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Search Results - West Midlands Area

Slide Thumbnail Slide Fleet Reg Detail Date
D1 1605 GOE 605 Daimler CVG6/M.C.W. is seen here at Lea Hall on Route Apr - 62
D2 1640 GOE 640 AEC Regent 111'RT type'/Park Royal picks up outside Greys 14E department store in Bull Street on Route 32 bound for 'Gospel Lane Loop' Apr - 62
D3 1868 HOV 868 Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell speeds down Smallbrook Ringway on Route 17 in late afternoon sun. 3 other BCT buses and 1960's architecture including the Rotunda are in the background Sep - 64
D4 2364 JOJ 364 Crossley DD42/7/Crossley passes the Lyons corner house at Victoria Square on Route 25 heading for Kingstanding Nov - 63
D5 2217 JOJ 217 Leyland PD2/1/Park Royal waits for time under the stone arch in Edmund Street at the City Centre terminus of Route 882, Birmingham-Bearwood Apr - 62
D6 3076 MOF 76 Guy Arab 1V/Metro-Gammell, passes Victoria Square on Route 6 heading for Sanden Road. A black Wolseley 6/90 car and a Midland Red DD11 are in the background Nov - 66
D7 3228 9 JML AEC-P.R.V. Bridgemaster, ex demonstrator waits at the Tile Hill terminus of Route 14 on an overcast day Jul - 62
D8 3238 238 DOC Leyland PDR1/ilMetro-Cammell waits outside dingy 'back to back houses at the Nechells terminus of Route 43 Apr - 62
D9 3337 337 GON Daimler CRG6/Metro-Cammell leaves Old Square on Route 55 bound for Shard End Estate Nov - 63
D10 3462 BON 462C Daimler CRG6/Marshall single deck. 3462 is seen here in the sylvan surroundings of Bournville Village on a sunny afternoon whilst on Service 27 Aug - 66
D21 29 FA 8035 Guy Arab 11/Park Royal 'utility' stops on the bridge over the Railway Station on a gloomy day, whilst working Route 5 to Branston Road Aug - 63
D22 70 HGC 130 Guy Arab 11/Park Royal 'Utility' ex-London Transport. The sun glistens on the front of No 70, as freshly repainted she makes her way along the High Street on Route 9 Mar - 65
D23 63 FA 9291 Guy Arab Ill/Guy single deck reposes outside the depot between duties Aug - 70
D24 13 FA 9752 Guy Arab 111/Davies, looking a bit grimy leaves the bus stop at Burton Bridge end of High Street whilst on Route 3. Guy Arab 1 V No 75 is right behind Mar - 65
D25 1 NW 271 Leyland PSU1/13/Burlingham ex-Bournemouth waits outside the Town Hall having just arrived on Route 7. An old man with a stick rests on an adjacent seat Mar - 72
D26 3 RRU 901 Leyland PSUCt/1/Park Royal ex-Bournemouth rests outside the Hominglow Street Depot Mar - 72
D27 89 BFA 589B Daimler CCGS/Massey passes the church at Stapenhill on a clear day en route to Edge Hill on Route 1 Apr - 69
D28 108 RFA 408J Daimler CRG6/N.C.M.E. heads into town over Burton Bridge on a bright winters day_ A CCG5 follows in the distance Nov - 70
  COVENTRY C.T. top^
D41 13 FHP 13 Daimler CVA6/Metro-Cammell part in sun, part in shadow waits in Pool Meadow Bus Station and is overtaken by a single decker CVD6 on Route 19 Oct - 64
D42 114 HKV 114 Daimler CVD6/Brush single deck stands in Pool Meadow Bus Station with CVA6 No 94 waiting behind Apr - 65
D43 156 KVC 156 Daimler CVD6/Metro-Cammell on Route 6 waits for its departure time at Pool Meadow before leaving for Bell Green. Behind is a newer Metro-Cammell bodied CVG6 Apr - 65
D44 330 330 CRW Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell stands out of service in Broadgate having arrived on Service 27. A Willowbrook bodied Fleetline waits behind on Route 22 Nov - 70
