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Slide Thumbnail Slide Fleet Reg Detail Date
G1 81 LNY 858 AEC Regent 111/NCME waits outside the Midland Bank in the Town Centre before setting off for Hirwaun Sep - 67
G2 15 XNY 417 Guy Arab LUFlLongwell Green stands in a busy Cardiff St on a journey to Glynhafad. Umbrellas are up although it is bright Sep - 76
G3 43 HTG 354N Bristol RESL6L/ECW is seen somewhere in the Town Centre on the 'Bottom End Circular'. (that's what the blind says) Apr - 80
G11 7 JWO 355 AEC Regal ill/Bruce is parked outside the Depot. In the background a housing estate and hillside scenery Sep - 67
G12 9 PWO 783 AEC Regent V/Longwell Green waits for its departure time in Caerphilly on a journey to Trethomas. Behind is No 8, AEC Regent 111/Massey Jul - 64
G13 5 422 CAX AEC RegentV/Massey climbs the hill in Caerphilly Town Centre on its way to Craig-y-Rhacca Jun - 73
G21 27 827 HNY Leyland PD3/4/Massey climbs back into Caerphilly Town Centre on a bright sunny day, although the hills in the background are very hazy Oct - 70
G22 28 828 HNY Leyland PD3/4lMassey waits for time in the Bus Station on a journey to Sengenhydd. Behind is a Leopard/ Massey and behind that an all-Leyland PD2 Jul - 64
G23 14 ATX 514B Leyland Leopard/Massey is parked at the back of the depot next to No 13, also Leopard/Massey but with different style bodywork including sliding cab door Both vechicles are dominated by a gasholder Sep - 67
G24 38 ONY 638F Leyland PD2/37/Massey is parked in The Bus Station prior to a journey to Senghenydd Jun - 73
G31 117 DUH 304 Bristol KW6G/Bruce arrives Newport Bus Station on the 30. Following it in is a Newport Guy Arab 111/Guy Jul - 64
G32 15 EUH 747 AEC Regent-l11/East Lancs heads into town along Cathays Park Road on Route 25. Behind is the City Hall Sep - 67
G33 416 416 DBO AEC Regent V/Neepsend waits in Central Bus Station. Its appearance suggests it has seen better days Feb - 75
G34 430 ABO 430C Guy ArabV/East Lancs in orange passes the Castle on Route 19 Aug - 76
G35 440 EUH 440D Guy Arab VIAlexander also in orange travels down Kingsway apparently empty. In the background is the City Hall Aug - 76
G36 452 EUH 452D Guy Arab V/Alexander in brown is in an almost identical location as 430 in G34. It is in fairly heavy traffic, the sun is out although the sky threatens rain to come Sep - 67
G37 518 MBO 518F AEC Swift/Alexander in brown waits out of service in St Mary St but showing 3 Rhydpanau Feb - 75
G38 419 419 DBO AEC Regent V/Neepsend looks a bit drab in the chocolate livery as it stands in the bus station. An orange Vauxhall Nova is immediately in front of 419-could this have been the inspiration for the new livery? A PD2A/30/East Lancs is behind. Aug - 72
G39 363 TUH363 AEC-P.R.V. Bridgemaster basks in sunshine at Sloper Road Depot although judging by the tarmac it has recently rained. Apr - 80
G41 230 DUH 725 B.U.T. 9641T/East Lancs turns into Kingsway from Duke Street on Route 8 to Victoria Park Sep - 67
G42 265 FBO 85 B.U.T. 9641T/Bruce heads out along Cathays Park Road on the Newport Road route Sep - 67
G43 287 KBO 960 B.U.T. 9641T/East Lancs leaves Kingsway for Newport Road, against a background of Cardiff Castle Sep - 67
G44 Assorted 3 trolleybuses, 255, 283. and 281, all B.U.T_ 9641T/East Lanc are seen together in Wood St. Sep - 67
