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B1 409 HLW 158 AEC Regent 111/Weymann ex-London Transport 'RT' type, waits for its departure time in Exchange St on Route 96B Ravenscliff Avenue. Jun - 65
B2 7 FKY 7 AEC Regent 111/Weymann heads out of the City Centre on the ring road. It is on Route 18 to Tong Cemetry and is a little dirty May - 69
B3 565 EKY 565 Leyland PD2/3/Leyland waits in Nelson St apparently empty but showing 18 Tong Cemetry. It is bright after a shower of rain and the bus looks colourful against the black stonework of the building behind May - 69
B4 73 HKW 73 AEC Regent 111/EastLancs waits for its time in a derelict Union Street. It's eventual destination is Bierley on Route 60 Jul - 65
B5 170 2170 KW AEC Regent V/Metro Cammell circles the roundabout at Victoria Square on Route 9 to Buttershaw. A mix of shadow and sun in this picture Jul - 65
B6 236 EAK 236D Daimler CVG6/30/East Lancs heads into town along Leeds Rd, Laisterdyke on Route 9. A Vauxhall Velox car, to the right of the picture waits to join the flow of traffic Mar - 72
B7 312 LAK 312G Leyland PD3/12/Alexander rests out of service in a lay-by in Hallings. Behind is a Leyland PD2/3 Mar - 73
B11 655 CAK 655 AEC 661T/East Lancs is pictured here in a side street at Clayton. The blue of the trolleybus contrasts nicely with the freshly painted maroon coloured corner shop whose door is open for business. Was it open all hours? Mar - 67
B12 703 DKY 703 Karrier W/East Lancs enters the turning circle at Thornton having arrived on Route 7 Mar - 72
B13 782 CBX 912 Karrier W/East Lancs (chassis ex-Llanelly and Dis) leaves the City behind in the distance as it approaches Clayton on the 37 on a fine late winter's day Feb - 68
B14 809 BDY 799 B.U.T 9611/East Lancs - ex-St. Helens squeezes past an ambulance travelling the other way, in Little Horton Lane on Route 46 to the City. Two youngsters are on the platform waiting to alight Jun - 62
B15 842 FWX 912 Sunbeam F4/East Lancs (chassis ex-Mexborough and Swinton) waits at the Allerton terminus of Route 16. A low sun highlights the side of 842 Feb - 68
B16 769 NNU 233 B.U.T. 9611T/Weymann ex-Notts and Derby travels around the Town Hall Square on Route 37 to Clayton Jun - 62
B17 60 EKU 745 B.U.T. 9611T/Roe, relegated to learner duties passes soot-begrimed buildings in Exchange St. Jun - 65
B18 753 FKU 753 B.U.T. 9611T/Weymann passes through the Town Hall Square en-route to Wibsey on the 45 May - 69
B19 847 JWW 377 Sunbeam F4/East Lancs (chassis ex Mexborough and Swinton). Numerically the last Bradford Trolleybus, No 847 stands in the sunshine but after the rain, in Union St, on a journey to Tong Cemetry on Route 19 Jul - 65
B20 801 BDJ 89 B.U.T 9611T/East Lancs ex-St. Helens accelerates up Little Horton Lane out of the City on the 45 to Wibsey. Behind is a West Yorkshire K5G which will never catch up with it Jul - 65
B21 713 DKY 713 Karrier W/East L ancs turns at Thornbury on Route 7 to Thornton. Vertical picture. Mar - 72
B22 801 BDJ 89 BUT 9611 T/East Lancs ex-St. Helens is in Exchange St but is returning to the Depot on Route 45. Jun - 04
B23 713 DKY 713 Karrier W1E. Lancs enters the turning circle at Thornton on the 7 as a young lady with bright red shoes waits for it to make the turn. Mar - 72
B31 93 NCX 178 Guy Arab 1V/Roe waits out of service in early sunshine in Dewsbury Jul - 65
B32 101 WVH 230 Leyland PSU3/3R/Willowbrook waits for time in Lord St. Huddersfield before departure to Barnsley Jun - 65