D45 338 CDU 338B Leyland PDR1/2lWillowbrook is seen at the top of Broadgate on Route 21 in soft morrning sunlight as two ladies try to cross the road. A nice picture Apr - 65
D46 505 CRW 505C Bedford VAS1/Marshall passes Pool Meadow Bus Station en route to the Rail Station. Very slightly blurred at front May - 65
D47 1 CKV 1D Daimler CRG6/Neepsend, waits in Broadgate before departing for Radford on Route 1 Feb - 70
D48 520 KHP 520E Bristol RELL6G/ECW. The cherry blossom is out as 520 heads down Sewall Highway on Limited Stop Route 26 Apr - 67
D49 31 KWK 31F Daimler CRG6lECW is seen passing the Coventry Theatre in Trinity Street on Route 23 Apr - 68
D50 Assorted No less than 10 assorted CVD6 and CVG6's are parked between duties near Pool Meadow Bus Station Apr - 67
D61 3 216 BTP Leyland PDR1l1/Metro-Cammell ex-Portsmouth is seen here heading down the High Street on Route 7 May - 77
D62 8 JJP 502 Leyland PD2A.27/Massey ex-Wigan leaves Wetmore Park Bus Station on Route 10, on a dull wet day May - 76
D63 89 BFA 589B Daimler CCG5/Massey heads down the High Street en route for Stapenhill on Route 2. An N.C.M.E. bodied Fleetline is in pursuit n/a
D64 104 MFA 805G Daimler CRG6/Willowbraok single deck is seen here in the Town Centre on Route 7 heading for the Manners Estate n/a
D71 3038 HHA 639 BMMO S6/Metro-Cammelt stands out of service at St. Margarets Bus Stn. Leicester on a summers morning May - 63
D72 3047 HHA 647 BMMO 56/Metro-Cammell is seen here in Birmingham City Centre on driver traning duties Jul - 65
D73 3575 HHA 75 Guy Arab 111/Guy! P.R.V. 'GD6' leaves Dudley Bus Stn on Route D.1. The rear of a D5 is in the background Mar - 62
D74 4843 FJF 90 GuyArab 111/Barnard. This ex-Kemp and Shaw single decker stands part in sun, part in shade at the rear of Wigston Garage Aug - 61
D75 3441 LHA 441 BMMO S.9 Mk1/Brush waits for time in St. Margarets Bus Station, Leicester before departing for Ratby on the 634 Aug - 63
D76 3704 NHA 704 BMMO S.10/Metro-Cammell freshly repainted passes Stoughton Church on a sunny spring morning on Route L15. Nice picture Apr - 66
D77 3751 NHA 751 BMMO S.10/Brush passes down The Parade in Leamington in soft sunlight on local service L44 Apr - 65
D78 3819 NHA 819 BMNOD5B/Brush is seen here in semi-rural Scraptoft headong for St. Margarets Bus Station Leicester local service L29 Jun - 66
D79 3856 NHA 856 BMMO D5B/Brush has its platform doors still open as it leaves The Newark Bus Station, Leicestr May - 64
D80 4844 GRY 763 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland ex-Kemp and Shaw speeds out of Syston heading for Leicester on Route 617 in early evening sunshine Mar - 66
D81 4009 SHA 409 Leyland PD2/20/Leyland waits for time in Worcester Bus Station before leaving for Lickhill on Route 312. The rear of another LD8 is in the right of the picture Sep - 64
D82 4013 SHA 413 Leyland PD2/20/Leyland rests in Southgate St. Bus Station Leicester, before setting out for Birmingham on the X68 Jun - 62
D83 4845 JBC 989 Leyland PD/12/Leyland. Flanked by 2 D9's 4845 makes an interesting comparison as she departs St. Margarets Bus Station, Leicester on Route L85 May - 65
D84 4844 HJU 546 Leyland PSU119/Leyland ex-Boyer is in Abbey Street, Leicester making for Tilton on a late summers evening Sep - 65
D85 3950 OHA 950 BMNO S.13/Brush in red and black livery stands out of service in St Margarets Bus Station Leicester May - 64
