in rural setting at Holmsley South, on a sunny late winters day. A lovely shot n/a
K241 1432 SRU 981 Bristol LD6G/ECW climbs Commercial Road, Bournemouth on Route 34 Dec - 73
K242 804 UEL 728 Bristol LSSG/ECW enters Sway on a sunny morning in winter. Some snow still lies on the gtround Dec - 70
K243 3996 553 LKP Leyland PDR1/1/M.C.W. ex-Maidstone and District, stands outside Southampton Depot. In NBC poppy red Jan - 74
K244 1826 1472 W Bristol MW6GIECW in poppy red crosses Furzey Common on Route 39. Yellow gorse adds colour to the scene May - 74
K245 3094 164 AUF Leyland Leopard/Weymann ex-Southdown stands in the car park of Exbury Gardens n/a
K246 1158 BEL 6788 Bristol FS6G/ECW leaves Woolston under the shadow of the newly completed Itchen Bridge Jun - 77
K247 2212 596 LCG AEC Renown/Park Royal ex-King Alfred in poppy red, leaves Winchester Bus Station Jul - 74
K248 1512 CEL 860C Bristol FLF6B/ECW in cream and green stops in Lansdowne Road. Bournemouth on Limited Stop Route 27 Aug - 75
K249 1694 JKK 189E Leyland Panther/Wiitowbrook still in Maidstone and District green pictured at Lymington May - 74
K250 698 JKK 270F Leyland Panther/Witlowbrook in red passes through Ashurst on Route 58 bound for Lymington May - 57
K251 2302 HOR 59E Leyland PDR1/2lRoe freshly painted in poppy red gleams in the sun in the Broadway, Winchester Jul - 74
K252 1506 MRU 64F Bedford VAM14/Willowbrok arrives at Sandbanks, on its way to Swanage n/a
K253 841 NLJ 871G Bristol RELL6G/ECW in green and cream in Lilliput on Route 14 00 - 00
K254 1527 RU 971H Bristol LHBL/ECW in poppy red arrives at Emery Down on Route 64 n/a
K255 1641 UEL 561J Bristol RELLG6/ECW in green crosses Goatspen Plain on the X27. The heather is out in this scenic picture Aug - 74
K256 1901 VRU 124J Daimler CRGB/Roe also in green in Exeter Road Bournemouth n/a
K257 3480 WNJ 39 Bristol FSF6BlE.C.W. ex-Brighton Hove and District, and in NBC livery circles The Square at Bournemouth in late afternoon on Route 23. A Corporation Atlantean/Alexander is in the background n/a
K258 818 XMR 948 Bristol MW6G/E.C.W. is in an unidentified village location showing 236 Romsey it is in Wilts-Dorset red with traditional W-D fleetname on the front but has an NBC Hants and Dorset fleetname on the side. n/a
K259 832 134 AMW Bristol MW6G/E.C.W. is seen in Southampton heading into the city on Route 37. It is in original W-D d.p. livery but with NBC H&D fleetname. n/a
K260 Assorted General over-view of the long gone Bus Station at Bournemouth. Includes Bristol K's (inc 2 open-top), K;s Lodekkas and plenty of people. Now just a dreary car park. Aug - 63
K271 74 JKO 638 Daimler CVG6lNCB turns at Matting Terrace n/a
K272 79 LKJ 779 Daimler CVG6/Brush in Westmoreland Road n/a
K273 3 WKP 73 Leyland PD2/20/Massey turns out of Headiey Street en route for Tovil n/a
K274 14 414 GKT Leyland PD2/20/Massey passes County Hall on its way to Oxford Road n/a
K275 16 SiB RKR Leyland PD2A130/Massey departs from the top of the High Street bound for Hatheral Road n/a
K276 31 EKP 231C Leyland PDR1/MK11/Massey turns at the top of the High street under the trolleybus overhead. n/a
K277 53 EKR 153L Leyland Atlantean/N.C.M.E. loads in the High Street bound for Park Wood Aug - 74