B41 95 EDT 704 Leyland PD2/1/Roe (body ex-trolleybus) is bathed in evening sun as travels along Station Road, the destination being Intake Sep - 63
B42 134 MDT 234 AEC Regent 111/Roe has a full load as it passes through Warmsworth en route to Edlington, Carr Road on a dull day Jul - 65
B43 156 YDT 156 AEC Regent V/Roe waits at the 'Leicester Avenue' stand in Duke Street as passers by walk up and down the pavement Apr - 72
B44 169 169 GDT Daimler CVG6/Roe in revised livery heads into Wood Street in sun, but after a shower of rain en route to Leicester Avenue. A little boy on the platform peers out Sep - 73
B45 41 FDT 41C Leyland Royal Tiger Cub/Roe is seen here on a bright winters day at the race course with a good load Sep - 79
B51 374 CTD 626 Sunbeam W/Roe waits for time at the Beckett Road terminus Jun - 63
B52 375 CDT 636 Sunbeam W/Roe circles the roundabout at the Race Course Jun - 63
B61 495 JAT 483 Leyland PD1A/Roe part in the sun, part shade lays over next to the Market Cross in Beverley Mar - 63
B62 538 LAT 66 Leyland PD2/3/Roe is parked behind Hull Bus Stn. Next to it is identical vehicle. No 531 May - 65
B63 573 MKH 82 Leyland PD2/12/Roe in coach livery lays over in Leeds Bus Station. Another E.Y.M.S vehicle casts a shadow over part of the front of 619 Jun - 62
B64 619 PAT 411 Leyland PSUC1/2/Willowbrook is parked behind Hull Bus Station. Another E.Y.M.S. vehicle casts a shadow over part of the front of 619. May - 65
B65 632 SRH 632 Leyland PD2/12/Roe is pictured outside the Star Cinema in Hornsea Sep - 63
B66 648 YKH 48 AEC Regent V/Willowbrook passes under the famous Beverly Bar and amply demonstrates why EYMS had their arch shaped roofs Mar - 65
B67 723 9723 AT AEC-P.R.V. Bridgemaster passes over the wooden Selby Toll Bridge on a lovely day. The poorly set destination blind, leaves one guessing where the bus is going Jun - 68
B68 778 CKH 778C AEC Renown/P.R.V is at West Wood Scarborough on its way Hull on the 12. A fine day and quite a few people about Jun - 68
B69 764 9764 RH AEC Renown/Park Royal fights for road space in Hull as it operates to Little Weighton on Route 61. In N.B.C. poppy red, it doesn't look as good as 778 in the picture above Aug - 76
B70 548 LAT 76 Leyland PD2131Roe skirts the promenade at Bridlington on a dull day whilst on the 31 to Belvedere. Plenty of period cars in the vicinity Aug - 61
B71 703 4703 AT AEG-P.R.V. Bridgemaster waits for its departure time in Scarborough Bus Station before leaving for Hull on the 12. 2 other EYMS buses are in the picture. Sep - 63
B72 812 GAT 812D Leyland PSUR1/2/Marshall is in suburban Hornsea and shows 30, Bridlington although no-one is aboard Jun - 67
B73 89O WKH 890J Dr CRG6/Alexander passes an Oxfam shop in Osborne Street, Hull on a journey on Route 7A. May - 71
B81 257 AJX 847 AEC Regal 111/Roe waits for time in the Bus Station before leaving for the 'Bee Hive' on Route 61 Jun - 62
B82 373 BCP 647 AEC Regent 111/Roe appears to be turning at Causeway Foot. Moorland scenery is the background and 373 is on Route 63 to Steep Lane May - 64
B83 297 DCP 850 Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell is smartly tuurned out as it travels down Waterhouse St en route to Brighouse on the 48 Jun - 65
B84 224 MCP 224 Leyland PD2/37/Weymann is precariously perched on the crest of a hill at the Steep Lane terminus. Although overcast the view of the valley below is still impresive Apr - 70
B85 307 5877 W Leyland Leopard L1/Burlington ex-Sheffield waitsin the Bus Station before leaving for Siddal on Route 4. A Roe bodied and Metro-Cammell bodied PD2 are both in the background Mar - 72