D86 4086 THA 86 BMNO D/7Metro-Cammell pauses between duties in Banbury Bus Station. A city of Oxford AEC Reliance is also in the picture Mar - 63
D87 4203 UHA 203 BMNO C3/Plaxton is seen against a background of both the Forth railway and road bridges whilst on Scotish tour Aug - 64
D88 4747 747 BHA BMNO D7/Metro -Cammell crosses the English Bridge, Shrewsbury.The sun is out although the road is wet after a recent shower of rain Feb - 71
D89 4896 898 KHA BMNO D9/Carlyle is bathed in soft sunlight whilst in picturwsque Broadway en route to Eveshham on Route 389 A pleasing shot Apr - 65
D90 4921 921 KHA BMNO D91Carlyle is seen outside the Birmingham Council House whilst on Route 140, against an almost clear blue sky Sep - 64
D91 4943 943 KHA BMNO D10 MK1/Carlyle loads passengers in Stafford on Town service S93 Oct - 69
D92 5180 5180 HA Leyland PSU3.4R/Willowbrook in black and red livery departs Southgate Street Bus Station, Leicester on a sunny morning on the long route to Hereford on the X91 May - 63
D93 5222 5222 HA Leyland PSU3.4R/Willowbrook. In NBC livery, 5222, partly in sun, squeezes through a narrow gap at Snowshill Manor en route to Eversham on Route 400 Jun - 75
D94 5236 5236 HA Leyland PSU3.4R/Willowbrook heads down the Parade, Leamington on local service L43 Apr - 65
D95 5283 5283 KHA Daimler CRG6/Alexander travels down rural Anstey Lane, heading back to leicester on Route 632 Jun - 65
D96 5604 BHA 6043 BMNO S17/Carlyle-Willowbrook, stands ready for delivery outside the Willowbrook works, Loughborough on a damp day Mar - 65
D97 5615 BHA 615C BMNO S17/Carlyle Willoebrook travels down the main street, in Broadway bound for Evesham on Route 389 Apr - 65
D98 5765 CHA 95C Leyland PSU3. 4R/Duple Northern in maroon and red glints in the early evening sun as she heads out along Groby Road Leicester Aug - 69
D99 5668 EHA 668D BMNO CM6T/Carlyle in NBC white livery loads its passengers in Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station on Route ME2 to London Jul - 73
D100 5749 EHA 749D BMNO S17/Cartyle makes her way gingerly through a snowbound but sunny Kilby Bridge on service 562 to Welford Feb - 69
D101 5840 JHA 840E Leyland PSU34.R/Willowbrook in maroon and red heads past the Jephson Gardens Leamington onRoute L44 to Warwick Jun - 70
D102 6116 HA 616F Daimler CRG61Alexander has just turned round in Wanlip on Route L40 as a passenger prepares to board the return journey to Leicester Sep - 73
D103 6163 SHA 863G Daimler CRG6/Alexander in NBC livery passes the Jephson Gardens, Leamington on her way to Stratford on Route 518 Jun - 79
D104 6353 YHA 353J Ford R192/Plaxton rests between journeys in Ludlow on Route 972 Sep - 75
D105 Assorted 3 ex-Stratford Blue PD3's, one still in blue livery peep out of Kineton Garage Apr - 71
D106 2003 670 HMX Leyland PD3A.1./Willowbrook ex-Stratford Blue waits alogside Ford 6379 at Stratford Bus Station Apr - 72
D107 2223 NRF 349 Leyland PD3A.5/NCME ex-Harper Bros has recently been repainted into red in this shot taken in Cannock Bus Station Sep - 75
D108 2229 JFB 405H Daimler CRG6/N.C.M.E. ex-Harper Bros loads its passengers in Bridgnorth on Route 890 to Wolverhampton on a wet day May - 78
D109 4741 741 BHA BMMO D7/Metro-Cammell pauses in Stratford Road, Shirley on its way to Hockley Heath on Route 150 Feb - 70