K278 80 LKJ780 Daimler CVG6/Brush is at suburban terminus and shows the destination London Road-Allington Way. Aug - 62
K279 34 EXP 234C Leyland PDR1/1/Massey waits in sunshine at Barming Bull before leaving for Park Wood. In blue/cream livery. May - 66
K281 58 GKP 511 Sunbeam W/Ros. The driver of 56 waves to the photographer at the Loose terminus n/a
K282 58 GKP 513 Sunbeam W/Ros pauses in the High Street an route for Loose n/a
K283 65 HKR 4 Sunbeam W/NCB travels along Bishop's Way bound for the Bull Inn at Barming n/a
K284 633 HKR 2 Sunbeam W/NBC catches the sun after rain in Lower Stone Street n/a
K285 69 HKR 8 Sunbeam W/NBC stops opposite the Old Palace as, a small boy prepares to alight 00 - 00
K286 69 HKRR 8 Sunbeam W/NCB is followed by a Brush bodied CYDB no 79 in Wallis Avenue n/a
K287 87 BDY 810 Sunbeam W/Weymann ex-Maidstone and District in Loose Road n/a
K288 51 LCD 51 B.U.T. 9611T/Weymann ex-Brighton C.T. speeds along Sutton Road en route to Barming n/a
K301 DH111 HKE 212 Bristol K8A/Weymann slightly dirty arrives at Maidstone Bus Station. A lowbridge K8A/Weymann is also in the picture n/a
K302 DH127 HIKE 228 Bristol K8A/Wsymann leaves the West Mailing Turn stop on Route 20 Aug - 65
K303 DH45 HIKE 281 Daimler CWAB/Weymann heads down Lord Romney's Hilt In Maidstone on Route 109 n/a
K304 4002 HKL 826 AEC Regal II/Beadle open-top on a Round The TownTour on Hastings Promenade n/a
K305 DL22 LKT 983 Bristol K6A/Weymann waits for time at the 'Yeoman', Bearstead, as the crew in white topped caps converse at the platform n/a
K306 5053 MKN 202 Bristol LLSG/ECW with 'circled' number in the destination box passes through Tonbridge n/a
K307 DH394 NKT 890 Leyland PDZ/12/leyland is seen heading out of Linton as the sun highlights the autumn colours n/a
K308 DH396 NKT 890 Leyland PD2)12/Leyland on Route 57 to Hastings in Cranbrook. Plenty going on in this picture , although a dog is sleeping outside a shop! n/a
K309 OH465 TKM 359 Guy Arab 1V/Weymann heads up a busy High Street in Maidstone. 2 Corporation PD2's in the background n/a
K310 S205 UKN 205 Harrington-Commer TS3 appears to almost scrap a mini as it passes through Penshurst n/a
K311 5476 VKR 468 AEC Regent VIPark Royal is about to cross the railway at Rolvendon an route for Tunbridge Wells on the 97 n/a
K312 S0212 YKT 989 AEC Reliance/Weymann. The village of Penshurst provides a nice backdrop as S0212 passes through on the 93 n/a
K313 C0354 WKM 354 AEC Regal 111/Beadle is seen at Maidstone Bridge n/a
K314 S0233 YKR 233 AEC Reliance/Beadle travels through picturesque Bearstead on route 61 to Maidstone n/a
K315 S236 YKR 236 AEC Reliance/Beadle. Oasthouses dominate the scene as S 236 travels along Farleigh Road on Route 24 to Yalding n/a
K316 S241 241 BKM AEC Reliance/Harrington complete with rear wheel disc is seen here in Maidstone High Street n/a
K317 S0309 309 LKK Albion Nimbus/Harrington stops in West Malfingon the 53 n/a
K318 DH584 584 RKJ Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammetl seen near the 'Running Horse' an route for Maidstone on Route 1 n/a
K319 5623 623 UKM Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammell in NBC leaf green stops in Tenterden n/a