G51 3 MTG 620 Leyland PD2/10/Leyland, waits in Ystrad Mynach, but showing the destination, Rhymney Bridge Jul - 64
G52 27 RTX 986 AEC Reliance/Longwell Green waits in Pontypridd on a rather wet day, before leaving for Bedlinog Sep - 67
G53 20 TJU 686 AEC Reliance/Duple Midland ex-Jones, Aberbeeg poses for the camera at the Depot Oct - 70
G61 57 HB 6639 Bristol K6GlDavies waits in an unknown location before leaving for Cefin Coed on a particularly damp day Sep - 67
G62 71 HB 8335 Leyland PD2/12/Davies waits in the Town Centre, also in damp conditions, on a journey to Twynyrddyn. Behind is No 7 Bristol K5G/Massey Sep - 67
G63 140 BHB 380C Leyland PD3/4/E.lancs. In contrast to the above two slides, 140 is bathed in sunshine as it leaves the Town Centre for 7reharris. The background however is mainly waste ground Oct - 70
G64 165 EHB 265G Leyland PSU3A/2R/East lancs heads into town although showing Aberfan and Perthygleision in the destination. The background is dominated by slag heaps. An ex-Crosville Lodekka has passed the other way and in the middle distance is a PD3 Oct - 70
G65 153 DHB 153F Leyland PSU412R1E. Lancs in the later orange livery loads in the Bus Station before setting off for Gilhaul and Penyard. Feb - 75
  NEWPORT C.T. top^
G71 27 GDW 94 Leyland PD2/3lBruce is seen near Newport Bridge on Route 3 Maesglas Jul - 64
G72 162 ODW 298 Leyland PD2/40/Longwell Green-Park Royal waits in the Bus Station on a fine day. An Atlantean/Alexander is seen entering the bus station in the background Jun - 68
G73 General view of Bus Station including the folowing ; LDW 502 Dennis Lancet UF1Davies in use as office, 2 Guy Arab 111/Guy and 156 Daimler CVG6/Longwell Green Jul - 64
G81 U966 JAX 109D Bristol MW6GlECW, waits in the sun,out of service in Aberdare Apr - 80
G82 U1865 DAX 621C Bristol MW6GIECW stands out of service in Aberdare Bus Station next to RS 3067, Bristo RESL6L/ECW, with 'wrap-round ' windscreen Apr - 80
G83 R1068 RAX 10G Bristol RELL6LlE.C.W. is being driven by a maintanence man at an unknown depot site. The destination shows Ebbw Vale. 147. n/a
G84 U2169 RWO 557G Leyland PSUC1/12T/Willobrook in N.B.C. blue livery ex-Jones Aberbeeg stands outside Aberbeeg (?) Depot. Behind it is an LH in N.B.C. red. n/a
G91 61 JTX 522 Bristol L5G/Beadle, rests in the Depot yard, -the surroundings look rather drab Jun - 68
G92 59 JTX 520 Bristol K6G/Beadle heads past the chapel at an unknown location on its way to Porth. Also in the picture a number of cars of the period Jun - 68
G93 68 STX 104 Guy Arab LUFIRoe. heads out over Taff Bridge on its way to 'The Common' on a dull day. The extreme rear of this rear entrance s.d. is obscured by a pole Sep - 67
G94 71 UTX 492 Guy ArabiV/Roe rests awhile in Taff St before leaving for Rhydyfeli. Plenty of passers-by and bystanders in this picture Jun - 73
G95 86 952 MTX AEC Reliance/Roe in the light blue livery loads its passengers for Quarry Road in a busy Taff St Jun - 73
G96 3 NNY 760E AEC Regent V/Metro-Cammell. The sun reflects of the front of No 3. seen here in Caerphilly. The bracken is brown on the hills behind Oct - 70
G97 51 GNY 915 Bristol L6G/Beadle in lighter blue livery is parked outside the depot. Behind it an Arab1V/Roe in dark blue. Jun - 73
  RHONDDA top^