D110 3854 NHA 854 BMMO D5BBrush, is a little dirty when photographed on a fine winter's day in Watergate lane, Leicester en route to The Newark on Route L22. May - 65
D111 4916 916 KHA BMMO D9/BMMO in NBC livery is photographed from an overbridge in St Nicholas Circle Leicester on Route 8 to St Margaret's Bus Station. Jul - 74
D112 6182 SHA 802G Daimler CRG61Alexander, with dual-door layout negotiates a roundabout in Kenilworth whilst working. Route 517 to Coventry. Apr - 71
D113 6418 CHA 418K Leyland PSU3A.2RIWiflowbrook in all over red passes through Chipping Nrton on a special. Jul - 72
D114 3562 MHA62 Guy Arab111/Guy is parked out of service at Dudley Bus Station in soft sunlight. Its destinaion says Cradley Heath. Apr - 62
D115 3311 KHA311 BMMO C1/Duple in all-over red and on driver training duties makes to pull away from the kerb as a Seddon lorry overtakes. Location is Worcester. Jan - 74
D116 3192 JHA 93 AEC Regent 11/Metro-Cammell Type AD2, waits for departure to Barkby on the 651, at St Margaret's Bus Station, Leicester In the next bay is a D7. Jan - 61
D121 L459 NEH 459 Leyland OPD2/1lN.C.M.E. this off-side shot of L459 is taken 'side on' as it leaves Longton Bus Station Sep - 64
D122 L6663 YVT 663 Daimler CVG6/N.C.M.E. is also at Longton Bus Station. but on Route 3 heading for Meir Square Mar - 65
D123 L679 203 BEH Leyland PD2120/Willowbrook, ex-Baxter Hanley is seen in Newcastle under Lyme making for Chesterton on Route 30 Mar - 68
D124 H8900 900 EVT Daimler CVD6-30/N.C.M.E.is photographed outside Hanley Bus Station, out of service Aug - 68
D125 766 766 EVT Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann in Centenary livery in late afternoon sun at Norfolk Park Sheffield Sep - 80
D126 785 785 EVT Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann passes through traffic lights in Burslem, making for Crewe on Service 20 as an Alexander bodied Reliance passes the other way May - 72
D127 SM897 897 REH AEC Reliance/Alexander has the road to itself near Onecote, while mist covers the hills in the background Mar - 68
D128 SM929 929 EVT Leyland PSU3/3R/Wiilowbrook waits for time at Mow Cop on Route 119 n/a
D129 L1012 5012 VT Daimler CRG6/Alexander in nearly new condition gleams in the sun at Hanley on Route 30 Sep - 64
D130 SL7105 PVT 105F AEC Reliance/Alexander stands out of service in Longton Bus Station Mar - 68
D131 175 PEH 175J Bristol RELl6G/ECW. The ruins of Mow Cop Castle tower above 175 as she waits for time on Route 120 May - 72
D141 20 TNX 454 Leyland PD2/12/Willowbrook waits for time in Bridge St on the Alveston route on a dullish day. The flags are out in the middle of the road as a baker's van unloads in front of the bus Apr - 64
D142 17 2767 NX Leyland PD3/4/Willowbrook passes between half-timbered cottages in the village of Luddington on an overcast day Apr - 64
D143 39 539 EUE Leyland PD3/4/N.C.M.E. turns off the Alcester Road towards Shottery on Route L2 as a red and green Dodge lorry thunders up behind Aug - 66
D144 32 JUE 348 Leyland PS2/3/N.C.M.E. d.d. rests in the sun at Gloucester Green, Oxford after working the 44 from Stratford. n/a
D151 215 JDH 37 Guy Arab 1/Wiilowbrook is parked outside the Depot Jun - 68
D152 7 JDH 260 Guy Arab 1/Park Royal waits for time in the Bus Station on Route 36 on a grey day Mar - 62
D153 36 JDH 265 Guy Arab 1/Park Royal. The sun glints on the front of No 36 as she chugs up the hill at Dudley Bus Station on 'learner' duties Mar - 62