K320 DL58 58 YKT Daimler CRG6/N.C.M.E. passes through rural Oftam n/a
K321 SC55 BKT 818C AEC Reliance/Weymann waits for passengers in Mill St. Bus Station Maidstone n/a
K322 DL94 FKL 103D Daimler CRG6/NCME leaves Lower Stone St. Bus Station bound for Gillingham on Route 20 n/a
K323 597 JKK 197E Leyland PantherlWiftowbrook travels through Datling an route to Maidstone on the 3 n/a
K324 3432 AKM 432K Leyland Leopard/Wlllowbrook in NBC green an route to Maidstone on the 3 n/a
K325 5778 OWE 278K Bristol VRT/SL2/6LX/East Lancs ex-Sheffield is seen here in St Leonards n/a
K326 2403 403 DKK AEC Reliance/Harrington with rebuilt front end is at Tenterden on Route 12. The half-timbered M and D booking office to the right of the picture is interesting. May - 69
K327 DH473 YKO 997 Guy Arab1 V/Metro-Cammell, is pictured in Aylsford on Route 29 to Maidstone. In the background a pair of 4-storey houses and the parish church. Mar - 68
K328 6735 VKR 35 AEC Regent V/Park Royal eases its way between shops and half-timbered houses in Brenchley on a journey to Horsmonden on Route 97. Apr - 68
K329 S1 984 TKO AEC Reliance/Willowbrook is parked in a very quiet Mill Street Bus station, Maidstone. Feb - 64
K331 7 RV 6367 Leyland TD4/English Electric open-top, in red livery waits for a passenger at South Parade Pier May - 62
K332 7 RV 6367 Leyland TD4/Engfish Electric in the mainly white livery basks in the sun at South Parade Pier with a full load of passengers May - 62
K333 171 CTP 151 Daimler CWA6/Crossley waits at South Parade Pier on Route 4 May - 62
K334 11 EBK 23 Crossley DD425/T/Reading stops at South Parade Pier on the Sea Front Service n/a
K335 42 EBK 579 Crossley DD427/T/Crossley waits for time opposite 'Head Office' Eastney May - 62
K336 196 DRV 110 Leyland PD1/Weymann carries a radiator board showing 'Stride Avenue' as it stands in Queens Street n/a
K337 71 GTP 998 Leyland PD2/10/Leyland waits at the Dockyard n/a
K338 4 LRV 996 Leyland PD2/12/Metro-Cammeil open-top arrives at the Dockyard in late afternoon sunlight Jun - 74
K339 91 LRV 983 Leyland PD2/12/Metro-Cammell at South Parade Pier an Route B to Paulsgrove May - 62
K340 127 STP 999 Leyland PD3/61Metro-Cammell at South Parade on Route 2 for Pauisgrove May - 72
K341 147 147 BTP Leyland Leopard/Weymann. The crocuses are out as 147 makes its way along Pier Road on Route 7 Mar - 72
K342 222 222 BTP Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann. On loan to Hants &Dorset, 222 departs Southampton Bus Station bound for Calmore. In revised livery Jun - 75
K343 233 233 CRV Leyland PDR111/Weymann stands at Clarence Pier whilst on Route 20 to Paulsgrove. In original livery Jul - 67
K344 241 BBK 241B Leyland PDR1/Weymann. A long queue waits to board 241 on Route 1 in Palmerstone Road. In revised livery Sep - 76
K345 7 ERV 254D Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann, in open-top form 245 passes through Southsea, as passengers lean over the rail to get a better view Jun - 78
K346 175 GTP 175F Leyland Panther CubfMetro-Cammalt. The blossom is fully out as 175 makes her way down Copnor Road n/a
K347 184 / 183 NTP 184H/NTP 183H AEC Swift/Marshall stand beside each other at the Dockyard Apr - 74