G101 403 STG 874 AEC Regent V/Weymann poses for the camera in the middlle of the Depot yard at Porth Jun - 68
G102 441 VTX 441 AEC Regent V/Weymann waits for its departure time in Cardiff Bus Station on the 330 to Maerdy on a very wet day Sep - 67
G111 13 13 SNY Leyland PSU3/1/Massey ex-Caerphilly climbs up to Caerphilly Common out of Caerphilly, with much of the town visible in the background on a clear, sunny day Aug - 76
G112 38 ONY 638F Leyland PD2/37/Massey ex-Caerphilly leaves Blackwood Bus Station on Route 36 to Tredegar Apr - 80
G113 70 STX 217G Leyland PSU3A/2R/Massey, rests in Caerphilly Bus Station Mar - 83
G114 42 KTX 242L Bristol RESL6G/E.C.W. Passengers walk round the front of 42 to board as it waits at Rhymney Bridge Apr - 80
G115 76 DUH 76V Leyland PSU3E/2R/East Lancs makes quite a nice study as it sits in the sun and in isolation, in the coach park at Longleat. on a private hire Jul - 83
G116 93 GAX 423L Leyland PSU3B/2R/Willowbrook ex-Bedwas and Machen U.D.C. takes a rest in Caerphilly Bus station. It is still in blue livery. May - 75
G117 22 HHB 49N Leyland AN68/1 R/E.Lancs makes a fine study in the sun at Senghenydd as it travels to Caerphilly. Semi-rural background with a row of terraced houses. May - 75
G121 S1447 FWO 640 Albion, Valkyrie CX13/B.B.W. leaves Chepstow Bus Station for Coleford. In the background are 3 MW's and 2, Guy Arabs Mar - 63
G122 U857 SAX 984 Bristol MWSG/ECW. passes under The Monmow Gateway, as it leaves Monmouth for Newport on the 60 on a fine day Apr - 71
G123 U659 UAX 561 Bristol MW6G/ECW stops to pick up a passenger in Abertillery on Route, 120 to Blackwood. Although the sun is out, the sky suggests that rain is on the way Sep - 67
G124 L459 VAX 504 Bristol LD6G/ECW, waits for passengers in Beachley before leaving for Bulwark on Route 12 Mar - 63
G125 L1160 11 AAX Bristol FL6G/ECW waits in Merthyr Bus Station before setting out for Newport on the 150. In the background is an ex-Blackpool PD2/MCW belonging to? Jun - 73
G131 490 OCY 673 AEC Regent VIWeymann is seen here in Swansea, on Route 77. The exact location is not known but the bus appears to be near the coast Jun - 68
G132 571 11BWN AEC RegentV/Willowbrook, is supposed to look like a country pub as it travels through a deserted Swansea town centre on Route 77 to Limeslade Jun - 73
G133 39 283 DWN AEC RegentV/Roe is one of the single deck Regent/V's purchased specially to pass under the low bridge in the Llanelly dock area. This one has just passed under one of these bridges on the 78 to Penyfan Sep - 67
G134 882 304 ECY AEC Renown/Park Royal waits at traffic lights in Swansea Town Centre near David Evans store. Close behind is a RegentV/Willowbrook Aug - 72
G135 585 153 FCY AEC RegentV/Willowbrook travels along the private road at Mumbles formerly occupied by the Mumbles Railway. Mumbles bay is to the right of the picture. Although the front of 585 is in shadow, the fine weather conditions help to make this a nice picture Sep - 67
G136 814 CCY 984C AEC Regent V/Willowbrook with later style fleetname is seen here in Swansea City Centre on Route 77 to Pontlasse Aug - 72
G137 1045 YCY 295 AEC Reliance/Harrington is in brilliant sunshine outside the Dreadnought Hotel, Callander on a Scottish Tour. Sep - 66
G138 1253 316 BCY AEC Renown/Park Royal pulls away from Longland Beach and returns to Swansea on Route 87. Jun - 68