D154 233 ODH 805 Leyland PD2/1JPark Royal, part in sun, part in shade is snapped from the upper deck of another bus in leafy Delves Road Oct - 67
D155 803 PDH 803 Leyland PSU1/13/Leyland stands out of service outside the gardens in Bioxwich on a dull winters day Mar - 62
D156 809 PDH 809 Leyland PSU1/13lPark Royal. The ground is wet, but it's not raining as 809 rests outside the depot Jun - 68
D157 811 RDH 501, Leyland PD2(12/Roe departs Cannock Bus Station for Hendesford. The roof of this impressive vehicle is slightly 'chopped' in this shot Jun - 68
D158 822 TDH 769 AEC Regent V/Park Royal waits in Bradford Street on Route 21, as pale sunlight shines on the offside Mar - 62
D159 825 YDH 225 Crassley-Crossley Bridgemaster stands in the Garage in front of No 822. A rather dark but passable shot of this rare vehicle (see also D235) Jun - 68
D160 884 884 HDH Dennis Loline 11/Wiilowbrook waits for time at Hednesford before returning to Walsall on Service 1 Jul - 62
D161 894 894 HDH AEC Regent V/Metro-Cammell when nearly new in Walsall Bus Station on Route 23 on a dull day Mar - 62
D162 898 898 HDH AEC Regent V/Wiliowbrook, is seen here, also in Walsall Bus Station Mar - 62
D163 51 EDH 951C Daimler CRG6/N.C.M.E. is caught here in bright autumn sunlight on Route 158 at Bioxwich Oct - 67
D164 823 TDH 770 Leyland PD2/141Metro-Cammell appears to be posed for the camera, in bright sun, in the Depot yard. One of Walsall's many "oddities". n/a
D181 306 BDY 812 Sunbeam W/Weymann ex-Maidstone and District heads past Guys Nos 231 and 262, parked opposite the Bus Station Nov - 63
D182 335 NDH 952 Sunbeam F4/Brush stands by a gaudy advertising hoarding opposite the Bus Station, as an inspector talks to the driver of 353, ex-Ipswich behind. Both trolleybuses, have only one boom on the overhead Sep - 64
D183 353 ADX 191 Sunbeam F4/Park Royal ex-Ipswich, heads for Blakenhall on a wintry day, with patches of snow lying on the ground Feb - 70
D184 876 GFU 694 BUT 9611T/NCB ex-Grimsby- Cleethorpes, loads its passengers at Bloxwich on a sunny day before heading for town on the 33 Oct - 67
D185 858 TDH 908 Sunbeam F4AJWiilowbrook. The sun glints on the curved front o/s window of 858, as she picks up at a stop in Bloxwich on Circular Route 15 Oct - 67
D186 871 XDH 71 Sunbeam F4A/Willowbrook. Passengers prepare to board 871, as she approaches a bus stop in Bloxwich, on Route 31 bound for Mossley Estate Oct - 67
D187 850 HBE 541 Crossley Empire TDD43/2/Roe ex-Grimsby-Cleethorpes poses in front of the Depot on a bright sunny day. n/a
D201 122 BEA 722 Daimler CWGS/Alexander 'rebodied' pauses at a stop in St Michaels St whilst on Route 15.(o/s front wheel is slightly 'chopped off'.) Jun - 65
D202 167 GEA 167 Daimler CVG6/Weymann heads down a dual carriageway at Snow Hill Birmingham on the 75 to West Bromwich, as three Birmingham d.d.'s head the other way Sep - 64
D203 178 KEA 178 Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell on Route 73 to Carters Green at the same location as D202 above Mar - 67
D204 187 PEA 187 Daimler CVG6/Willowbrook waits behind another bus in the High Street on Route 74 on a bright day Oct - 67
D205 204 SEA 204 Daimller CVG6/Metro-Cammell is bathed in early evening sunlight at Moxley whilst heading for Wolverhampton on the 90 Sep - 64
D206 212 UEA 212 Leyland PSUC1/4/Muiliner scurries across Dartmouth Square on Circular Route 28 with a Phipps brewery lorry, just behind Oct - 67