K348 192 TBK 192K Leyland PDR2/1/Seddon single-deck has just passed under Portsmouth and Southsea Station bridge on Route 145 in this shot as an electric train prepares to leave for Harbour Station Jul - 72
K349 192 TBK 192K Leyland PDR2/1/Seddon. A rear view showing the luggage trailer in matching livery Apr - 80
K350 269 VTP 269L Leyland AN68/t/Alexander at the Hard, with H.M.S. Victory in the background Aug - 76
K361 300 RV 9154 AEC 661T/Craven waits at the Dockyard in the company of two more trolleybuses and PD2/MCW no 95 May - 62
K362 302 ERV 327 B.U.T 9611T/Burlingham is about to pass a light green Ford car in a tree lined Pier Road Southsea whilst on Route 7. Rear wheel obscured by a bollard but a pleasant picture. Aug - 61
K363 302 ERV 927 BUT 9611T/Burlingham approaches South Parade Pier from Eastney on Route 6 May - 62
K371 4 MRD 147 AECRegent 11i/Park Royal waits at the Station displaying 'Not in service' on the indicator Aug - 74
K372 25 25 DP AEC Reliance/Duple (Northern) stands outside the Station on Route 31. A Loline is in the background Dec - 71
K373 34 34 DP Dennis Loline 111/East Lanes stands in 5t Mary's Butts on the 25 Aug - 65
K374 46 ADP 9468 Dennis Loline 111/East Lanes drives down Broad St. on the 15 as a queue of people wait for another service n/a
K375 266 KRD 266F Bristol RELL6G/Strachan. Reading General Station clock says its 12.05 as 266 passes by on the 29 to Erleigh Road (K382) Feb - 73
K381 154 KRD 266F BUT 9611T/Park Royal in spotless condition picks up in St. Marys Butts (slightly blurred at the front but otherwise O.K.) n/a
K382 173 ERD 143 Sunbeam S7/Park Royal is seen here at T(lehurst on Route 17. A sister vehicle has just passed in the opposite direction n/a
K383 177 ERD 146 Sunbeam S/7/Park Royal. The length of this vehicle is emphasized in this shot of 177 turning at Tilehurst n/a
K384 178 ERD 149 Sunbeam 57/Park Royal turns at Reading Station on Route 16 n/a
K385 183 VRD 183 Sunbeam F4A/Burlingham waits in St. Marys Butts, before departure to Northumberland Ave n/a
K386 186 VRD 186 Sunbeam F4A/Burlingham. The water tower at Tilehurst dominates this shot of 186 as she makes for Wokingham Road on Route 17 n/a
K401 64 FTR 511 Guy Arab 111/Park Royal open -top waits to depart on a Docks Tour outside the Civic Centre n/a
K402 206 GTR 468 Guy Arab 111/Park Royal passes the Civic Centre on Route 7A heading for Bargates as a H&D Lodekka follows behind Aug - 65
K403 219 GTR 481 Guy Arab 111/Park Royal travels past bare trees in the Avenue on a sunny afternoon in winter Dec - 68
K404 253 JOW 926 Guy Arab UF/Park Royal approaches Swathtlng on the Mansbridge Estate route in late afternoon winter's sun n/a
K405 307 307 TR Leyland PD2/27lPark Royal stops by the 'Bird Aviarv' on Route 2 on a fine midsummers day May - 74
K406 308 308 TR Leyland PD2/27/Park Royal speeds down The Avenue on the 15, heading for the Town Centre n/a
K407 322 322 AOW AEC Regent V/Park Royal arrives in Above Bar Street on a journey from Bassett Green on Route 15 Apr - 77
K408 326 326 AOW Leyland PD2A.27/Park Royal is photographed from the top of the Bargate as it turns out of Hanover Buildings n/a
K409 343 363 FCR AEC Regent V/East Lancs stands outside the Civic Centre on Route 5 to Woolston n/a