B86 51 TCP 51 Leyland PD3/4/Weymann is in sylvan surroundings as it passes through Newlands on Route 26 to Bradshaw Jun - 73
B87 255 RJX 255 Albion Nibus/Weymann is at Bell Green on the 49. Three small boys stand on a street corner - one of them glances at the photographer Apr - 64
B88 270 AJX 270B Leyland Leopard L1/Willowbrook passes through semi-rural Luddenden on the 66 with not a car in sight. A mill chimney is just visible in the background haze Mar - 72
B89 304 FCP 304E Dennis Loline 111/N.C.M.E. toils up the hill out of Elland on the way to Huddersfield on Route 43, on a bright sunny morning Apr - 68
B90 119 GJX 331 Daimler CVG6/Roe is in nice condition as it passes a cinema in Commercial Rd. Jun - 62
B91 403 MKH 81 Leyland PD2/12/Roe-ex-East Yorkshire, and in mainly cream livery is parked up at the Bus Station. It was in use as a driver trainer. Jul - 71
B92 66 AGP 920 AEG Regent 111/Park Royal passes a row of trees in Skircoat Road as it makes for Outlane. Jun - 62
  HEBBLE M.S. top^
B101 29 CCP 227 Leyland PSU1/15/Leyland, waits out of service in the Bus Station at Halifax Jun - 65
B102 275 GCP 4 AEC Regent V/Weymann lowbridge waits in Lord St; Huddersfield before leaving for Bradford on the 64. Highbridge Regent/Weymann no367 is standing behind Oct - 67
B103 162 5877 W Leyland Leopard L1/Burlington ex-Sheffield leaves the small bus station at Cleckheaton for Halifax on a bright winter's day. Mar - 70
B104 278 PCP 404 AEC RegentV/N.C.M.E. waits to depart from Bradford Bus Station on a journey to Bingley Jul - 65
B111 A11 ECX 425 AEC Regent 111/N.C.B in use as driver trainer poses outside the Great Northern Street Depot Feb - 73
B112 162 EVH 562 AEC Regent 111/East Lancs travels down Manchester St, its destination being the Football Ground. The season must be nearly over as the trees are in blossom May - 63
B113 1 FVH 1 Guy Arab UF/Guy waits out of service in the Bus Station on a grey day. Two large cranes dominate the scene Mar - 66
B114 235 HVH 235 AEC Regent 111/East Lancs lowbridge heads down Macauley St on its way to Storthes Hall on the 19. CVG6 No 446 is just visible behind Nov - 71
B115 18 OCX 118 AEC Reliance/East Lancs. Passengers on no. 18 enjoy the rugged moorland scenery at the delightfully named Nont Sarahs. The good weather adds to their enjoyment May - 64
B116 422 WVH 422 Leyland PD3A/2Roe is seen here in St George's Square on Route 61 to Birkby. In the background the impressive fa?ade to the railway station Apr - 70
B117 127 RCX 127G Daimler CRG6/Roe is bathed in rich sunlight as it passes Blackmoorfoot Reservoir May - 72
B118 na na General view of John William Street in which may be seen no less than 7 dd's, the first of which is 437 Daimler CVG6/30/E.Lancs. Although the overhead is in situ there is not a trolleybus in sight Oct - 67
B131 549 DVH 49 Karrier MS2/Park Royal waits at the Longwood Terminus of Route 41 before returning to Bradley. B.U.T. No 630 has just pulled up behind May - 64
B132 583 ECX 183 Sunbeam MS2/East Lancs has just come to grief in John William Street and its booms are down. Tower Wagon No 9 has however come to the rescue May - 66
B133 600 FCX 800 Sunbeam MS2/Roe looks resplendent against the soot blackened buildings in John William St. Three other trolleybuses are behind May - 66
B134 605 FCX 805 Sunbeam MS2/Roe accelerates up Newsome Rd on Route 20 to Newsome South. Although it is overcast there is a reasonable view of the town behind May - 64