D211 572 KJW 572 Guy Arab 1V/Roe rests in Wolverhampton Bus Station, with the front of Daimler 511 just visible in the right of the picture. Although in sun, lengthening shadow has covered the n/s front wheel of 572 Sep - 64
D212 91 7091 UK Guy Arab V/Weymann appears to compete with the traffic, whilst leaving the Station on route to Tettenhall on the 1 Nov - 63
D213 202 MDA 202E Guy Arab V/Strachan heads through leafy Tettenhali on the 1, in late afternoon sun Oct - 67
D214 713 NJW 713E AEC Swift/Strachan, well-filled, hurries through Tettenhall in late afternoon sun, en route to Albrighton on Route 39. Very slightly blurred at front Oct - 67
D221 422 DUK 822 Sunbeam W/Roe waits at the Walsall terminus of Route 29, before returning to Wolverhampton. 2 other Wolverhampton trolleybuses stand behind Sep - 64
D222 446 EJW 446 Sunbeam W/Roe is caught by the camera at Moxley on Route 7, following an Austin Cambridge on to a roundabout Sep - 64
D223 454 EJW 446 Sunbeam W/Roe is seen here at Bilston in the sun late on a winter's afternoon Nov - 64
D231 524N FJW 524 Daimler CVG6/Brush still in Wolverhampton livery stands outside Park Lane Depot. 2 other ex-WCT vehicles are behind Jul - 70
D232 2550 JOJ 550 Guy Arab 1V/Metro-Cammell ex-Birmingham, waits for time in Colemore Row, whilst on Service 15 to Yardley Mar - 73
D233 572N KJW 572 Guy Arab 1V/Roe ex-Wolverhampton and with rebuilt front dome overtakes Arab1V/Metro-Cammell in WCT livery in Cheapside, Wolverhampton Jul - 70
D234 3037 MOF 37 Guy Arab1V/Metro-Cammell in B.C.T. blye, is seen here in Selly Oak on Route 22. Although winter, it is bright and there is a good amount of snow lying around Feb - 70
D235 825L YDH 225 Crossley-Crossley Bridgemaster is photographed at Walsall Bus Stn, still in Walsall livery. 2 young girls have just crossed in front of the bus and are to the right of the picture Jul - 70
D236 836L WDH 911 Daimler CVG6iWiflowbrook in Walsall livery waits at Walsall Bus Stn on Route 73 Two Sunbeam F4A/Willowbrook trolleybuses in unkempt condition are behind Jul - 70
D237 849L 249 HDH Dennis Loline 11/Willowbrook in Walsall livery is seen opposite the Bus Station, with sister vehicle 848 behind, and trolleybus 857 alongside Feb - 70
D238 1146 6346 KH Leyland PDRi/1/Metro-Cammell ex-Hull waits for time in Dudley Bus Station on Route 275. The indicators do not reveal the destination Sep - 76
D239 4981 2981 HA BMBO D9/BMMO ex-Midland Red loads its passengers in Dudley Bus Station before setting off for Stourbridge on the 245. An ex-Coventry Fleetline/Wilowbrook is also in the picture Sep - 76
D240 16L 2746 DH Daimler CRG6/N.C.M.E. with rebuilt front end poses for the camera at Park Lane Depot, Wolverhamton. The angle of the shot highlights what an extraordinary front end resulted. Ex-Wolverhampton 210 in green is to the left of the picture Mar - 72
D241 106N 7106 UK Guy Arab/V/Weymann waits in Wolverhampton Bus Station on Route 3 Sep - 75
D242 67L 767 UDH Daimler CVG6/Metro/Cammell enters Cannock Bus Station on Route 17, on an overcast day Sep - 75
D243 122N 122 DDA Guy Arab V/Park Royal in W.C.T, green and looking a little battered, nethertheless makes a pleasing sight as it passes through rural Lapley on Service 22, heading back to Wolverhampton Mar - 73
D244 315Y 315 CRW Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell ex-Coventry passes a young lad wearing flared trousers, on the A46 at Walsgrave, en-route to Bell Green on the 8 Sep - 77