K410 358 BTR 358B AEC Regent V/Neepsend travels up Above Bar Street on Route 11, as the conductor holds on to the pole on the platform n/a
K411 371 BOW 507C AEC RegentY/Neepsend in Centenary Blue livery as No 100, poses for the camera Mar - 79
K412 371 BOW 307C AEC Regent V/Neepsend in Centenary Blue livery as No 100 seen here In Southsea in late afternoon sunshine Mar - 79
K413 379 HCR 136D AEC Regent V/East Lancs waits for time at Chitworth on Route 17, on the short lived extension to this route Aug - 76
K414 389 JCR 389E AEC Regent V/East Lancs climbs the top of West Park Road on Route 17 on a damp day. There is brighter sky in the west as a ship sits in Western Docks Nov - 76
K415 6 MTR 424F AEC Swift/Strachan is seen here in Bournemouth Bus Station on Hants & Dorset Route 14 to Liiliput Apr - 74
K416 101 OCR 145G Leyland PDR1/1/East Lancsin Havelock Road on Route 5 on a day of bright sunshine and cumulus clouds n/a
K417 10 TCR 296H AEC Swift/East Lancs waits in Pound Tree Road before setting off to Weston on Route 8 n/a
K418 ASSORTED Atlantean 207, Regent V 385 and Seddon no 11 pose for the camera at portswood Depot Sep - 78
K419 407 AEC/P.R.V. Routemaster turns into Millbrook Estate from Nursling on the 17b on a day of watery winter sunshine Jan - 89
K441 468 GUF 168 Guy Arab/Park Royal open-top stands at the Beachy Head terminus, as passengers check the timetable, on the bus stop n/a
K442 429 GUF 129 Guy Arab/N.C.M.E. splashes through the rain in Commercial Road Portsmouth as a policeman on point duty stands in the middle of the road May - 62
K443 HCD Leyland PD11Leyland is seen here in Worthing on Route 10 n/a
K444 706 KUF 706 Leylanf PD2112/Leyland waits in Pool Valley Bus Station, Brighton before setting out on the long journey to Portsmouth. (Route 31) Jun - 62
K445 1500 LUF 500 Leyland PSU1/13/East Lancs is seen here in Horsham on Route 80. Two other Southdown buses and a Black & White coach in the background complete the picture n/a
K446 626 MUF 626 Leyland PSCU7/1/Duple is seen here in East Grinstead on Route 87 to Dunnings n/a
K447 514 OUF 514 Guy Arab 1V/Park Royal lays over in Brighton on Route 25 Jun - 62
K448 772 OCD 772 Leyland PD2/12/Park Royal now relegated to driver training duties is pictured here by the railway at Hilsea, Portsmouth n/a
K449 789 RUF 189 Leyland PD2/12/East Lancs waits for time on Route 117 in Horsham as an Arab1V, No 533, stands behind n/a
K450 1104 SUF 904 Leyland PSUC1/2/Beadle stands outside the Houses of Parliament with a sister vehicle on a private hire Aug - 66
K451 886 2886 CD Leyland PD314/N.C.M.E. Ls seen here leaving Southsea, as 3 more PD3's wait for time at South Parade Pier May - 72
K452 905 2905 CD Leyland PD3/41N.C.M.E. toils up Brighton Road, Eastbourne on the 12 as a panoramic view of the town and sea unfolds behind n/a
K453 913 691 CD Leyland PD3/5/N.C.M.E. travels through Hove on the 31 to Southsea against a background of Regency buildings n/a
K454 932 6932 CD Leyland PD315/N.C.M.E. open-top. The cliff-top scenery dominates this picture of 932 at Belle Tout 00 - 00
K455 417 417 DCD Leyland PD3l4/N.C.M.E. open-top departs from Beachy Head on Route 87 to Eastbourne n/a