B135 610 GVH 810 B.U.T. 9641T/East Lancs turns round at the Outlane terminus Route 73 Jun - 65
B136 638 PVH 938 Sunbeam S7/East Lancs leads a queeue of traffic out of Railway St on its way to Thornton Lodge on Route 92. In the background is the station and the rear of an East Lancs bodied something or other Oct - 64
B137 623 KVH 223 B.U.T. 9641T/East Lancs. Illuminated to mark the end of a fine trolleybus system 623 passes the Bay House on its way to Lindley on the last day. Very sad Jul - 68
B138 584 ECX 184 Sunbeam MS2/East Lancs is at Bradley Bar, in sun, on its way to Almondsbury on Route 34. Feb - 64
B139 636 PVH 936 Sunbeam S7/East Lancs.With Huddersfield's magnificent station in the background, 636 is at George Square on the 60 to Birkby. 571 Sunbeam MS2 /Roe is behind it. Jun - 62
B151 331 KRH 341 AEC Regent 111/Weymann heads down a busy Jameson Street. Although the destination is the 'Station' no one is on board Aug - 69
B152 137 BDJ 820 AEC Regent 111/Park Royal (RT type), ex-St Helen's is seen here in Queen Victoria St on Route 30. Behind is an E.Y.M.S Regent V/Willowbrook May - 65
B153 340 OKH 340 AEC Regent 111/Weymann , turns into Ferensway on Route 33, as pedestrians prepare to cross the road behind it May - 65
B154 170 OTV 165 AEC Regent111/Park Royal ex-Nottingham travels down king Edward St on Route 17A heading to the 'Garage' Aug - 69
B155 375 3375 RH Leyland PDR1/1/Roe. Passengers in coats board and alight 374 somewhere on the edge of the City Centre on a sunny but probably cool spring day Mar - 63
B161 82 GRH 358 Sunbeam W/Roe waits for passengers in King Edward St on Route 62. In the background is the City Hall. Vertical shot of this trolleybus Mar - 63
B162 114 RKH 114 Sunbeam MF2B/Roe crosses Queen Victoria Square on Route 62 followed by an identical vehicle on the 63 Mar - 63
  LEEDS C.T. top^
B171 643 ONW 643 AEC Regent 111/Roe waits at the North Lane on Route 7 - its destination is Hunslet. In the background a 12 storey (I think) block of flats May - 64
B172 654 PUA 654 AEC Regent 111/Weymann Almost in shadow of the Tetley brewery. 654 makes its way round the roundabout at Eastgate on Route 64 (Circular) Feb - 68
B173 31 TUA 31 Leyland PSUCI/1/Roe, with usual centre-entrance heads along Kirkstall Lane on Route 45 to Wortley on a fine day May - 64
B174 762 WUA 762 AEC Regent V/Roe. With a good load 762 approaches the City down Woodhouse Lane on a sunny day, on Route 1 making for Beeston Feb - 67
B175 568 YNW 568 Daimler CVG6/Weymann is snapped by the camera out of service in Harehills. Just visible behind in Regent V 760 Jul - 65
B176 253 5253 NW Leyland PD3/5/Roe, waits for its departure time at Roundhay showing destination, Belle Isle No 66. Identical vehicle 232 has pulled up behind May - 63
B177 930 930 CUG AEC RegentV/Roe approaches the roundabout at Eastgates on its way to Cookridge on the 33. An identical vehicle together with a Roe-bodied Atlantean are behind. The whole scene is dominated by a very large block of flats Mar - 73
B178 140 LUA 140F Daimler CRG6/Roe travels down Boar Lane making for Bradford on Route 78 May - 69
B179 839 WUA 839 AEC RegentV/Roe still has its gold lining as it travels down Vicar Lane on Route 52 to Wort}ey A Ledgard AEC d.d is behind. Jun - 62
B191 16 GUF 669 Leyland PD1/Park Royal ex-Southampton travels down past a bit of greenery at Warren Vale on Rawmarsh Road as it journeys to Rotherham on Route 9 Jul - 63
B192 10 7010 WU Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann. The driver of No 10 waits for a lady running past the side of the bus in Dale Road, Rawmarsh, whilst on Route 8 Jul - 63