D245 707N 707 CDA AEC Reliance/Park Royal has a good load as it speeds through the countryside on Route 17 to Bridgenorth on a sunny afternoon Jul - 70
D246 3388 388 KDV Daimler CRG6/Park Royal is bathed in rich sunlight as it waits in Navigation Street bearing the destination 'Service Extra'. Fleetline 4447 is seen behind on the 118 Jul - 75
D247 260H CEA 260C Daimler CVG6/30/Metro-Cammell in West Bromwich livery heads through Stone Cross on Route 54. The road is white where the salt has melted an earlier frost Feb - 70
D248 3454 BON 453C Daimler CRG6lMarshall single deck on 'Special Duty' overtakes Fleetline 3948 on the Bristol Road. Although it is cloudy the autumn leaves add a touch of beauty to the picture Oct - 73
D249 5853 JHA 853E BMMO S21/BMMO. The austere lines of the De Vere Hotel dominate 5853 as she collects passengers in Coventry's Bus Station on Route 153 Oct - 74
D250 119H TEA 119G Daimler CRG6/E.C.W. in the West Bromwich ivory and blue livery is seen here at Grants Green on Route 20 in overcast conditions Jul - 70
D251 215 UHA 215H Daimler CRG6/Alexander, ex-Midland Red. The sun sets on 215 as she heads along Navigation St, Birmingham on Route 114 Jul - 75
D252 UN-REG Ex- BMMO D7/Metro-Cammelf cut down to a towing truck is seen here towing an ex-BMMO D9 along Chester Road, Birmingham May - 76
D253 2965 JOJ 965 Guy Arab1 V/Metro-Cammell ex-Birmingham travels out along Hagley Road, Birmingham on Route 9 to Quinton. Mar - 73
D254 5469 6469 HA BMMO S17BMM0 emerges from the relative gloom of Digbeth Bus Station into sunlight. 5469 is on Route 113 but the destination box says nothing else. n/a
D255 3041 MOF41 Guy Arab 1V/Metro-Cammell is outside Harborne Harborne(?) Garage. No route number. A short row of terraced houses in the background. n/a
D256 3230 460 MTE Leyland PDR1ti/M.C.W. ex-demonstrator is parked out of service outside a school. Shows Yardley Wood Garage in the destination box. n/a
D257 841 FDH Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammell leaves Walsall Depot on a dull day to take up service on Route 73 Ex-Walsall and in original livery. n/a
D258 58 4058 JW Guy Arab 1V/Metro-Cammell waits for its departure to Cannock on the 21 in Wolverhampton Bus Station. Still in W.C.T. livery. n/a
D271 ORR 328 Leyland PSCU1/1/Sanders-Roe is seen here leading a line of traffic in a busy Stafford Town Centre. A large queue of people wait for another bus in a nearby shelter Oct - 69
D281 69 DJA 177 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland ex-Stockport heads out of Longton Bus Station, into hazy sunlight, on a trip to Coalville Mar - 68
D282 ? JWN 904 AEC Regent 111/Weymann ex-South Wales is seen here in a residential area of Bucknall May - 72
D283 ? VAM 944 Leyland PDR1l1/Weymann ex-Silver Star. An old man looks at the photographer as VAM 944 emerges from Longton Bus Station Mar - 68
D284 ? 265 AUF Leyland PSU3/1R/Marshall ex-Southdown heads down a street in an unidentified location, on Route 106 to Leek Aug - 76
D285 ? CFS 108L Seddon Pennine 1V/Seddon ex-Edingburgh, waits in the entrance to Leek Bus Station. An interesting collection of chimneys in the background adds to the picture n/a
D291 HAW 303 Sentinel/Beadle is caught here by the camera in Donnington Oct - 69