K456 683 283 AUF Leyland Leopard/Marshall heads through Uckfield on Route 92 to Eastbourne, as the conductor stands by the driver reading a newspaper n/a
K457 2042 XPM 42 Bristol FS6G/ECW open-top ex B.H.D., and in NBC green stands with its cab door open at Devils Dyke on Route 77 00 - 00
K458 2061 CNJ 61 B Bristol FSBG/ECW ex-B.H.D. arrives at Old Staine, Brighton on Route 5, followed by a Corporation Willowbrook bodied Atlantean in hideous advertising livery n/a
K459 3222 423 DCD Leyland PD3/4/N.C.M.E. is seen here in NBC leaf green posing for the camera in a rural part of Hayting island on an enthusiasts' tour Mar - 79
K460 144 EUF 144D Leyland LeopardlWeymann stands on Crowborough Hilt between journeys on local service 116 n/a
K461 336 HCD 366E Leyland PD3/4/N.C.M.E. crosses the River Arun at Littlehampton travelling to Bognor Regis on the 31 Apr - 72
K462 352 HCD 352E Leyland PD3/4/N.C.M.E. in leaf gren is seen here in Kings Road Brighton on Route 280 n/a
K463 196 KUF 196F Leyland PSU311RT/Wiliowbrook in NBC green, waits for time in Ditchling en route for Haywards Heath on the 136 n/a
K464 525 WCD 525K Bristol VRT/SL2/6G/ECW in Southdown green makes a fine study as she prepares to leave North Lane, Clanfietd on Route 40 May - 72
K465 539 WUF 539K Bristol VRT/SL2/6G/ECW, dual door and in Southdown green waits for time at Brighton Promenade Aug - 74
K466 2059 BPM 59B Bristol FS6G/E.C.W. ex-B.H.D.is in Grand Parade, Brighton on Route 50 to Angleton (?). It has an almost capacity load. Feb - 72
K467 122 BUF 122C Leyland PSU3l1 R/Marshall looks quite well turned out as it leaves the shopping area of Havant on a journey to Westbourne on Route 43. May - 72
K468 540 PUF643 Guy Arab1V/Park Royal is at an unidentified but busy location in Brighton and is heading for Lewes on Route 16. Just behind is a B.H and.D. Bristol K. n/a
K469 756 MUF456 Leyland PD2/12/N.C.M.E. is at Pool Meadow, also on the 16. Very slightly blurred at front but ok n/a
K470 1510 MCD510 LeylandPSU1/13/E.Lancs reverses from its parking spot into the road at Uckfield(?). Next to it is a Leopard. Half-timbered buildings, although not original, are in the background. n/a
K481 702 CDL 899 Bristol KSG/ECW open-top passes the sea in Sandown an route for Ventnar on Route 47 Jul - 67
K482 703 DDL 50 Bristol K5G/ECW open-top waits in Ventnor on the 47 before departing for Sandown. Vertical shot n/a
K483 907 GHT 124 Bristol K5G/ECW open-top ex-Brighton, Have and District leads a line of traffic en route to Ventnor on the 47, photographed from a bus travelling the other way n/a
K484 908 FU 538 Bristol KSGIECW open-top ex-Hants & Dorset crosses the River Yore at Yarmouth n/a
K485 0T1 MDL 951 Bristol LD6GIECW open-top. In NBC leaf-green and white 0T1 crosses the river at Yarmouth. The Lymington ferry and Yarmouth church complete the picture Jun - 74
K486 550 ODL SO Bristol LD6G/ECW passes through picturesque Shanklin as one of the pre-war open-top KSGs disappears in the other direction n/a
K487 567 VDL 844 Bristol FS6GIECW in Red Funnel advertising livery arrives at Ryde Esplanade on the 14 n/a
K488 569 YDL 314 Bristol FSBG/ECW stands at Blackgang in NBC livery n/a
K489 848 461 ADL Bristol SUL4A/ECW is parked here at Newport in the company of another SU, K's, L's and Lodekkas n/a