B201 182 FET 582 Bristol K6B/East Lancs speeds along the surburban Moorgate Road on its way to Whiston on Route 25 Oct - 65
B202 198 FET 352 Bristol K6B/West Yorkshire. Equipment waits out of service in All Saints Square. Bristol No 111 is parked immediately behind Jul - 65
B203 212 HET 512 Crosley DD42/8/Crossley in immaculate condition leaves Waterdale Bus Station, Doncaster on the 77 to Rotherham. A Dormobile, encroaches into the picture but does not obscure the subject Jun - 63
B204 236 PET 236 Daimler CVG6/Weymann departs All Saints Square with a good load for Sunnyside on Route 21. In the background a Yorkshire Traction single-decker Sep - 70
B205 166 TET 166 AEC Reliance/Weymann. Passengers prepare to board 166 at a stop in Frederick Street. The bus is on Route 55 to Wingfield Jul - 70
B206 89 5589 ET AEC Renown/Roe travels down the Town Centre by-pass on Route 76 to Sheffield in the background the cooling towers of the power station Nov - 73
B207 82 DET 82C Daimler CVG6/30/Roe climbs up Clifton Lane amidst pleasant surroundings on asunny day, whilst on Route 14 to Dovedale Road Sep - 73
B208 FET 805 Bristol K65B East Lancs. (Bridlington) is an Instruction Bus as it waits for its next intrepid trainee by the cycle racks at the garage. Mar - 74
B221 40 FET 608 Daimler CT6/Roe waits at the turning circle at Dalton on a fine sunny afternoon Jun - 63
B231 MC64 KWA 218 Leyland PS2/Weymann in half blue livery and in use as a mobile canteenwaits for customers at Pond St Bus Station Apr - 67
B232 545 KWA 545 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland approaches the bus shelter at Fulwood Church as a small crowd prepares to board the bus which is making for the Midland Dtation on Route 60 May - 63
B233 26 NWA 926 Leyland Olympic HR44-Weymann rests at the Central Bus Station next to sister vehicle No 11, ex demonstrator RPA771 May - 67
B234 362 NEW 562 Leyland PD2/12/Mann Egerton passes through a tree-lined Middlewood, heading for Sheffield on the 64. A grey NSU Prinz passes in the opposite direction Jun - 65
B235 826 YWA 826 Leyland PD2/20/Roe recently repainted and without adverts looks resplendent as it stops at Barkers Pool in the City Centre on its way to Midland Station on the 60 Apr - 64
B236 1152 YWB 152 Leyland PD2/20/E.C.W. leaves the bus station at Doncaster on its way back to Sheffield on the 77 Jun - 63
B237 731 SWE 431 AEC Regent 111/Weymann waits in the turning circle at Millhouses before its journey to Tinsley on Route 24. A contrast in destinations Apr - 63
B238 1273 VWE 73 AEC Regenet 111/Roe with 'new-look' front heads for 'Fox House' on Route 72, as a good load of passengers enjoys the view of the moorland scenery on the Hathersage Road May - 65
B239 885 885 WJ Leyland PDR1/1/Metro-Cammell, climbs Richards Road on its way to Millhouses on Route 39 to Millhouses as a view of the City Centre skyline unfolds behind Apr - 72
B240 1304 1504 WJ Leyland Leopard L1/Weymann Fanfare heads for Sheffield on the 44 along Manchester Road, Rivelin Feb - 64
B241 369 1369 W Leyland Pdr1/1/Alexander rests in the sun outside Herries Garage. In the background is a Park Royal bodied Regent V Aug - 69
B242 862 7862 WJ AEC Regent V/Alexander makes a nice study as it poses for the camera in pleasant surroundings at Bakewell Apr - 67
B243 1011 1911 WA Leyland LeopardL1/ECW, waits outside a steel works in Templeborough, on Route 178 to Firth Park: The sky is filled with orangey-grey smoke and there is a glimpse of a furnace inside the works in this dramatic picture. Acontrast to the Peak district Mar - 73