G139 607 CCY 977C AEC Regent V/Willowbrook passes Swansea station on the 84 to Caereithin. A day return to London was 78 shillings then. n/a
G151 NNY 58 Leyland PSUCI/1/Weymann, is seen here in the suburbs of Port Talbot en route to Margam Sep - 67
G152 126 SNY AEC Reliance/Marshall, with unusual o/s illuminated advert panel is pictured in Port Talbot Town Centre on Route 3 to Goytre. The sun is out although the sky is dark over the hillside in the background Sep - 67
G161 345 WCY 714 Bristol FS6G/ECW passes through pleasant countryside near Penrice on its way to Rhossil on Route 13. The sun highlights the golden fields and meadows Sep - 67
G162 11 753 BWN Bristol SUL4A/ECW travels along the open road in Cowbridge on a tour on an overcast but reasonably bright day Sep - 67
G171 40 WKG 40 Albion Nimbus/Weymann, is parked in Newport Bus Station out of service Jul - 64
G172 494 KNY 494D AEC Regent VIN.C.M.E. ex-Rhondda and in N.B.C. poppy red, is parked out of service in Pontypridd. Vertical shot Jun - 73
G173 739 HKG 739D AEC Renown/NCME stops in Ponrypridd Town Centre having arrived from Cardiff on the 332. The road is wet and umbrellas are up Sep - 67
G174 213 KKG 213F AEC Reliance/Marshall in the single deck blue and ivory livery is bathed in evening sunlight whilst waiting in Cardiff Bus Station. Behind is AEC Renown No 714 Sep - 67
G175 904 904 DBO Leyland PD2A/27/Weymann is leaving Cardiff Bus Station for Cadoxton on Route 303, it is in NBC livery n/a
G181 4 GWO 522 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland is parked in the sylvan surroundings of the Depot. Next to it is No 19, AEC Reliance/willowbrook Sep - 67
G182 30 KWO 368 Foden PVSC6/? poses for the camera outside the Depot Jul - 64
G183 16 168 DMU AEC-Willowbrook Monocoach ex-demostrator passes through Blackwood Town Centre on its way to Cardiff Jul - 64
G184 3 126 BAX Leyland PSUCI/I/Weymann in insipid pale-blue livery, climbs into Caerphilly an route to Cardiff. The hills behind are in haze Jun - 73
G185 14 203 CWO Leyland PD2/40/Massey also in blue waits for time at Ystrad Mynach before setting off for Blackwood Jun - 73
G186 17 GWO351C Leyland PD2A140/Massey is at Caerphilly Station and is making for Blackwood. Apr - 80
G191 LAX 836 Leyland PSUCI/I/Burlingham is in Tredegar making its way to Cefincolan Oct - 70
G192 21 OWO 755F Leyland PSUCI/12T/Willowbrook looks smart in blue/cream as it waits outside Swansea Civic Centre on a private hire. A similar vehicle is behind Jun - 68
G193 DBX 28 Leyland PS2/? travels down Princess Way, Swansea on its way to Llandilo. Jun - 68
G194 YTH 815 Guy Arab1V/Massey has arrived in Llanelly on Route 16. Behind is S.W.T. AEC Reliance /Marshall No 965 Sep - 67
G195 OTT 50 Bristol LS5G/ECW ex-Southern National waits at Pembroke Ferry with the blind set for 'Pembroke and Monkton'.The estuary behind looks a little bleak Jun - 73
G196 62 734 PDE Leyland PSU3/3R/Willowbrook, rests out of service at the coach station in Tenby Jun - 73
G197 52 HWO 336 Guy Arab 111/Duple ex-Red and White is parked in the Depot Yard (? ) at Tycroes. Next to it is LTH 420 an underfloor engined Guy (? ) s,d. with Burlingham bodywork Jun - 68
G198 38 RBX 700 Guy ArablVJMassey is parked by the station at Llanelly and catches the last of the day's sunshine Sep - 67