K490 620 05F 305G Bristol VRTSLSG/ECW ex-Eastern Scottish is seen here loading in Newport Bus Station. (in NBC leaf green) n/a
K491 834 NDL 770G Bristol LHS6L/Marshail is parked out of service at Newport Bus Station together with SU 846 n/a
K492 702 CDL 899 Bristol KSGIECW is proud to be part of the National Bus Company and is near the sea at Sandown on Route 44. The weather is fine but there is no- one to enjoy the view from the top deck. Jun - 73
K493 614 GDL 769E Bristol FLF6G/ECW looks quite respectable in NCB leaf green at Ryde Bus Station on Route 1A n/a
K501 637 GJB 275 Bristol KSW6B/ECW is seen here near Reading Station on Route 1A to Wargrave. A Reading Corporation Loline Ill/East Lancs is in the background Sep - 68
K502 S316 TWL 56 Bristol MW6G/ECW in d.p. livery at Windsor on local service 22 to Dorny Beach Jul - 66
K503 S330 JCY 996 Bristol LS6G/ECW ex-United Welsh at Henley on Service 17 to High Wycombe n/a
K504 871 539 BBL Bristol FL68JECW waits at Slough Station on Route 65A. Behind is Bristol KSW6B no 655 n/a
K505 Assorted A scene outside Reading General Station with four Bristol K's waiting for time, as pedestrians go about their business n/a
K506 629 GJB 267 Bristol LW6BG/ECW waits by the Town Hall in Wallingford before leaving for Abingdon on Service 50. Jun - 64
K507 853 VJB 944 Bristol MW6G/E.C.W. crawls in a line of traffic in Guildford whilst working Route 75. Further back in the same queue is an A&D Dennis Loline. Apr - 66
K508 C410 EMO 551C Bedford SB13/Harrington in South Midland colours is waiting out of service at Gloucester Green Bus Station, Oxford. Behind it is a South Midland Bristol RELH. May - 70
K511 FCG 276 Leyland PD1A/Leyland darts across The Broadway on an inbound service 7. A little over exposed May - 62
K512 JAA 707 Leyland P0211/Leyland stands in the Broadway and is overtaken by Leyland Panther UOU 417H n/a
K513 JAA 708 Leyland MCW HR 44 Olympic seen here in close-up at The Broadway May - 62
K514 POU 494 Leyland PD2/24(East Lancs looks a bit tatty as it stands in The Broadway on Service 19 to Tog Down n/a
K515 159 JHK AEC Regent V/Park Royal ex-demonstrator stands in The Broadway, on a fine early spring day n/a
K516 NHO 102 Leyland PSUCt/2/Weymann stands out of service but under the watchful eye of King Alfred n/a
K517 WCG 106 AEC-Park Royal Bridgemaster is seen here in Romsey Road heading for Oliver's Batttery on Route 6 May - 62
K518 323 CAA AEC-Park Royal Bridgemaster is nearly new as she stands in The Broadway waiting to depart for Weeke Estate on Route 13 n/a
K519 595 LCG AEC Renown/Park Royal approaches The Broadway showing '8/9 special' on its blinds n/a
K520 HOR 592E Leyland PDR1/2 Roe is seen here in Eastgate showing route number 6 and 18 (!) in late winter sunshine Feb - 72
K521 AOU 108J Metro-Scania departs for Haverstock as the Guildhall clock shows 12.25. Nice picture n/a
K531 GDL 764 Leyland PD2111Leyland iowbridge waits at Ryde Esplanade prior to departure far Seaview. Behind is a Southern Vectis FLF. Jul - 76
K541 MXX 307 Guy SpeciallECW ex-London Transport is parked in Sultan Road Emsworth but shows Route 11 to Thomey Aerodrome. Nice day, nice nearside view. Apr - 73