B244 1363 363 EWE AEC Regent V/Park Royal is seen here in picturesque Lower Bradfield on Route 16. It is a sunny day and there is snow on the pavements and on the hills in the background Feb - 73
B245 387 NWE 587 Leyland PD2/12IRoe is in Pinstone Street on the 63 Woodseats Circular. Radiator and wirdlov+r surrounds are still in blue. Jul - 64
B245 777 CBX600 Karrier W1E.Lancs .(Chassis ex-Llanelly-Dis) passes the turning circle at Pasture Lane whilst on the 37 to Clayton. The rear of another E.Lancs bodied trolieybus is also in the picture. Rear of Vauxhall Viva also is in view. Mar - 67
B246 2198 SWE 298 AEC Regent111/Weymann is in smart condition in Harmer Lane by the Central Bus Station. It is a fine day and other buses are parked in the background. Sep - 63
B247 1274 VWE74 AEC Regent V/Roe is standing by one of the corrugated iron shelters at Waterdale Bus Stn, Doncaster having arrived on the 77 Jun - 63
B261 1038 FDT 38C Leyland Royal Tiger Cub/Roe ex-Doncaster travels along Bramall Lane, showing 'Duplicate'. Towering above the bus a hideous looking church building May - 78
B262 1190 190 NDT Leyland PD3/4/Roe ex-Doncaster and in original insipid livery is in tree-lined Sandringham Road on Route 16 to Lothian Road Jun - 74
B263 1198 198 NDT Daimler VCG6/Roe ex-Doncaster passes a new housing estate on Armthorpe Road, on Route 182 to Armthorpe Mar - 77
B264 1142 2142 ET Daimler CVG6/30/Roe ex-Rotherham waits opposite Christ Church, Doncaster, for a journey to Dunscroft, as an old man on the pavement looks at the photographer Mar - 75
B265 1292 5592 ET Daimler CVG6/30/Roe-ex-Rotherham and in original livery catches evening sunlight in Park Grange Road, Sheffield while on the 71 Circular May - 76
B266 1165 AWR 997B AEC Regent V/Roe ex-felix, Hatfield and still looking presentable in original livery travels down Sandringham Road on a fine day en route to Lothian Road on Route 176 Feb - 77
B271 3 GWW 39 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland waits in the forecourt of a slightly damp Hebden Bridge Station before leaving for Keighley Jun - 70
B272 20 KWX 14 Leyland PD2/12/Leyland is elsewhere in Hebden Bridge, parked in a street showing 'Special'. The driver appears to be sauntering up the street behind the bus Jun - 70
B273 37 573 EYG Leyland Leopard L1/East Lancs circles a roundabout in Bacup on a sunny evening showing the destination 'Weir' Mar - 65
B281 A14 BHL 684 Leyland PD2/1/Leyland in use as a driver trainer waits outside the office of Doncaster C.T. on a fine day. Were the instructor and his trainee inside the canteen? Jun - 74
B282 107 BHL 895 AEC Regent 111/Roe with unusual centre-entrance and in red is parked out of service in Wakefield Bus Station May - 63
B283 727 EHL 338 Leyland PS2/14/Roe departs Pontefract Bus Station for Goole on Route 153. Stork Margarine is 1/7 at the Ideal supermarket as a South Yorkshire Atlantean leaves behind the PS2 Jun - 68
B284 777 GHL 726 Guy Arab 1V/Roe leaves Wakefield Bus Station on Route 95 to New Crofton via Walton. In the left background are other buses including 2 PD2's, and a boy on a bike dissappears out of the picture on the right Jun - 62
B285 412 VRB 524 Bristol LD6G/E.C.W. ex-Midland General passes through Harbury on its way to Leeds on Route 117 Aug - 69
B286 106 THL 925 AEC Reliance/Roe passes a row of trees in Ackworth as it makes its way to South Elmsall on Route 190 Jun - 73