D301 44 BSD 468 Daimler CVD6/Alexander ex-Western S.M.T. is seen here about to pass a cart laden with milk churns whilst passing through the countryside on an afternoon of sunshine and cumulus clouds Lovely 'rustic' shot Mar - 68
D302 32 DRM 258 Leyland PD2/3/Leyland ex-Ribble passes through Abbots Bromley on its way to Rugeley Mar - 68
D303 39 CCP 607 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal ex-Halifax is also snapped in Abbots Bromley Mar - 68
D311 FKY 244E Leyland PD3/12/East Lancs ex-Bradford stands part in sun, part in shadow outside the Depot n/a
D312 8 MJA 902G Leyland PD3/14/E.Lancs ex-Stockport is seen here entering Cannock Bus Station in bright sunlight Mar - 83
D313 13 LCB 60G Leyland Leopard/E.Lancs ex-Blackburn is also entering the Bus Station at Cannock Mar - 83
D321 23 KRE 850 Guy Arab/Leyland stands at the Depot yard, at Heath Hayes Jul - 62
D322 44 TRE 824 Leyland PS2/Buriingham stands in the puddles at the Depot. Also in the picture are AEC Regal No 4 and a rather derelict Guy No 24 Jun - 68
D323 8 BDJ 802 AEC Regent 111(RT type)/Park Royal, ex-St.Helens leaves Cannock Bus Station for Aidridge on a overcast day Jul - 62
D324 21 1032 E Leyland PSU1 (? )/Buriingham with rebuilt front end loads its passengers in Cannock Bus Station Jun - 68
D331 10 FOM 630 Leyland TD71Leyland ex-Birmingham, waits at Burton-on-Trent Bus Station before departng for Ashbaurne, on a rather dull day Apr - 63
D332 28 GAY 171 Leyland PS1/1/Willowbrook ex-Allen, Mountsorrel passes through the Market Place, Derby on a works journey May - 65
D333 15 50 AMC AEC-P.R.V. Monocoach, ex-demonstrator stands by TD7 No 10 in Burton Bus Station Apr - 63
D334 9 959 AJO AEC Regent V/Park Royal passes the Queens Hotel, Burton, en route for Anslow, with a Blue Bus Fleetline/N.C.M.E. in the background Nov - 70
D335 26 DHD 192 AEC Reliance/Park Royal ex-Yorkshire Woollen a tittle scruffy is seen here in Burton-on-Trent on a sunny day Mar - 72
D336 17 3914 WE Leyland PD3/1/Roe ex-Sheffield waits out of service in hazy sun, in Burton Bus Station Mar - 72
D337 18 5907 W Leyland Leopard L.1./Burriingham also ex-Sheffield stands in the Depot yard, as a cow munches grass in the field behind Sep - 75
D338 14 204 BTP Leyland PDR/1I1Metro-Cammei( ex-Portsmouth waits for passengers in Burton Bus Station on a miserable wet day May - 76
D339 33 SFA 84 Daimler CCG5/Massey ex-Burton, looks well turned out as it stands in the Depot yard. Next to it is an ex-LT. RTL Sep - 75
D340 29 PCW 946 Leyland PD2A. 27/N.C.M.E. ex-Burnley. The sun glistens on the side No 29 as it waits in Uttoxeter Bus Station Mar - 83
D341 28 RCN 699 Leyland Park-Royal Routemaster General stands in bright sunshine at Sandtoft. Next to it is an ex-L.T. D.M.S. No 31, THM 708M Jul - 81
D342 19 HHA 163L Ford R192/Plaxton basks in the sun in the depot yard. Next to it is ex-Burnley PD2A, FHG 158E Sep - 81
D351 4 RVA 763 Leyland PD2120/N.C.M.E. is seen here in Tunstall en route to Kidsgrove. A P.M.T. CVG5 is in the background Mar - 68
D352 1 DHD 184 AEC Regent V/Metro-Cammell ex-Yorkshire Woollen passes a disused soot-grimed church in Burslem en route to Kidsgrove May - 72
D353 1 909 ELM Leyland PD3/1/Roe ex-Farsley Omnibus heels over as she leaves Hanley Bus Station with a full load, bound for Bentilee May - 77
D361 6 961 GBF Leyland PD2/37/Massey leaves Hanley Bus Station for Brown Edge Aug - 68
D362 10 JBF 160N Daimler CRG6/N.C.M.E. is seen here at Norton, en route to Hanley Jul - 82