B287 480 813 MHW Bristol FL F6B/E.C.W. ex Bristol O.C. is reflected in the west road surface at Wakefield Bus Station as it waits to depart for Leeds on Route 82. 5 other buses are in this shot Dec - 69
B288 938 802 RTC Guy Wulfrunian/NCME ex-L.U.T. waits in Bradford behind a red-Wulfrunian which will depart first for Wakefield on Route 6 Jun - 65
B289 940 VHL 940 Guy Wulfrunian/Roe freshly repainted speeds through Lofthouse Gate on its way to Kettlethorpe on Route 10 Feb - 67
B301 3289 PJX 39 Leyland Leopard L1/Weymann ex-Halifax and still in Halifax colours makes a nice shot as it passes pleasant surroundings in Ripponden on a fine spring day Apr - 74
B302 3280 CJX 320C Leyland PD2/37/Weymann ex Halifax travels down Fountain St on Route 64 May - 78
B303 4466 HVH 466D Daimler CVG6/30/East Lancs ex-Huddersfield approaches Holme on Route 60 on a fine sunny day. The fields and moors are carpeted in snow Feb - 77
B304 4204 574 CNW Daimler CVG6/30/Roe ex-Leeds climbs Westgate, Huddersfield on Route 70 to Grosland Road. Plenty of pedestrians and 1960's cars in this picture Jul - 74
B305 na na Open air parking area at Ludlam Street Depot, Bradford on a fine day sees an ex-Bradford Regent V/M.C.W. in original livery next to an ex Huddersfield Regent V/East Lancs in green. In the background the backs of several other buses Aug - 74
B311 YSMA7 859 DYG Bristol SUL4A/ECW is overtaken in St. Leonards Place, York, by YDG62, Bristol K5G/ECW. In the background are the De Grey Rooms Oct - 64
B312 CP1 FWW 596 Bedford OB/Duple, awaits custom for the 'City Tour' outside York Station Jun - 66
B313 KSGL 21 JWU 898 Bristol LL5G/ECW climbs the cobbled main street in Haworth as a lowering sun highlights the moors behind. Taken from a lowish angle, this is a dramatic picture May - 64
B314 SUG 34 OWX 146 Bristol LS5G/E.C.W is seen in Darlington leaving the town on the X97 for Harrogate on a fine day Apr - 63
B315 CUG 42 PYO 757 Bristol LS6G/ECW ex-Timpson, London and in coach livery is parked in Sheffield Bus Station whilst out on a private hire Feb - 68
B316 1788 HWW 477C Bristol FS6B/ECW in N.B.C. livery passes Bradford Town Hall on its way into the city on Route 677. Behind is a West Yorkshire P.T.E. M.C.W.Metropolitan May - 78
B317 SML 1 SWR 859F Bedford VAM14/E.C.W. enters Harrogate Bus Station with a good load on Route 77, as two elderly men lean on nearby railings May - 68
B318 YDG61 CWX 662 Bristol K5G/ECW. passes under the City Walls in Station Rd York. A cyclist just obscures the view of the bus at its rear. Jun - 62
B319 3815 MWT 805D Bristol FS6 G/ECW is also in York in a tree lined road on Route 2 to Cornlands Road. n/a
B320 DX122 2018 YG Bristol FS6GIECW fitted with Cave -Brown-Cave heaters, is waiting at the old Harrogate Bus Station before its departure to Leeds on Route 36. Jun - 62
B331 699 EHE 932 Leyland PD2/1/N.C.M.E waits in Halifax Bus Station before departure to Bradford on Route 17 Apr - 68
B332 469 NHE 133 Leyland PSUC1/1/Park Royal stands out of service in Barnsley Bus Station - its previous destination being 'Workmen-36'. Next to it is a grimy West Riding Fleetline Jan - 73
B333 790 VHE 194 Leyland PS2/Roe (single deck chassis rebody) is also in Barnsley Bus Station having arrived on the 5, Monk Bretton Circular Jan - 69
B334 390 WVH 231 Leyland PSU3.3R/Willowbrook ex-County, Lepton is out of service in Lord Street Huddersfield. In the background the cherry trees were in full blossom May - 69
B335 692 8413 YG Leyland PDR1/1/Weymann ex-Mexborough and Swinton proceeds along Rawmarsh Road, Rotherham on Route 7. Rawmarsh Circular Sep - 73
B336 1248 YHE 248 Leyland PS2/NCME. (chassis ex-Yorkshire Woollen District) is in fine condition shortly after rebodying as it travels down Castle-Gate, Huddersfield in wintry sunshine, although there is a good ammount of snow on the ground. Its destination is Kirkburton 80 Feb - 63
B337 214 JHE 514E Leyland PSU3/4R/Marshall is at Bridge Street Sheffield heading for Halifax on the X68. In the background a number of passengers has alighted from a Sheffield Roe-bodied PD2? Oct - 68
B341 502 HD 7425 Guy Arab 11/Roe (rebody) departs Dewsbury Bus Station for Whitley on Route 8. The ladder tied to the trailer being towed by the Vauxhall travelling the opposite way does'nt look at all secure! Nice picture Jun - 62
B342 728 HD 8710 Leyland PS2/Willowbrook departs Cleckheaton Bus Station apparently empty shows Route 24 and no destination. Photographed from above Feb - 64
B343 504 HD 8553 Leyland PS2/Roe (rebody) waits in Bradford Bus Station before departure to Dewsbury on Route 56. Vertical picture Jul - 72
B344 169 WHN 54 Bristol KSW6B/ECW ex-United Auto overtakes a stationary West Riding Lodekka ex-Bristol Omnibus in Dewsbury. Nice contrast in colours here Mar - 70
B345 140 3161 WE Leyland PD2/30/Roe ex-Sheffield in a rather grimy state departs Dewsbury Bus Station for Huddersfield on Route 27 Mar - 70
B346 929 KHD 403 Albion Lowlander Lr7/Weymann. The bright red of 929 contrasts sharply with the sooty black stonework of a building in Lord Street, Huddersfield as it leaves for Leeds on Route 21. Meanwhile three men, manhandle a large cable-drum by a street corner Jun - 65
B351 LLU 803 AEC Regent 3RT/Park Royal ex-L-T.leaves Vicars Lane Bus Stn Leeds for Rawden. It is surrounded by W.Y.R.C. Bristols. Jul - 63
B352 KYY 506 AEC Regent 111 NVeymann ex-L-T. RLH class is parked at Yeadon on its way to Otley. The crew chat to someone behind the bus. Aug - 67
B353 1953 U AEC RegentV/Roe waits for its departure time in Park Place, Leeds before setting off for Ilkley. Jul - 65
B361 78 OWR 265 Leyland PD2/ ?Bond. stands bathed in late afternoon sun in Pontefract Bus station. Jun - 73
B362 80 TWY 7 Leyland PD2/?/Park Royal leaves Selby for Pontefract. In the backgrounds is the Abbey. Jun - 68
B371 33 LWY 942 AEC Regent 111/Roe looks immaculate as it waits out in the sun at Christ Church Doncaster before leaving for Armthorpe. Jun - 63
B381 MTD 235 Leyland Royal Tiger/Leyland coach passes the DaResman cafe in Gargrave as a mother and her young son go in for refreshment. The ivy on the house behind MTD 235 is turning red. Sep - 67
B382 240 CWY Leyland LeopardlPiaxton is parked in Gargrave before setting off for Skipton. Aug - 66
B391 67 LDN 96 AEG Regent111/Roe. It is a rather wet day as 67 waits in Exhibition Square, York for its departure to Brecksfield. Nov - 69
B402 3568 DT AEC RegentV/Roe is at Waterdate Bus Station, Doncaster showing Rossington in the destination. East Midland buses together with a Rotherham Crossley are on their stands. Jun - 63
B411 298 6298 WE AEC Reliance/Plaxton Panorama. The Park Hill Flats dominate the scene as 298 enters Central Bus Station on a fine afternoon. Jun - 63
B421 na PDV 734 AEC Regent 111/Weymann ex Devon General. Although the bus is in the sun, the sky behind is black as PDV 734 passes through semi-rural Finningley. May - 67
B422 na 432 KAL Dr CVG6/Roe with forward entrance is seen here under trolley bus overhead at Doncaster Racecourse. Jul - 63